Best 14 Tips And Hacks For Perfect Unicorn Nails 2023

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Unicorn nails 2023 are sensation in the nail industry.

For the first time, a manicure with a unicorn was presented in 2015 and since then it has not ceased to excite the imagination of girls.

Unicorns are magical creatures, so everything connected with them is shrouded in mystery. Whether these horses with a horn really existed remains a mystery. But the girls do not stop believing in the magical power of these animals.


Unicorns have moved on to the nails of fashionistas from books and cartoons and fit perfectly into the bright nail art of young girls.

Unicorn nail designs 2023 look whimsical and playful, captivating those around you with an original non-standard pattern.

We offer you to get acquainted with the main trends of unicorn nail ideas 2023, to understand what shades are better to use for nail art and how to place a unicorn on even the shortest nails.

Unicorn Nails 2023: Symbolism and Meaning

In mythology, the unicorn symbolizes magic and the fulfillment of desires. Unicorns are found in the art of the Middle Ages and have religious significance.

According to legend, a beautiful girl in the image of the Virgin Mary managed to tame an unusual animal. In the Christian tradition, the unicorn is considered a symbol of rethinking.

Unicorn Nails 2023: Symbolism and Meaning

In modern mythology, the unicorn is a beautiful horse with a strong transparent diamond horn. This horn is able to neutralize any poisons.

The magic horn is a symbol of beauty, healing, and freedom. The power of the unicorn is truly limitless.

Stylish Unicorn Nail Ideas 2023

Unicorn nails 2023 always look bright and noticeable, they are appropriate at events where there is no special dress code.

In everyday looks, unicorn nail designs 2023 will also look appropriate and attractive.

A unicorn is an image that is quite difficult to create on your own. Beginners cannot do without sliders or stamping. They will perfectly cope with the task of placing the original pattern on the unicorn nails 2023.

To create unicorn nails 2023, pastel shades of gel polish are most often used. On a light background, the unicorn will look more noticeable and brighter.

Use blue, pink, beige, and white for the manicure. In addition to pastel colors, bright shades are perfectly combined with a unicorn: yellow, blue, and all the colors of the rainbow.

As for the design, you can add sparkles, rhinestones, rubbing, etc. to unicorn nails 2023.

Stylish Unicorn Nail Ideas 2023

Original and Simple Unicorn Nail Designs 2023

If you are just starting your acquaintance with unicorns, then you can limit yourself to a manicure with a horn.

It is much easier to depict it on nails than the whole unicorn, but it looks no less attractive.

The unicorn horn is a twisted conical figure in white or any other shade.

Place the design on the ring finger, where it will be especially noticeable. The rest of the unicorn nails 2023 can be covered with a single layer of gel polish in a light or rich bright color.

Be sure to complement the manicure with sparkles, glitter, or rhinestones.

There is another way to depict a unicorn horn on your nails. This is to make a voluminous wavy pattern on the nail using gel paste.

This design looks especially impressive on sharp nails. If desired, you can decorate the nail with a horn with a rub or glitter.

The master will always be able to offer you something interesting and new. Multi-colored coating, small stickers, three-dimensional molding, as well as 3D drawings.

Holographic polish can beautifully emphasize the drawing itself and highlight your nail plate.

Original and Simple Unicorn Nail Designs 2023

Partial Unicorn Manicure 2023

A partial unicorn manicure also looks great on nails of any length.

A small drawing on unicorn nails 2023 looks very cute and gentle, retains the theme of the pattern, and looks noticeable and bright.

The face of a unicorn is easy to depict even for an inexperienced master. All that is needed for the design is to draw a horn, eyes, ears, and other elements.

If desired, complete the design with clouds, a rainbow, and summer landscapes.

To create a beautiful drawing, it is not at all necessary to draw the entire face in detail. It is enough to depict the distinctive features of a unicorn – horns, beautiful eyes, and ears.

To smooth the drawing and make minor flaws less noticeable, add glitter, rubbing, floral decor to the design.

Most often, masters depict drawings on nails in the form of a unicorn face with a horn and eyes.

The master depicts the eyes either open or closed with large eyelashes. Such drawings are made in black and white or color. Usually, the horn of a unicorn is depicted as multi-colored, as well as the color of the eyes.

Covering nails for drawings can be bright or plain. You can even make an ombre that will decorate each nail individually.

Partial Unicorn Manicure 2023

Unicorn Nails 2023 With Rubbing

Rubbing and other shiny decor go well with the “magic” unicorn.

Rubbing and a unicorn are the best combination you can come up with.

Place the unicorn on the ring finger, and decorate the rest with a mirror or pearl powder.

In addition to rubbing, you can use gel polishes with small sparkles or glitter.

Unicorn Nails 2023 With Rubbing

Unicorn Nails 2023 with Sliders

Sliders are a real find for modern girls. Now you can create detailed and vibrant unicorn nails 2023 in minutes.

In fact, sliders are ordinary stickers that are attached to the surface of the nail with glue.

To add a slider pattern to the manicure, you need to dip it in water for a few seconds and place it on the nail plate.

Sliders are perhaps the only option for creating vibrant unicorn nails 2023. The drawing is far from simple, so drawing it yourself is not always possible.

Be sure to replenish your manicure set with sliders with a variety of patterns, they will help you out in any nail art.

Unicorn Nails 2023 with Sliders

Unicorn Manicure on Short Nails 2023

The unicorn is quite a large pattern, so it can be difficult to place it on short nails.

There are several options for solving the problem: place a partial drawing of a unicorn – it can be a horn or a face of an animal; perform a drawing using a slider – you can “try on” the pattern in advance and see how it fits into the small space.

If the space of the nail allows, then in addition to the unicorn, you can place clouds, a rainbow, and another “magic” pattern on it.

A unicorn manicure is not just another nail design. It carries a deep psychological meaning: it helps girls to believe in magic, hope for the best, and remember joyful moments in life.

A unicorn manicure deserves to show off on your nails.

Unicorn Manicure on Short Nails 2023

Drawing The Whole Unicorn

Here the master depicts an image of a unicorn on one selected nail. It may be a simpler, not heavily traced drawing. And in another case, it can be a fairly realistic drawing.

Sometimes the drawing of a unicorn will be distributed over two nails, which looks quite original.

By the way, a unicorn pattern can decorate a French manicure very beautifully. Instead of drawings, you can use stickers that you can stick at home without any problems.


Tears of the Unicorn 2023

A new trend in nail art is unicorn tears. They can decorate your nails on any area of your nail plate.

There is no special place for their location. Everything will depend on the imagination of the master or yours. The tears are usually mirrored.

Tears of the Unicorn 2023

Unicorn Horn 2023

Unicorn horn is an original manicure that is performed on long nails.

For short nails 2023, unfortunately, this option simply does not work. Here, the master uses materials to make an ornate unicorn horn out of one of your nails. Such a horn is always sharp and voluminous.

It can be any color with or without glitter.

Basically, this is a mother-of-pearl coating, which makes the horn very beautiful and shiny. So that the manicure is not too oversaturated, make a horn on just one finger.

Unicorn Horn 2023

Luxury Unicorn Nail Ideas 2023

If you want to create a truly luxurious manicure, then use an ombre finish.

Ombre can be horizontal or vertical. And a beautiful coating will be mother-of-pearl or pearl rubbing. Images of unicorns on such a coating will look especially bright and beautiful.

Luxury Unicorn Nail Ideas 2023

When Unicorn Nails 2023 Are Appropriate?

Such a nail design will be appreciated in a creative environment, for example, in the office of a creative agency or at a music festival.

On vacation, at a birthday party, or at any informal holiday, a bright and funny manicure will also come in handy, regardless of the time of year.


Unicorn Nails 2023: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. First of all, you need to prepare your nails for applying nail polish. Use quality tools: make sure that the scissors are well-sharpened and that the file does not scratch the nail plate. Soften cuticles with a cuticle remover and push them back with an orange wood stick. Give your nails the desired shape, avoiding pointed ones (the pattern will look beautiful on both short nails and nails of medium length). Walk along the nail plate with a buffer align and polish it.
  2. Coat your unicorn nails 2023 with the base. This is an extremely important stage in a manicure! The base is responsible for the durability and uniformity of the coating, and also prevents the penetration of coloring pigments into the deep layers of the nail plate. Apply it in two layers and wait until completely dry before you start working with colored polishes.
  3. For a color coating, take a few polishes in pastel shades – they will help depict a rainbow. First, apply a pale lemon-colored polish to the nail of the index finger. It is better to apply light polishes in two layers – then the color will lie evenly, and densely, without gaps and stripes.
  4. Then paint the nail of the middle finger with mint-colored polish – also in two layers. This will be the background for the unicorn drawing.
  5. On the little finger, use a blue tint – it resembles the sky. Unicorn Nails 2023: Step-by-Step Guide
  6. Paint over the thumbnail with lilac-pink polish – it looks cute and feminine.
  7. Despite the fact that the unicorn will be located on the middle finger, do not leave the ring finger without decor. On this nail, draw stripes of those colors that have already been used as the main ones. Use a thick white polish as a substrate.
  8. Proceed to the drawing on the ring finger. Take a thin art brush and paint a stripe diagonally with blue polish.
  9. Wait for the strip to dry completely and draw another one next to it – in a mint shade.
  10. Now take the yellow polish and draw the next stripe with it.
  11. The final stripe will be a pale pink, salmon shade. You can also use nude polish. Unicorn Nails 2023: Step-by-Step Guide
  12. Move on to the picture of the unicorn. Using a thin brush, paint the silhouette of a unicorn with white polish. Do this schematically: designate the “horn”, “ear”, as well as the elongated “face” and “body”.
  13. With a thin brush, trace the outline of the unicorn with blue polish.
  14. Paint over the unicorn horn with yellow polish.
  15. With a thin brush (or dots) with black polish, mark the details of the face: eyes, nose. Draw “partitions” inside the horn.
  16. Cover the manicure with a top coat. It will preserve the color and protect the manicure from chips and cracking, as well as give the nails a beautiful shine.

The manicure is ready!

Perfect Unicorn Nails 2023: Tips & Hacks

Before you start drawing on your unicorn nails 2023, first practice on paper. At the same time, use the same tools that you plan to use to create a real nail design.

If you are a complete beginner, choose simple drawings – do not start with complex ones. Drawing a unicorn is still difficult, so practice well.

Perfect Unicorn Nails 2023: Tips & Hacks

Do not be afraid to add various decorative elements to the design: sequins, rhinestones, and stickers. But in this case, choose nude as the main coating shade – then additional details will look appropriate.

If you do not have professional thin brushes, try replacing them with improvised tools – for example, instead of dots and a very thin brush, you can use a toothpick or even a needle. With the help of the latter, very thin lines can be drawn.

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