Square Nails 2023: Best 11 Square-Shaped Nail Trends To Try In 2023

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Design on square nails 2023 will take a leading position among the fashion trends in nail art.

Many novelties in manicure, made on the square acrylic nails 2023, you can observe in the photo of the works presented by fashion designers and nail technicians.

On square nails 2023, a design will be performed that will fit into looks of various styles.


Well-groomed hands are a sign of a stylish, self-confident woman.

Changeable fashion makes you constantly follow the latest nail trends 2023 in order to implement exceptionally relevant manicure ideas.

Let’s figure out which square nail design will be popular in 2023, and supplement the description with examples in the photo.

Trendy Shades for Square Nails 2023

If you want to create a stylish look on your square nails 2023, regardless of the season, you should pay attention to the following shades:

Nude has always been popular. You can use a variety of shades: from milky white to darker coffee browns.

All pastel shades – white, ivory, cream, pale pink.

In 2023, it is important not only to choose a fashionable square nails 2023 design, but also to correctly select the base color for the skin tone, achieving a gentle, harmonious look.

If you need to create summer nails 2023, you can safely use the brightest colors. Light green, yellow, blue, coral pink with an acid color variant are suitable.

Trendy Shades for Square Nails 2023

Those who are not ready for such bright experiments can turn to traditional colors: red, burgundy, black with sparkles.

But in the cold season, the ideal color scheme will be:

  • earthy coffee;
  • terracotta;
  • bottle green;
  • light gray;
  • natural beige;
  • ashy pink;
  • grey-blue.

Despite the variety of colors, it is important to select new manicures in such a way that they are as natural as possible.

A large amount of decor, lurid pattern, flashy colors and various combinations are not so popular now.

Simplicity and naturalness is the key to nail art fashion trends.

Key Nail Techniques 2023

When choosing the current design of square nails 2023, you should prefer solutions similar to the following techniques.

French always remains relevant because of its versatility. Such a manicure is ideal for daily use, and as an addition to an evening outfit.

The effect of marble or the structure of other stones. This technique involves the use of 2 or 3 color shades, one of which will be the base, and the rest – to draw veins that mimic the structure of marble, onyx, jasper or other semi-precious stones.

The use of gold or silver foil, which is applied to the nail plate in separate elements, due to which it allows you to imitate the old patina. In this case, the base background should be either as light as possible or, as a counterbalance, dark.

Using different techniques, you should also pay attention to the type and quality of the coating.

Glossy surfaces remain favorites. Although it is now customary to dilute them with matte structures. You can achieve this with the help of special polishes, which lose their specularity during the drying process.

If you want to achieve greater contrast in textures, you can use special acrylic sand, sprinkling it on the nail after applying a layer of polish. In the process of drying, a coarse or fine-grained rough texture is obtained.

Experts recommend combining different textures, competently combining not only mirror and matte surfaces, but also color combinations.

Key Nail Techniques 2023

Ornaments on Square Nails 2023

Those who want to diversify the created manicure, abandoning the monochromatic coloring of the nail plate, should take into account that the most relevant among the patterns in 2023 will be:

Geometric patterns: from the simplest, for example, in the form of polka dots, thin lines or wide stripes, to combinations of a wide variety of geometric elements – triangles, rings, rectangles and other shapes.

Floral motifs. This season, they also remain relevant. However, it is desirable to make them simpler, without overloading the nail with a large number of flowers.

Despite the fact that these techniques have been used in previous years, the manner of their performance is somewhat changing, becoming simpler. But it only benefits from this, becoming more refined and stylish.

The main ways to create geometric patterns:

  • Use of thin tape.
  • Application of harnesses and wires.
  • Sequins. They can be round, triangular, rectangular or in the form of other geometric shapes. Sequins are fixed on the base layer, with their help you can lay out any pattern, both the simplest and geometrically complex.
  • Using the staining technique. From the point of view of execution, this option is the most difficult, as it requires a precisely set hand and clear drawing of lines.

Ornaments on Square Nails 2023

If we consider how to create floral patterns, then the following techniques are most suitable for their implementation:

  • Special stickers that are simply applied to the base layer and fixed. The edge is trimmed along the outer contour of the nail.
  • Acrylic polish for the image of a flower, twig or geometric pattern. The technique is not easy. It requires the firmness of the hand. It is important that the outline is clear and not blurry.

There are several general recommendations for the execution of the described types of nail design 2023.

If you use a thick, tightly applied pattern, it is best to place it on one, maximum two nails of each hand. Filling all the nail plates with an intense ornament is in fashion. This creates a somewhat careless look, often far from the chosen style.

For a floral ornament, it is important to use no more than three shades in the pattern itself. Moreover, all this should be on a light base that will highlight the pattern being created.

As for geometry, moderation is also required here. Make the geometric pattern either as simple as possible, or implement more complex motifs on one or two nails.

Another interesting option that is still relevant is ombre. It means a smooth transition from one color to another.

The technique is simple, the main thing is to make a high-quality transition between two harmonious colors.

Stylish Manicure 2023

For an original stylish manicure, pay attention to the following execution styles:

Matte neutral polish applied all over the nail plates, complemented by sparkles. However, the shiny elements should be pointy so that they only set off the main background.

You can achieve another stylish manicure by using different rubs. With the help of such powder, you can achieve the most interesting effects on the nail plate – from the perfect metallic sheen of different shades to iridescent tints or pearly shine.

Different types of French and half-moon manicures are a great option that can make even boring pastel nail art very original and eye-catching.

In addition to the standard version of the French manicure, you can try an unusual combination of colors. For example, draw a black or chocolate smile on a beige or pastel background. The combination of red and white or the addition of a scarlet tone with gold or silver stripes looks beautiful.

If you take into account all the presented options for the design of square nails 2023, you can create an attractive image for each individual case. And taking into account the season, and the examples in the photo will help you make a manicure of the highest quality, while maintaining key trends.

Stylish Manicure 2023

In 2023, natural beauty and naturalness will be in trend. And therefore animal printed pointed nails fade into the background.

Fashionistas will increasingly choose a soft square. The length may vary. Ultra-long extended nails are allowed. You can also choose an average length (2-5 mm). Options for short square nails 2023 will be in special demand.

Short length combined with a square shape will be one of the main trends in manicure.

The square shape allows you to experiment with nail art without limits. This shape is practical, which is why it often becomes the choice of girls who are professionally involved in sports, leading an active lifestyle.

On square nails 2023, a combination of different textures, several colors and types of decor is allowed. However, it is important to remember that in 2023, minimalistic design options will be trending.

The following fashion techniques are in perfect harmony with the square shape:

  • ombre – classic, linear, vertical;
  • patterns and prints – art painting, stamping ;
  • focus on one or several nails;
  • matte finish;
  • origami;
  • French;
  • half-moon manicure;
  • French manicure in a gradient design;
  • decoration with rhinestones, sequins, broths.

One of the most popular nail art of the next year will be a laconic monochrome – in a glossy or matte finish. Among the latest innovations, you can also find a combination of gloss with matte.

Fresh Nail Trends 2023

French Square Nails 2023

French nails 2023 will be performed in a variety of ways.

Both the classic French and its variations are in fashion. For example, you can obtain a stylish design by making French with a gradient technique. You can also highlight the “smile” line not just in one tone, but with a print or pattern.

Beveled “smile” lines are allowed, interrupted or supplemented with stripes, unpainted elements, in different colors.

Next year, French manicure on square nails 2023, combined with a geometric style, will be popular. It will be performed with bright gel polishes or pastels. Such a technique in black will be fashionable.

French Square Nails 2023

Matte Design 2023

Matte finish will decorate both long and short square acrylic nails 2023.

Nails covered with matte nude shades will delight. You can complement delicate, soft colors with a black coating on accent nails. Also shades of nude in a matte finish look good in combination with origami patterns.

You can decorate the matte finish with trendy paired patterns on the thumbs or inscriptions.

In 2023, black and white combinations will be incredibly popular. You can use these two colors in a matte finish for a geometric manicure. Pastel colors, rich blue, purple, dark gray shades in a matte finish will also be fashionable.

Matte Design 2023

Bright Manicure 2023

In summer, technicians recommend giving preference to bright shades of gel polishes on square nails 2023.

Bright monochrome, matte finish, neon shades are welcome. An excellent solution for short square nails 2023 or plates of medium length would be a multi-colored vertical ombre.

The following bright colors will be especially popular:

  • purple;
  • green;
  • orange;
  • blue;
  • pink;
  • yellow ;
  • light green .

One of the main nail trends 2023 will be yellow.

You can use it in different shades. Yellow is great for both monochrome and as a basis for various techniques. This color will fit into youth, office and other styles of manicure. It will be the best solution for summer looks.

Two-tone manicure options look beautiful on short square nails 2023.

Bright Manicure 2023

Nail Design 2023 with Stripes

Stripes will become an important element of nail decor 2023.

They can be thin and elegant or massive and bright. You can make the strips with a thin brush or foil. Both colored ribbons and shiny metallic ones are welcome.

The stripes will complement the geometric design, floral print, plain matte finish, negative space nail style.

Nail Design 2023 with Stripes

Quail Egg Design 2023

One of the most beautiful options for nail art is a design that resembles a pattern on quail eggs.

Small dots, randomly located on the surface of the nail, look like splashes of paint. Usually such a pattern is done in black on a pastel or nude matte finish.

You can supplement the “quail eggs” pattern with accent nails completely covered with black gel polish, or with abstraction, prints, inscriptions.

Quail Egg Design 2023

Pastels And Patterns on Square Nails 2023

Pastel shades are good in any season. They will suit the looks for spring, summer. Goes well with warm clothes in the cool months of the year. They will be available in matte and glossy finishes.

The most popular will be pale yellow, pale pink and light blue shades.

There are different techniques for pastel colors on square nails 2023:

  • geometry;
  • negative space;
  • abstraction;
  • colorblock;
  • ombre;
  • stamping.

Delicate, or in other words, “marshmallow” shades serve as an excellent base for patterns.

Pastels And Patterns on Square Nails 2023

Patterns and ornaments are made in different colors.But the most expressive are the patterns for which black or white gel polishes are used.

Flowers, twigs, animals, food, landscapes will delight fashionistas on their nails. Abstract patterns are also welcome – a mixture of strokes, stripes, dots.

You can complement such a manicure with a cobweb or a small amount of glitter.

The square shape of the nails in 2023 will be one of the most popular, as you can see from the photo of the brand collections.

Choosing a design for square nails 2023, you can make both laconic monochrome and nail art with a little decor.

The square shape goes well with fashion trends, and therefore is actively used for new products in manicure.

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