Wedding nails 2018: find your nails for wedding and stay stylish

Do you dream of being the most fashionable bride? Want to stand out not only with makeup, hair or dress but with original nails for wedding? You will find interesting ideas, delicate color solutions in our review of wedding nails 2018.

wedding-nails-2018-wedding-nail-art-nails-for-wedding-Wedding nails 2018

wedding-nails-2018-wedding-nail-art-nails-for-wedding-Wedding nails 2018

Wedding nails 2018: trendy colors and designs

French design is perfect solution for wedding nail art. Light colors, strict lines, and natural beauty are formula that is respected all over the world for wedding nails 2018.

wedding-nails-2018-wedding-nail-art-nails-for-wedding-french-Wedding nails 2018

A single-color polish with glossy or matte effect will also be universal and suitable solution, the main thing is to choose right shade.

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Gentle sparkles will allow your nails for wedding to become not just accentuating detail, but real decoration of whole image.

wedding-nails-2018-wedding-nail-art-nails-for-wedding-sparkles-wedding nail art

wedding-nails-2018-wedding-nail-art-nails-for-wedding-pastel-colors-wedding nail art

Another way to stand out with your nails for wedding is to draw hearts, flowers or ornaments, symbolic drawings or name of loved one. This option gives huge space for your imagination.

wedding-nails-2018-wedding-nail-art-nails-for-wedding-flowers-wedding nail art-nails for wedding

Wedding nail art 2018

Volumetric decoration is complex, beautiful and original way to make your nails a work of art. You can use any improvised means for wedding nail art, such as beads, pearls, stones, etc. Let your nails become embodiment of luxury.

wedding-nails-2018-wedding-nail-art-nails-for-wedding-volumetric-wedding nail art-nails for wedding

wedding-nails-2018-wedding-nail-art-nails-for-wedding-volumetric-nails for wedding

Nail design ideas 2018

It’s possible to make ombre in those shades that will perfectly match your wedding dress or you can choose neutral shades for nail polish. Combining several ideas into one is always interesting.

For example, you can make four nails in French design, and one fingernail decorate with pattern or stones. It’s possible to use separate idea or choose combination of 3 + 2 design ideas for each nail. Your wedding should be amazing in all its manifestations, and your image will be impeccable.

wedding-nails-2018-wedding-nail-art-nails-for-wedding-wedding nail art-nails for wedding

wedding-nails-2018-wedding-nail-art-nails-for-wedding-combination-of-designs-nails for wedding

There are many ways and ideas for creating original wedding nail design, you just need time and imagination to create an unforgettable design that you can be proud of.

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