Summer Nails 2024: Fashionable Trends of Summer 2024 Nail Colors

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Fashionable summer nails 2024 have a lot of trendy shades and designs.

Photos from podium shows and designers’ applications indicate nostalgia for the 80th. Bright summer nail colors will be relevant. We will tell how to make summer nails stylish and fashionable.

Also, we’ve collected the hottest trends in summer nail art.

summer nails 2024, trendy shades of summer nails

Summer nails 2024: trendy shades

Let’s first talk about trendy shades of summer nails 2024. It isn’t necessary to use them all in everyday nail art. But if you want to update your image, pay attention to one of these polish colors.

The most fashionable polish colors, according to experts, will be:

Pink gold: one of the trendiest shades of metallic, which, we recall, doesn’t lose its positions.

Coral: nude shade for everyday nail art, but if you beat it in accordance with the trends, it will turn out bright.

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Classic red: it’s a bright full-color tone, the trendiest shade, without which no woman can do.

summer nails 2024, poppy nails, pink gold nails

Poppy: orange-red shade is a real hit of the season, which looks profitable in itself, and in combinations.

Lemon yellow: it’s one of the stylish shades for the summer nails 2024.

Sandy metallic: another variation of the shiny nail polish for the summer.

summer nails 2024, pink peach nails, lemon yellow nails

Retro orange: greetings from the 80’s, pure muted color, which can be used without additional decorations this summer.

Pink peach: another soft color for anyone who wants restraint and simplicity.

Summer 2024 nail colors: stylish shades

Pink: not just a “pink”, but the very same, girl-teenage shade, with sparkles and dense texture, which is suitable for ruffles in a skirt and candy on a stick.

Sunny yellow: yellow is the “new black” of this season. This color can be chosen boldly, and if you don’t  bother with complex patterns, a single-colored bright “sun” polish will be enough for a trendy nail art.

summer nails 2024, sunny yellow nails 2024

For French nails, it’s recommended to use muted shades.

Summer 2024 nail colors are pastel, light pink quartz, ivory, cream-brule. Light ends with holes may not be bright white, but of the same, but clarified tones.

You can use only one fashionable nail polish, matting the main color and leaving glossy those places that should be light, or vice versa.

Bright coatings that can be combined are crimson red, orange-scarlet, emerald, Bordeaux,  juicy yellow, golden, grape-blue, purple-lilac.

summer 2024 nail colors, pastel french nails

Trendy pastel colors are violet, lavender, blue, cream, muffled pink quartz, milk, and coffee. Of course, there are colors of polishes, which will always be fashionable. It is white, black and gray in a silvery version.

The most popular of the shades are already available on sale.

summer 2024 nail colors, purple nails, lavender nails

Summer nail art: other fashionable hues

White is actually quite diverse. It can be matte, pearly. White can have a shade of ivory or cream.

The gray color of the polish remains fashionable for summer nail art.

It is preferable to silvery, it looks excellent in other variants as supporting, shading bright colors. It can be ashen, pearly, light or dark.

Neon nail art is again in fashion.

Shining and acid tones are appropriate both in clothes and on nails.

right nail art is simple in performance and looks very impressive even with the image in pastel colors.

summer 2024 nail colors, neon nails, white nails

Blue color should be moderately bright, but very saturated and deep.

This season gives it no less importance because blue is quite acceptable at official and business events.

Choose the purest shade of blue. This is the color that the sky has in the early spring, especially fashionable for the gel-polish of summer nail art 2024.

summer 2024nail colors, blue nails, lilac-violet nails

Lilac-violet is considered the noblest of the shades of summer nails. It can be used alone or combined with other tones.

The main feature of the summer nails 2024 is the lack of only one popular nail shade. The only exception is red, which will look marvelous with the lipstick tone on the lips.

For the rest of the fashionable polish colors in 2024, it is almost a necessary rule that there should be a design.

The fashionable summer 2024 nail colors are bright and rich dark colors, but they should all be exceptionally natural, they are successfully diluted with pastel shades, such as peach, pink cedar, clear blue, and white with various pods, gray and the whole set of nude, that is bodily tones.

summer nail art, fashionable fruit color nails

A very wide palette, available in 2024, determines which colors will be fashionable on nails. Do not just resort to unnaturally bright, the fashion for which has already gone.

Fruit tones will be especially popular, for example, strawberry-red, dense, saturated, but not too bright shades. Wine tints are suitable for a darker range.

summer nail art, stylish summer color nails

At the peak of the summer 2024 nail colors trend will be saturated red, which is the most topical fashionable color of nails, which in 2024 needs to be combined with make-up.

Any tone in matte performance will look stylish. All nuanced shades, pastel colors, almost the whole palette will be fashionable.

You can make them in a variety of combinations, such as metallic shades, both “steel” and “gold” variations, in the matte and glossy coating.

As well as bands on the tips or various patterns will be in the trend. Violet hue loves many women. It’s perfectly suitable for any summer image. It looks great on nails of any length and shape

summer nail art, stylish green nails

Stylists recommend combining fresh green color with peach, white and blue tones.

summer nail art, fashionable summer nails with marine theme

Marine themes in the summer are very popular. An excellent idea for such nails will be a photo design with drawings of waves, the sea, palms, and seashells.

Summer trendy nail colors

Every modern girl knows that well-groomed hands and beautiful fashionable manicure are integral elements of any image. For correct procedure, it’s important to know which summer nail colors will be popular and relevant.

Let’s consider what kind of summer nail polish colors will be relevant in the current season. What are the most popular and fashionable varnish colors for summer nails?

Summer nail colors: Pastel shades, white, yellow and green

No matter what your skin tone is, it will be pretty nice to look at your white-colored nails.

It will give not only aesthetics to nails, but also visually extend fingers on hands. In addition, this manicure will suit absolutely for every occasion of life, whether it’s party or business meeting.

For summer nail colors, choose soft and light pastel shades.

Summer nail colors

Also, fairly fashionable color of summer nails is yellow and green. These are really summer colors that will give freshness to your image. Even on a hot summer day, such tones will give your image freshness and attractiveness.

Choose pastel shades of these colors. For example, you can paint nails in mustard colors, which will be highlight of your image.

Summer nail polish colors: gray, gray-brown, coral, pink and lilac

Especially fashionable summer nail polish colors are gray and gray-brown coating. This color is combined with everything.

Very topical for summer nails is coral varnish color.

Coral color is represented in a fairly wide range of shades. Also, it’s worth noting that actual coverage of nail plate is considered with blue shades.

For example, it may be the color of sea surf or pale blue lacquer. Many girls give their preference to pleasant shades of mint.

Ideal color of varnish for summer of 2017 is pastel pink. It will add sophistication to the image.

Purple shades

A small compromise between purple shades of varnish and gray is a manicure of lilac color. It remains at peak of fashion in summer of 2017 and many women give their preference to it.

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