White Nails 2022: Fashionable Ideas And Trends Of White Nail Design

White nail art is again at the peak of popularity. Immediately on several fashion shows of Creatures of the Wind, Byblos Milano, Antonio Marras models came out on a podium with a plain white coating.

How can we use white gel-lacquer and what white nail designs look most effective? We are going to tell about trends of white nails 2022.

white nails 2022, stylish ideas of white nail designs

White nails 2022: the best ideas

Any topical technique can be combined with white lacquer.

You can create marble nails, watercolor stains, and a geometric gradient, babyboomer style, and many other interesting options.

Pick up a top that won’t turn yellow under the influence of ultraviolet in order to have impeccable nails.

white nails 2022, fashionable white marble nails

White nail polish doesn’t have to be boring. We’ve suggested photos of beautiful designs of white nails 2022.

white nails 2018, white babyboomer nails

White nail polish became popular back in 2013 when it appeared on the shows Moschino and Rag & Bone. We offer a selection of ideas of white nail art for your inspiration.

white nail designs, white geometric gradient nails

White nail designs: stylish ideas

White and black lacquers will help to create a trendy coating.

Apply a white lacquer in two layers and dry them in a UV lamp. Mix black polish with top coating and use a fine brush to draw lines on the nail, repeating the pattern on the marble.

white nail designs, black and white nails, zebra nails

One of the stylish white nail designs is the combination of white lacquer with gold.

It’s best to use dense glitter or volumetric “sand” polish. Select gold shade for one or two fingers. Create a pattern to taste or minimalistic gold lines.

white nail designs, white and gold nail designs 2022

Strips on the nails are trendy. Apply white lacquer in two thick layers.

Take the gold stripes with the metallic effect and paste them on the nail plate.

You can paste several strips parallel to each other or cross them among themselves. Strips can also be drawn with a fine brush.

white nail art, white nails with stripes

White nail art: fashionable styles

The combination of black and white is a classic.

Use special templates or draw directly with a brush unusual patterns if the usual plain cover is too strict for you.

One of the options of white nail art is a print “zebra”.

white nail art, white and pink zebra nails 2022

Don’t be modest. Combine shades from one color range in different saturation.

White lacquer, black and gray will perfectly match together. Too boring? Use polishes with glitter, as in the photo.

white nail art, white, black and grey nail design

It isn’t necessary to make a monochrome white nails 2022, nail designers offer to try, for example, an asymmetrical French, as in the shows of Marissa Webb and Cushnie et Ochs.

white nails 2022, stylish ideas of white nails 2022

This color is invariably one of the trendiest. Most of all, white is recommended for those who just returned from vacation, with the tanned and golden sheen of skin.

Against this background, the white lacquer is particularly noticeable.

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