Winter Nail Colors 2022: Trendy Shades To Try From Winter Nails 2022

In the world of nail art, trends don’t change as quickly and radically as in make-up, but the main directions for the winter nails 2022 can still be identified. We’ll tell on what shades of winter nail polish colors, nail forms, and nail trends to focus on in the next season. We’ve presented main trends for winter nail colors 2022, which can be beaten in ordinary life.

winter nail colors 2022, trendy shades of winter nails 2022

Winter nail colors 2022: main fashionable trends

Nude nail art meets on the podiums from season to season, and there is a practical explanation for this.

This option nail art is suitable for any outfit, in addition, it isn’t so noticeable. It’ll be one of the trendiest winter nail colors 2022.

winter nail colors 2022, trendy nude colors of nails

In addition, it shouldn’t be monotonous: there are hundreds of varieties of naked polishes today. So we recommend stock up at least two or three different nail polish colors.

winter nail colors 2022, metallic shades of winter nails 2022

Lucky metallic dark shades were seen on the shows of Alexis Mabille, Laura Biagiotti, Naeem Khan and others. Bronze, golden and copper polishes with a fine shimmer or chrome surface effect can become the main detail of your image.

The main thing is to make sure that the surface of the nails is perfectly smooth. The cuticle should be in excellent condition, and there isn’t a trace left of the burrs: dark shades oblige.

Winter nails 202: stylish and interesting trends

There is hardly any lacquer that deserves the epithet “unfashionable”. Even the mother-of-pearl shades, which for many years were in disgrace, are again on the trends list.

But if you are almost tired of the classic polishes, such as red, beige and burgundy, we have several ideas, what shades to add to your collection of winter nails 2022.

winter nail colors 2022, stylish gray winter nails

Gray or taupe shades

Gray or taupe shades are a non-canal alternative to the usual nude.

Gray – neutral color doesn’t cause questions from the office bosses. In addition, it’ll look beautiful on pale “winter” skin.

Options for gray polishes produce dozens, such as with a purple, beige, pearl ebony (the latter will be in the wedding nail art fashion). And the most fashionable in recent years is taupe (gray-brown).

If a simple gray seems boring to you, combine such a polish with a gentle pink, berry or sky-blue.

winter nails 2022 stylish orange winter nails

When choosing an orange polish, you should consider your skin color. Olive skin is more suitable for soft pastel colors. It is better to choose coral or delicate peach colors with pink pigments for the swarthy or tanned skin.

It’s best to combine orange polish with brown, marsh in one image.

Winter nail polish colors: trendy hues

Cobalt, azure and ultramarine

Cobalt, azure, ultramarine, color frost are the winter nail polish colors trends. Who said that the blue lacquer is trendy only in the summer? Dark deep shades combine with golden or silvery details.

And light pastel ones can be “diluted” with decorative elements or rendered as a backdrop for an intricate nail art.

winter nails 2022, stylish winter blue nails

If you don’t yet have jewelry with emeralds, or you prefer to wear them only for a special occasion, you can integrate this noble hue into your image in another way.

Polish of this color is in the collection of Urban Decay, Essie, L’OrĂ©al Paris and other beauty brands, so don’t pass by! Combine it with brown, yellow, beige, and, of course, golden colors.

winter nails 2018, fashionable emerald nails 2022

Deep plum

Deep plum shade invariably appears in the list of favorites every fall and winter.

However, in the coming season, there is a more cheerful version of it.

Radiant festive lacquer will be in fashion, as in the Daizi Shely show. Supplement it with a New Year outfit or dilute a monochrome office image.

winter nails 2022, fashionable winter deep plum nails

Winter nail colors 2022: images

In the fashion of winter nail colors 2022 will be a fresh blue color, bright saturated and pastel pink.

Drawings on nails

Drawings on nails are also appropriate, they will look harmonious combining and mixing various outflows of polishes, decorating with the decor.

The star trend will be matte polishes in combination with rhinestones.

winter nail polish colors, trendy winter nails 2022

Nails decorated with gold and emerald sparkles, and the use of winter patterns along the nails edge will be the winter nail polish colors trend.

The color palette simply shakes burgundy, beige, gold, milky shades, bright red, plum color.

An invariable leader will be the moon nail art.

Also, the style nude and nail design, which consists of two halves, when one part of the nail is painted, for example, in yellow, the other is determined by green.

winter nail polish colors, stylish winter nails 2022

Red and its shades, wine colors, orange, bright yellow are in the trend. On such nails, brilliant stickers or rhinestones will look great.

Winter nails 2022: stylish tendencies

Nude shades

Milky, dusty rose shade, light gray, marvelous orange or white nails are in the winter nails 2022.

Choose the polish color to match your mood. Bright lacquer is perfect for any clothing style, any length of nails and any occasion.

But if you prefer nude shades, don’t take the first one from the shelf in the store.

First learn how to choose the nail color, which will help to choose the perfect option for your skin color.

winter nail polish colors, black and white winter nails 2022

It’ll be interesting to see a combination of solid and black in matte finish. In the workplace, shades of graphite, cherry, purple, red will be the most stylish.

Green and turquoise

Green and stylish turquoise colors are also on the fashion list of winter colors 2022.

winter nail polish colors, green and yellow polish colors

We hope our article helped to choose the trendiest shade from the winter nail colors 2022 list.

Choose from two to three modish nail colors for the winter 2022 and stay in the trend.

Winter nail trendy colors

In order to create a perfect image, every detail is important, especially manicure. Ideal winter nail colors are Bordeaux, nude, gold and black, as well as their combinations in form of moon manicure, French, manicure with sparkles.

winter-nail-colors-winter-nail-polish-colors-nail-art-winter-winter nail colors

winter-nail-colors-winter-nail-polish-colors-nail-art-winter-winter nail colors

Burgundy, wine colors and nude manicure

Burgundy manicure is best worn on short and medium length nails of natural shape. Such manicure symbolizes restraint and refinement and also goes well with gold ornaments.

Claret color with gold sequins, receptacles of French, back French and gradient is also trendy for nail art winter.

winter-nail-colors-winter-nail-polish-colors-nail-art-winter-burgundy-nail art winter

Nude manicure

Nude manicure is versatile and stylish solution for winter nail polish colors.

Almost all designers paid attention to this shade. Lacquer doesn’t necessarily have to match color of your skin.

winter-nail-colors-winter-nail-polish-colors-nail-art-winter-nude-colors-nail art winter

Winter nail colors: All shades of gray

Another winter nail colors for nail art winter are all shades of gray. All gray tones are in fashion, from dirty white to the color of wet asphalt. Texture of lacquer is glossy and matte.

To decorate gray manicure can be used geometric, marble and floral patterns, gold sequins, effect of ombre, letters.

winter-nail-colors-winter-nail-polish-colors-nail-art-winter-grey-winter nail colors

winter-nail-colors-winter-nail-polish-colors-nail-art-winter-grey-winter nail colors

Gold and black-gold manicure

Who doesn’t like the luxury of gold or shine of silver? Moreover, this winter, it isn’t forbidden to attract the attention of those around you with radiant nails!

Cover with gold or metallic varnish all over the surface of nail or add as bright accent to trendy winter nail polish colors, such as burgundy, nude, gray, black.

winter-nail-colors-winter-nail-polish-colors-nail-art-winter-golden-winter nail polish colors

winter-nail-colors-winter-nail-polish-colors-nail-art-winter-metallic-gold-winter nail polish colors

Black lacquer in nail art winter is also fashionable. It should be in your sets, no matter in matte style or with shimmer. To ensure that black shouldn’t seem so gloomy, just add gold patterns or sequins.

winter-nail-colors-winter-nail-polish-colors-nail-art-winter-metallic-black-winter nail polish colors

Winter is time for holidays, games in snow and for good mood. So why not make a fashionable and cute manicure with symbols of winter?


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