Summer nail art 2019: Bright-colored and stylish nail design ideas for 2019

Summer is season of bright colors and sunny days. So, your look also should be as colorful as weather. You have chosen your daily look. Have no idea what nail design to choose? Never mind! We found best summer nail art 2019 that will assist you to get sparkling and shiny nails.

Summer nail art 2019: Multi-color summer nail design

Summer nail art 2019: Colorful ombre nails

Summer is full of colors that may please your taste. If you are fond of bright colors, then summer nail art is for you. Want to get nail design that will match nearly with all your dresses and looks, but don’t want it to be nude nail color. So, here colorful ombre will be right decision. It has several advantages. First of all, if you hesitate among several colors, so you apply all of them. Secondly, several hues of that particular color will enable you to match it with several looks.

Summer nail art 2019: Colorful ombre nail style

Moreover, latest innovations in nail fashion industry will give you opportunity to get even matte colorful ombre. To get this effect you need just nail brush or sponge applicator. Choice of colors is up to you.

Summer nail art 2019: Yellow color shade

This color seems to be most fashionable color hue of year. You can come across this color with its dozens f shades in runways of various fashion weeks.

Summer nail art 2019: Yellow nail design

Here are yellow color tinges that you may choose for your summer nail art 2019:

  • Honey
  • Bumblebee
  • Pineapple
  • Merigold
  • Butterscotch
  • Dandelion
  • Medallion
  • Corn
  • Orange
  • Apricot
  • Tinger
  • Tuscan sun
  • Fire

So, these are basic shades of yellow for summer nail art 2019. Moreover, if you want to have nail design with special effects, then draw ornaments, pictures. If you want to do it yourself and don’t have talent of drawing. Never mind! There are special nail stickers that you may use with different themes. Just choose one that you like most. Apply base coat, stick you stickers and after that apply final top coat.

Ornaments: Flowery nails

Generally, ornaments provide rich look of your nails. If you want to get special nail design effects, then use acrylic nail polishes and draw different ornaments. Most popular Summer nail art 2019 idea is flowery nails. Flowers look really magnificent on nails.

Summer nail art 2019: Nail design with flowers

As this kind of nail design perfectly matches with summer dresses or blouses that have flowers on them. So may choose flowers of several colors in order to make it suitable with several clothes. You can draw flowers only on one nail as well.

Multi-color nail art

Trendy looks of summer nail art 2019 include nail design with different colors on each nail. This provides bright look of nails. So, choose five colors and color each nail with different color. This is typical summer nail design. You may choose softer tones and they will look splendid on your nails.

Summer nail art 2019: Multi-color nail design with soft colors

Fond of glitters? Then apply glitters on one nail. This will accentuate your nail design.

Glitter nails as summer trends

Glitter nails give you chance to accentuate and get luxurious nails. Summer nail art 2019 comes up with glitter nail design ideas. Apply glitter nail polishes on one or two nails.

Hint! To get expressive nail design, apply base coat i softer and lighter tones.

They look really gentle and modish.

Summer nail art 2019: Cherry nails

Cherry textile is trendy cloth material of year. In shops you can find many T-Shirts, blouses and dresses with cherry prints. For example, Block represented Spring 2018 Ready to wear collection with lace, cherry-embroidered dresses, consisting of sheer lace dress over floral slip. So, cherry nail design will also look beautiful. Apply black or white base coat, as red cherries look nicer on black and white colors.

Summer nail art 2019: Cherry nail design

Advantage of this nail art is that it’s easy to draw cherries, even for those who think that they have no talent of drawing. For this you need very thin brush or needle. Both of them will help you to get cherry nails design.

Colorful nail designs

As we have already mentioned above, colorful nails are one of basic trends of summer nail art 2019. This nail style is really fun. Besides, it suits with any shape and length of nails. You may separate colors by drawing lines with black or white nail polishes. Colorful ombre is also good idea. It will give splendid and sunny look.

Summer nail art 2019: Colorful nail designs

Beach themed nail designs

It’s difficult to imagine summer without sea. At beginning of summer everyone plans how they are going to spend summer holidays. Everybody rushes to take vacation and go to sea. Women get ready as if they are going to take part in special event.

Everything, starting from beach looks ending with nails, should be perfect. So, here we offer you beach themed nail design, which is best option for nail art 2019.

Summer nail art 2019: Beach themed nail designs

To get beach themed nails, you need just three colors: blue, white and red. You may use only blue and white and draw stripes, palms. By the way stripes is also considered to be basic trendy ornaments of 2019. You can also combine stripes with chevrons or wear both patterns separately.

Summer nail art 2019: Pastel summer nails

Our next suggestion features pastel nail colors which are perfect idea for summer. This offer is for those who are not fond of bright colors, mainly apply soft shades.

Summer nail art 2019: nail design with pastel color hues

So,trendy pastel colors of summer 2019 include baby pink, light blue, arctic, navy and purple shades. want to have more elegant look? Then apply rhinestones or cover one nail with beads.

Black nails as summer nail art 2019

In spite of fact that summer is season of bright and shiny colors, you will always find woman who can’t imagine her life without this color. Black is always in fashion. It suits with every look. That’s why it’s very practical and flexible nail color.

Summer nail art 2019: Black nail design with ornaments

You may apply or add stickers if you are not fond of plain nail design. So, black gives you opportunity to turn on your fantasy and fulfill ideas.

So, we gave you several trendy ideas for your summer nail art 2019. Hope, you’ll find one that perfectly will suit with your nails.

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