Spring nail colors: trendy colors for spring nails

Fashion manicure in spring is presented in several trends. Notes of freshness and new design, which are also in demand in spring, will perfectly fit into updated image. Season brought great news for those who appreciate beautiful and well-groomed nails. Each fashion manicure in spring of this year is real work, deserving special attention. What is the most fashionable spring nail colors?

Fashion for naturalness and easy, moderate, but vivid image drove out such direction as spring nails. Long, demonstratively artificial nails with active patterns and applications are no longer relevant today. Stylists offered wonderful alternative for spring nail polish colors, such as bright colors of red scale combined with short and very well-groomed natural nails.

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spring-nail-colors-spring-nail-polish-colors-spring-nails-spring nail colors

spring-nail-colors-spring-nail-polish-colors-spring-nails-spring nail colors

Spring nail colors: Red, Coral, Cherry, and Scarlet

Fashion trends of spring nails are rather complex trend, which will require excellent and healthy type of nails.Only so bright colors will look organically. It’s necessary to choose “your own” red color. In fashion of spring nail colors should be everything from coral to cherry, in duet with short length. Each of them looks very stylish and spicy.

spring-nail-colors-spring-nail-polish-colors-spring-nails-red-spring nail polish colors

spring-nail-colors-spring-nail-polish-colors-spring-nails-coral-spring nail polish colors

Pick up your tone with tint of your own skin, the lighter and more tender its shade, the “warmer” should be shade of your varnish. However, flawlessly scarlet is definitely worth to try!

spring-nail-colors-spring-nail-polish-colors-spring-nails-scarlet-and-cherry-spring nail polish colors

Spring nail polish colors: Azure, Mint, Tea rose and Fuchsia

Updated spring image will be perfectly supported by light shades of azure and mint. Fashionable spring nail polish colors of manicure have many shades, delicate and slightly dusty color of tea rose, bright, juicy shade of fuchsia. This scale supports basic, in makeup, clothes, and hairstyles, there is tendency to exquisite femininity.

spring-nail-colors-spring-nail-polish-colors-spring-nails-azure-spring nails
spring-nail-colors-spring-nail-polish-colors-spring-nails-mint-spring nailsspring-nail-colors-spring-nail-polish-colors-spring-nails-tea-rose-spring nailsspring-nail-colors-spring-nail-polish-colors-spring-nails-fuchsia-spring nails

Spring nails

Recreating spring nails, in fact isn’t easy, but you can start with change in range of colors, and perhaps techniques of its creation.

spring-nail-colors-spring-nail-polish-colors-spring-nails-floristics-spring nails

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