Short nails 2018: trends and ideas of nail art for short nail designs 2018

Short nails are becoming more popular, because it’s difficult to break them, and the lacquer lasts longer and doesn’t chip. Girls prefer short nails for work and study, and sometimes they can go on holiday with such length. If you don’t like long nails and don’t mind experimenting, get acquainted with short nails 2018 trends.

short nail designs 2018, ideas for short nails 2018

Short nail designs 2018: trendy ideas

Matte nail art, geometric shapes and straight lines of contrasting colors are at the peak of popularity. “Metallic” shades of polish and French with gold stickers at the base of the nails are trendy options for short nail designs 2018.

short nail designs 2018, trendy ideas for short nail art

Another fresh trend is the emphasis on the cuticle, as proposed at the Rodarte show the nails of the models were decorated with gold glitter, neatly spreading them around. Do you think that sequins aren’t an everyday option? Try to outline the nail contour with bright polish or add a few lines of different colors at their base. The main thing is to choose a neutral background.

short nail designs 2018, monochrome short nails 2018

When choosing which form to give to the nails, orient yourself to the shape of the fingers. But keep in mind that short almond-shaped nails or “soft square” shapes look best, rounded tips at this length will shorten the nails. Monochrome short nails 2018 are in fashion. They often look too defiant in long bright colors, they will seem more delicate on short ones.

Short nails 2018: fashionable styles

Nursery and pastel polishes are the best choice for short nails 2018. They make them visually thinner and more elegant. Choose shades of tone-two lighter than your skin. Matte and glossy polishes are trendy, but glitter should be avoided because the nails will look even shorter. Pink, purple, green and blue shades also perfectly underline the beauty of short nails.

short nails 2018, trendy short french nails 2018

If you love the French design, try repeating it in the next variation. Apply nail polish to the skin tone, and mark the edge of the nail with a very thin white line. So without too much effort, your fingers will look slim and well-groomed.

short nails 2018, stickers and stamping on short nails

Stickers and stamping look better on long nails, but you can afford one small pattern on each nail. The simplest scheme of applying polish to short nails is as follows. Draw a strip along the center of the nail, starting from its root, and then two more same on the sides of the main one. Perhaps the most effective way to quickly lengthen the nails is to draw vertical stripes. Diagonal strips also help to slightly extend the nail plate.

Nail art for short nails: stylish designs

In recent seasons, the ombre is one of the most fashionable nail art for short nails. You will need two polishes from the same range of shades, as well as a regular makeup sponge.

short nails 2018, short ombre nails 2018

Boldly use lacquers with metallic effect. They will “live” a little longer on short nails. Draw on the nails of silvery stripes, try a “mirror” or chrome nail art for short nails, decorate the nails with foil. Well, or just draw a bright silver strip on your nails. Strict geometric drawings draw attention. You can do it on your own.

nail art for short nails, metallic short nails, short nails with geometric patterns

Moon nail design visually lengthens the nail. There are two versions of it, the pattern either repeats the outline of the nail plate, sometimes along its entire length, or repeats the shape of the socket at the base of the nail. Both options will help lengthen the nails. Also, try to create a small drawing. It’s one of the most fashionable short nail designs 2018.

nail art for short nails, moon nail design on short nails 2018

Short nail designs 2018 with an image is the trendiest style. Funny muzzles, images of fruits, “marble” effect or bright geometric shapes. Find your ideal!

nail art for short nails, short nails with drawings

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