Nail Trends 2023: Top 20 Trends and Ideas for Nail Design 2023

Nail Designs

Women of fashion are interested in the design of a stylish and chic manicure and nail trends 2023 in advance.

Masters offer different options for nails of any length.

Well-groomed hands with magnificent manicure are one of the main decorations of a woman.


Manicure should match your personality and style of dressing.

Based on this, the style and possible decor options are selected. Nail trends 2023 are performed in a fashionable design and may look different.

Nail fashion is quite changeable: what was relevant this year may become uninteresting next.

Therefore, for those women who want to constantly be in trend, you need to carefully monitor any new products.

Different design options will be in nail trends 2023: from the simplest in the style of minimalism to the complex, using various decor elements and techniques.

Top nail trends 2023 will be occupied by a monochrome manicure, decorated with:

  • beads;
  • rhinestones;
  • rubbing;
  • glitter;
  • patterns.

Main Nail Trends 2023


A variety of patterns will be used to decorate the nails. Stylists predict that the most relevant patterns in 2023 will include:

  • silhouettes;
  • faces;
  • letters;
  • phrases;
  • animal prints;
  • floral motifs;
  • fruits;
  • berries;
  • various geometric shapes;
  • abstraction

For their application, the masters will use various techniques – stencils, stickers, brush painting.

Invariably, for several seasons, pastel-colored manicure remains among the trends. It goes well with bright clothes.

The trend is apricot nude, which is associated with modesty, elegance, sophistication and balanced style.

Other nail trends 2023 include:

  • violet;
  • blue;
  • mint;
  • green.

Nail color trends 2023, as in other years, will directly depend on the season.

Orange will also be a hit this summer, perfect for highlighting your tan. Relevant yellow and coral-red shades. Pure white nail polish looks modern and elegant.

Nail trends 2023 spring as well as summer include the following shades that will be the most popular:

  • pastel;
  • nude ;
  • pink;
  • blue;
  • green;
  • yellow.

Nail trends winter 2023 as well as fall include the following colors:

  • wine;
  • deep green;
  • blue;
  • brown.

Also in the TOP of the most fashionable will remain:

  • silver;
  • gold;
  • white;
  • black;
  • red.

Stylists promise that nail design 2023 will be chic thanks to a combination of various shades and techniques.

Nail Color Trends 2023

Glitter Nails 2023

The simplest and at the same time stylish manicure is the one in the design of which there are sparkles.

This decorative element can be used on coatings of different colors and on nails of different lengths and shapes.

Glitters will look relevant both on 1-2 nails, and on all 10. For those who prefer minimalism, they can be applied not to the entire surface, but pointwise.

Nail trends 2023 promise that with the help of sparkles the most unexpected compositions will be created that can give the manicure originality and sophistication at the same time.

Glitter Nails 2023

Geometry has been a leader in the world of manicure for several years in a row, and it will remain in nail trends 2023.

Masters will use a wide variety of geometric motifs:

  • triangles;
  • points;
  • ovals;
  • lines and many others.

Geometry is used both to create a single manicure composition and to emphasize individual nails.

Nail Trends 2023: Geometry

Negative Space Nail Design 2023

One of the current nail trends 2023 is negative space design.

It involves the preservation of empty space in any part of the nail that is not painted. This design emphasizes the girl’s confidence and extravagance.

This technique is perfect for nails of any length. Negative space can be done both in delicate pastel colors and in structural dark ones.

The main shades of nude manicure, made in the technique of “negative space”:

  • soft coral;
  • purple;
  • blue;
  • turquoise;
  • mint;
  • light gray;
  • lavender;
  • powdery ;
  • peach;
  • light pink;
  • coffee with milk;
  • dairy;
  • beige.

To create a manicure in this technique in dark colors, the following shades of the color palette are perfect:

  • brown;
  • olive;
  • green;
  • burgundy;
  • deep blue;
  • black.

The combination with other techniques and the use of various decorative elements (monochrome, rhombuses, squares, black or golden stripes) will make a negative space style manicure unique and memorable.

The basis for this manicure is a transparent nail polish or as close as possible to the natural color of the plate. Then the nails are decorated with small patterns, for example, asymmetrical or geometric.

Spots, dots, circles, arrows and triangles are especially popular.

During the festive season, it is also worth creating an unusual design in the form of daisies, butterflies, hearts, ladybugs or sunflowers, thereby referring to the rustic style.

The most important thing is to leave a lot of empty space on the nail. For decoration, you can use colored polishes, applying them with a brush or chalk, or ready-made nail stickers.

This is an imitation of a quartz motif in a pastel shade. The basis for this type of youth manicure in fashionable design is pink nail polish.

In the case of a vacation trip in the summer of 2023, it is worth using a hybrid polish, as its durability is much higher than that of a conventional one.

In this way, you can avoid rubbing of nail polish as a result of swimming in the sea and maintain a pure color for a long time.

To create characteristic patterns on the nails, use thin brushes and white polish. They should imitate uneven folds and veins, as on a quartz gem. The last step is to apply a clear top coat that sets the polish.

Negative Space Nail Design 2023

Chic Evening Nails 2023

In 2023, the masters will offer fashionistas creative design ideas for festive and evening manicures.

With the help of decorative ornaments, they will create unique images that will suit the coating of any color and nails of any length and shape.

Decor elements that will be popular in evening manicure include:

  • modeling;
  • acrylic Powder;
  • microshine;
  • sequins;
  • broths ;
  • pebbles;
  • rhinestones.

Rhinestones are best placed only on 1-2 nails of each hand. You can use different techniques as a basis:

  • cat eye;
  • gradient;
  • french;
  • moon manicure;
  • matte finish;
  • plain.

A little glitter in the holes or on the tips of the nail will make the evening manicure not only elegant and stylish, but also moderately bright.

In 2023, mixing different techniques will remain fashionable, which will help create an unusual look.

For example, geometric shapes made with golden or silver stripes, or a cobweb with a foil pattern on a dark-colored coating.

An evening manicure decorated with lace, monogram and floral patterns, which are complemented by glitter or rhinestones, would be appropriate.

The latest trend in 2023 will be the veil – an airy pattern made on a transparent background.

Chic Evening Nails 2023

This technique will continue to hold leadership positions next year.

This is due to the fact that abstraction allows you to implement absolutely any ideas.

From abstract patterns, you can create different compositions on a coating of any color, on short and long nails.

It would be appropriate to place the patterns both on all plates and on 1-2 nails of each hand.

Nail Trends 2023: Abstraction

Chic Nails 2023 with Foil

Such a popular decorative element for several years as foil will give the nails restrained shine and sophistication. It goes well with different techniques and decorations:

  • stones;
  • sequins;
  • abstraction;
  • minimalism;
  • geometry;
  • negative space.

In addition, the foil looks equally chic on both dark and light coatings.

Chic Nails 2023 with Foil

Animal Print Nail Design 2023

Colorful images in the theme of the animal world have long fascinated fashionistas around the world and will be no less popular in 2023.

The choice of animal prints is quite wide:

  • turtles;
  • snakes;
  • cows;
  • leopard;
  • cheetah.

Patterns in this theme allow you to create a chic design both in the style of minimalism and in extravagant variations.

According to youth fashion, it is worth decorating your nails 2023 with designs inspired by the color of a cowhide (not just in shades of white, black or brown) and zebra stripes.

In this case, the patterns do not have to be perfectly straight, but this solution is only for brave people. Such a youth manicure in fashionable design is especially relevant in 2023.

Animal Print Nail Design 2023

Stylish Solid Color Manicure 2023

The special charm of a monochromatic manicure is that it can be worn in any situation: it is ideal for both business and evening looks. In addition, it looks great on nails of any length and shape.

Stylish Solid Color Manicure 2023

Manicure 2023 With Rubbing

This technique will still be popular next year. For design, almost all of its types are relevant:

  • chameleon;
  • pearl;
  • metal;
  • mirror.

Uniqueness of the rubbing technique is that it does not require additional decoration, looks great on its own and allows you to perform both a delicate wedding manicure and a bright evening one.

Manicure 2023 With Rubbing

Classic French Nails 2023

Classics will always be in fashion.

French nails 2023 which can be performed in both restrained and rich colors, will remain in the TOP of fashion in 2023. This is due to the fact that fashionistas are given a large selection of shades to create different variations.

Classic French Nails 2023

Manicure in this style refers to the 60s, when the hippie movement was popular.

It is associated with the freedom, carelessness and frenzy of outdoor music festivals. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner have opted for tie-dye nails.

This type of manicure is characterized by artistic confusion, bright colors and patterns reminiscent of folk. Tie-Dye patterns have also become an actual fashion trend in clothing.

Glitter nail polish can be used to create trendy nails for the summer. Shiny particles are especially popular:

  • silver;
  • gold;
  • copper;
  • blue;
  • pink;
  • multicolored.

They sparkle in the sun and are perfect for holiday parties. Glitter accents are also popular, when glitter polish covers only selected nails.

Tie-Dye Nail Trends 2023

Rounded Nails 2023

Rounded nails 2023 are the trend this summer. They look very sophisticated and feminine with a retro manicure.

To achieve an oval shape, you will need a good file. Be sure to file your nails according to the shape of your fingertips.

Rounded Nails 2023

Courageous and self-confident girls can bet on a multi-colored youth manicure in a fashionable design that is relevant in the 2023 season. It involves the use of several nail polish trends 2023, but similar shades.

Each nail is painted in a different, uniform color. It is necessary to maintain harmony between the design of the nails of one hand and the other: for example, if we paint the nails of the left hand purple, the same shade of polish should be on the fingers of the right.

Multi-colored nails are the perfect trend for those who usually find it difficult to choose just one nail polish. From now on, you do not have to limit yourself.

Nail Polish Trends 2023: Multicolor

Neon French Nails 2023

A few seasons ago, French manicure returned to fashion, but in a completely new and unexpected way.

Masters began to offer French manicure using glitter polishes.

Recently, Instagram bloggers showed this novelty in all its glory – a neon version of the French manicure. It is impossible to remain indifferent seeing nails designed in this way.

Neon French Nails 2023

Black and White Nails 2023

Black and white deserves the title of the most fashionable color combination. This is an absolute classic and a trend that cannot be ignored this year.

With these two colors, you can create real works of art on your nails, as evidenced by the Instagram posts of manicure masters and beauty bloggers.

Black and White Nails 2023

Trendy Green Nails 2023

If the crazy combination of colors on the nails is not to your liking, choose one of the shades of trendy green.

Nail trends 2023 include pastels and darker hues like bottle green. Pistachio and sage also deserve attention.

Trendy Green Nails 2023

This trend in manicure is based on the most accurate imitation of the characteristic shimmering texture of velvet.

The effect is really impressive. Therefore, there is no doubt that the velvet trend nails will remain in fashion for a long time. Nails trends 2023 especially welcome such a unique and trendy design.

To create velvet nails, you will need your favorite color nail polish and dust with a velvet effect. Also suitable products with a holographic effect.

You can do this manicure yourself at home. However, if you are not confident in your abilities or do not want to invest in additional tools and accessories for nail design, use the services of a professional manicurist.

Velvet Nail Trends 2023

Checkerboard On Nails 2023

If you’re looking for a little madness, go for checkerboard-inspired patterns.

This type of nail art can be done in black and white (for those who like the classics), or you can go beyond and combine other favorite colors. For example, pink looks great with white or blue, purple is good in combination with orange.

Checkerboard On Nails 2023

You can appreciate the beauty of such solutions by the photo of the finished manicure. The only limit in this case is your imagination.

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