Short nail designs 2019: Some tips to get splendid and unique nails

One of trendy nail design shapes of this year are short nails. It provides you various nail design options for your nails. Here we have searched the most trendy short nail designs 2019 for you. So, let’s see what design you would like most.

Short nail designs 2018: French nails in black

Short nail designs 2019: Nail design options

It’s common for every woman to change nail design too frequently. They say that women change their nail color as often as their mood changes.

Short nail designs 2018: Light blue nail design: Blue and white nail design

So, it’s normal when you see her one day in red, the other day with black nails. Fashion tedencies change quickly, too. In 2019 short nails became common. Even those who prefer long nails, started to follow this trend.

Short nail designs 2018: Dark blue nail design with ornaments

There are several reasons that will make you choose short nails instead of long ones.

First of all, they are convenient.

You needn’t use file too often till your nail cracks.

Secondly, they look clean.

By saying clean, we don’t mean that long nails aren’t neat or clean. Simply short nails look more elegant and practical, if they are well-groomed.

Short nail designs 2018: Marble nails

Now let’s see what colors and designs are trendy.

Short nail designs 2019: Nude colors and glitter mixture

Nude colors seem to be one of trendy options for your short nail designs 2019. Innovation is that you can mix nude colors with glitters by applying glitter nail polish only on one or two nails.

Short nail designs 2018: Nude nail color with glitters

First, you may think that this will look best only on special events or occasions, but only at first sight. As mixture of nude and glitter nail polishes looks practical as well.

Short nail designs: Metallic nails

Another trend for short nail design is metallic nails. This effect you can get by applying special nail gels, powder and sponge-tip applicator.

Short nail designs 2018: Metallic nail design

This nail design looks beautiful especially if you wear blouses, dresses or even bags or shoes with metallic ornaments. So, be sure that metallic nail design will match with your look, if you are follower of metallic outfit, too.

 Short nail designs 2019: lace effect

Novelty that rocks in nail fashion industry is lace effect. This effect became popular when bridal lace dresses became fashionable. Lace effect looks too elegant and gentle on nails.

Short nail designs 2018: Nail designs with lace effect

This is also one of bridal nail design looks that you apply even on short nails. There are special lace stickers. Moreover you have option among wide range of colors.

Short nail designs 2019: Holographic nails

Those who are fond of extra-ordinary nail designs, then holographic nail effect may please their taste. To ge this effect, again you should be aware of special techniques and steps that you should follow.

Short nail designs 2018: Holographic nails

Short nail designs 2019: palette of hues

We discussed main nail designs that may look beautiful on short nails. But before choosing among various designs, you should choose color hue as well, if you want to get perfect look. Most fashionable color hues of 2019 include wine red, which gives rich and luxurious look. If you are follower of minimalist design, then avoid applying special effects.

Short nail designs 2018: Wine red nail design

Another color hue is lavander, which looks really elegant. Lavander ombre nails are magnificent opion for those who like all color shades of purple.

Short nail designs 2018: Lavander nail design: Purple ombre

To sum up, we can say for sure that by applying nail designs and colors that we offer your nails will look attractive and modish.



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