Top nail colors 2018: stylish trends and shades of nails 2018

What are the changes in nail colors waiting for us? In this article, we will find out what colors will be popular this season. We have prepared for you a large selection of photos. Let’s figure out the top nail colors 2018.

You can choose something for yourself. This season will be bright and saturated.

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top nail colors 2018, trends and shades of nails 2018

Top nail colors 2018: variations of green and absolute haze

Green colors can hardly be called classical, but this polish brings a note of real spring freshness to any image. After looking at the trends of the past, the stylists decided that they paid little attention to this tone. In top nail colors 2018, the masters of nail design will have to replenish their collections with juicy herbal shades, a modest olive color, muted coniferous and juicy mint tones, as well as polish of the color of the first foliage.

top nail colors 2018, emerald nails, green nails

In the summer months, stylists recommend light blue-green tones in shimmer or glossy design. You can found them in the collections of Yllozure, NARS, Chanel or Posh. In the cold season, it is better to cover the marigold with frosted dark emerald and saturated olive. A fashion squeak became the green polish-chameleon from YSL. Lacquer shade Peace Green has an incredible, absolutely magical transition from light green to pinkish purple.

top nail colors 2018, green chameleon nails, blue green nails

Matte polishes for nails remain the long-livers of fashionable Olympus. Velvety coatings are good in almost any shade. Women of fashion can paint marigolds in deep tones of violet, blueberry, blue, green, chocolate, burgundy or delicate coffee color. As before, it is popular to paint in the form of a combination of glossy and matte lacquer of one tone.

top nail colors 2018, matte blueberry nails, matte violet nails

Top nail colors 2018: 50 shades of red

In this segment, black color, dark graphite, and soft taupe continue to lead. These colors perfectly fit in any color combinations in everyday or evening fashion. But it is worth remembering that black lacquer requires makeup in natural colors. This approach was demonstrated in top nail colors 2018 fashion shows of Lela Rose and Creatures of the wind.

top nail colors 2018, black nails, taupe nails

Red marigolds have been classics for several decades, so every year designers choose for us more and more new shades of this passionate color. In 2018, at the peak of popularity will be the tone of a ripe pomegranate, a noble shade of “Cardinal”, a deep tone of Bordeaux and classic scarlet with a light carrot shade.

top nail colors 2018, stylish red nails

When choosing a polish, stylists recommend comparing it with a shade of skin. Cold colors should be used by pale-skinned girls to shade aristocratic whiteness of the hands.

top nail colors 2018, cherry nails,crimson nails

You can also “try on” polishes of crimson or cherry tinge, but they should not be unnecessarily dark. Modes with a yellowish skin color should turn their eyes towards the line of coral polish with a golden shimmer, or buy a red polish with a pronounced pink.

Top nail colors 2018: chameleon and shimmer

In top nail colors 2018, we are promised a triumphant return of extravagant chameleon polishes, which change color depending on the lighting and angle of the arms. Such a rapid popularization of these catchy coatings doesn’t surprise anyone at all. Firstly, all the chameleon polishes have a pronounced metallic luster, which fully corresponds to the trends of the new fashionable year. And secondly, they emphasize the general enthusiasm for the fashion of the 80’s and 90’s.

top nail colors 2018, chameleon nails

Designers recommend choosing coatings with a juicy mirror shine, which further emphasizes the depth of color transitions. In this segment, stylists advise buying polishes with green-gold, blue-violet, inky-turquoise, burgundy-green and violet-green transitions. The relevance of the shimmer is quite understandable. It fits perfectly into the general trend of metalized textures, creating the illusion of a coating with small metal particles.

top nail colors 2018,shimmer nails

The undoubted advantage of such polish is his ability to disguise slight defects in the nail plate. Pick up a shimmer polish of blue, green, red, blue, pink or coral. Also, take a closer look at silver, gold, and bronze, which are the brightest fashionable favorites.


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