Summer nail colors: trendy colors for summer nails

Every modern girl knows that well-groomed hands and beautiful fashionable manicure are integral elements of any image. For correct procedure, it’s important to know which summer nail colors will be popular and relevant.

Let’s consider what kind of summer nail polish colors will be relevant in current season. What are the most popular and fashionable varnish colors for summer nails?

summer-nail-colors-summer-nail-polish-colors-summer-nails-Summer nail colors

summer-nail-colors-summer-nail-polish-colors-summer-nails-Summer nail colors

Summer nail colors: Pastel shades, white, yellow and green

No matter what your skin tone is, it will be pretty nice to look at your white-colored nails.

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It will give not only aesthetics to nails, but also visually extend fingers on hands. In addition, this manicure will suit absolutely for every occasion of life, whether it’s party or business meeting.

For summer nail colors, choose soft and light pastel shades.

summer-nail-colors-summer-nail-polish-colors-summer-nails-pastel-shades-summer nail colors

Summer nail colors

Also, fairly fashionable color of summer nails is yellow and green. These are really summer colors that will give freshness to your image. Even on hot summer day, such tones will give your image freshness and attractiveness. Choose pastel shades of these colors. For example, you can paint nails in mustard colors, which will be highlight of your image.

summer-nail-colors-summer-nail-polish-colors-summer-nails-green-and-yellow-summer nail colors

summer-nail-colors-summer-nail-polish-colors-summer-nails-green-and-yellow-summer nails

Summer nail polish colors: gray, gray-brown, coral, pink and lilac

Especially fashionable summer nail polish colors are gray and gray-brown coating. This color is combined with everything.

summer-nail-colors-summer-nail-polish-colors-summer-nails-gray-and-gray-brown-summer nail polish colors

Very topical for summer nails is coral varnish color. Coral color is represented in fairly wide range of shades. Also, it’s worth noting that actual coverage of nail plate is considered with blue shades. For example, it may be color of sea surf or pale blue lacquer. Many girls give their preference to pleasant shades of mint.

summer-nail-colors-summer-nail-polish-colors-summer-nails-coral-and-blue-summer nail polish colors

Ideal color of varnish for summer of 2017 is pastel pink. It will add sophistication to image.

summer-nail-colors-summer-nail-polish-colors-summer-nails-pink-summer nail polish colors

Purple shades

Small compromise between purple shades of varnish and gray is manicure of lilac color. It remains at peak of fashion in summer of 2017 and many women give their preference to it.

summer-nail-colors-summer-nail-polish-summer nail polish colors


summer-nail-colors-summer-nail-polish-colors-summer-nails-lilac-summer nail polish colors

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