Spring nail colors 2019: Tips to get elegant and gentle nail design in 2019

Season changes mood and seasonal colors. It’s very important for every woman to stay voguish and stylish. Spring nail colors 2019 offers you best nail shades that will help you to get splendid and marvelous nail design ideas.

Spring nail colors 2019: Colorful nail design

Spring nail colors 2019: Trendy shades

Every season brings its new hues that will help you to get seasonal and bright-colored nail design ideas. Our article will assist you to get fashionable and modish ideas in order to stay voguish and modish.

Spring nail colors 2019: Nail design with black, white and yellow nail polishes

Iridescent pink, blue and purple nail colors are taking over for spring in hit-you- on- head kind of way.

Gloomy and moody colors aren’t for this season. So, spring dictates its followers that it’s high time to toss dreary and dried up dark greys and reds for something more seasonal, even winter lingers.

Bright and sparkling shades are going to rock in spring 2019, so get ready for sparkling and bright-colored nail design solutions.

Spring nail colors 2019: Dominant color hues

As states Pantone color institute which always tries to predict what color hues will be given privilege, this shades will be more influential during spring in 2019.

Spring nail colors 2019: Spring nail color hues

Palette of most fashionable color tinges include

  • Primrose yellow
  • Pale dogwood
  • Hazelnut
  • Island paradise
  • Greenery
  • Flame
  • Pink yarrow
  • Niagara
  • Kale
  • Lapis blue

Greenery color hue

When we say “spring”, many of us imagine green color. Generally, green and its shades are closely associated with spring. So, it’s impossible to imagine spring without this color. Spring nail colors 2019 comes up with unique nail shades options. It offers you palette of green that will provide elegant and classic look of your nails.

Spring nail colors 2019: Nude nail polish colors

This nail color and its shades starting from darker hues ending withlighter ones, will guarantee beautiful, usable color all time.

Lapis blue as trendy spring nail colors 2019

Blue nail design is going to be one of modest look of nail design. There are several shades of blue which will be most influential tinges of season. And one of them is lapis blue. This nail polish shade will suit with your casual, business and evening looks. It doesn’t matter whether you will choose strict business look or gentle evening dress with floral printing, lapis blue nail shade will look excellent. You may use glitters as well in order to get luxurious look.

Turquoise color shade

You can’t imagine but this color hue is back in 2019. It is making its comeback in fashion industry and interior design as well. It is considered to be ocean color as well. So, as if it serves as reminder of upcoming summer. By the way, turquoise is known for its invigorating, cooling and calming qualities.

Spring nail colors 2019: Turquoise nail color

Bright turquoise was highlighter of Fall-winter 2017-18 Valentino collection. Turquoise also featured in Pantone Spring 2018. So, turquoise nail design in spring will look beautiful and splendid. You can mix it with several colors to get magnificent look.

Orange color tinges

This color hue is going to be one of leading colors of season. It will provide colorful and bright look of your nails. You can apply it as base coat and draw ornaments on it or you may avoid special effects and get minimalist nail design. Design of your nails depends on you. If you choose bright colors like orange, think over if you have many clothes that will suit with your nail color.

Spring nail colors 2019: Orange nail color ideas

Otherwise, choose lighter shades of orange or mix it with other colors. Here are basic shades of orange, so let’s see which one you will like most:

  • orange
  • tangerine
  • cider
  • merigold
  • rust
  • ginger
  • tiger
  • fire
  • cantaloupe
  • bronze
  • honey
  • carrot
  • clay
  • spice
  • squash
  • amber
  • marmalade
  • sandstone
  • yam

Light shades in spring nail colors 2019

Women who are fond of light shades, they may find their favourite hues in palette of spring nail colors 2019. Light shades of pink, blue and yellow will be leading nail polish shades of season. Even you can mix these colors that we have already mentioned above in order to get more colorful and expressive effects.

Spring nail colors 2019: Blue and pink nail design

Deborah Lippman represents its latest line of nail polish colors, which includes all types of creamy, pastel perfection. This magnificent collection of nail polishes includes three flat-finish polishes in dusty rose, sweet mint green and sheer pink nail colors.

Purple nail shades

As you may notice purple rocks runways of fashion weeks 2019. You may choose this color as your nail design color. Palette of purple shades include following colors:

  • mauve
  • violet
  • iris
  • heather
  • jam
  • rasin
  • mulberry
  • orchid
  • wine
  • amethyst
  • eggplant
  • lilac
  • magenta
  • boysenberry
  • grape
  • lavander
  • periwinkle
  • sangria
  • plum.

Spring nail colors 2019: Purple nail color

Zoya, which is well-known nail polish brand, offers you milky lavender shade for purple color lovers and followers.

If you are fond of minimalist nail design or simply don’t like additional nail art effects, then you can apply just purple nail polish without adding any effects.

Banana nail color shade

Yellow is going to be one of leading nail shade colors of spring nail colors 2019. If you search for shades of yellow, you will find dozens of hues. So, somehow it’ll will be difficult for you to choose.

Spring nail colors 2019: Bright-colored nail design

We offer you banana shade, which is mid-color shade in palette of yellow. This means that it’s not too dark or too light. So, probability that it will please you, is higher.

Daffodil yellow hue will also provide impressive look of your nails. Find this shade in Chanel’s La Vernis collection.

Ballerina pink nail shade

Ballerina pink is also perfect and at same time neutral hue for any day. Moreover, it suits ideally for any occasion and look. You may find this shade in Côte collection #9, which is also is vegan and free of toxins.

Consequently, spring nail colors 2019 comes up with vast option of nail color hues that will please every woman with different taste.

As you noticed, palette of spring offers you various shades, starting from dark, bright colors and ending with light, nude shades.

Spring nail colors 2019: Nail design with light colors

Moreover, there won’t be any need to change nail polish color too often. So, turn on your fantasy and start to fulfill nail design ideas that will suit with any look.

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