2018 fashion colors: the most stylish colors of 2018

All we have our favorite shades, but every year designers offer trendy shades for our image. Fashion designers advise wearing brown, yellow, green colors this season. Let’s find out trends of 2018 fashion colors.

2018 fashion colors, trends and tendencies of fashion colors

2018 fashion colors: trendy shades

Brilliant shades gave way to noble, low-key tones. The main color of 2018 will be burgundy, an aristocratic and elegant shade. Outside the competition are black and white.

2018 fashion colors, stylish burgundy color

The main concept of the 2018 fashion colors will be the unity of man and nature, that is, reserved, maximally natural colors. These are the shades of pure mountain air and sea waves, the heat of sunny days and the juiciness of fruits. Designers used colors in playful, but precise and stylish combinations, corresponding to an easy spring mood, full of hopes for the future and changes for the better.

2018 fashion colors, stylish niagara color

Niagara is cold, but cozy, comfortable and very stylish color will be considered dominant in this season. It is a classic of denim, a symbol of simplicity and relaxation.

2018 fashion colors, yellow primrose color

Yellow primrose is a charming gentle color in contrast to “Niagara” sparkles with the warmth, positive and energetic, so necessary for us in the first warm days. Perfectly combined with lazurite and hazelnut.

2018 fashion colors: fashion hues

Lapis blue, lapis lazuli is a strong charismatic color for self-confident people. Magnificent azure is filled with inner radiance. It’s ideal for dresses or maxi skirts, as well as accessories that are relevant for the next few seasons.

2018 fashion colors, fashionable lapis blue color

The Flame is one of bright, refined and even a few theatrical 2018 fashion colors, which will not leave anyone indifferent. It’s positive in its pure form, energy, and heat of the flame, vitamin during the vitamin deficiency.

2018 fashion colors, stylish flame color

Paradise Island is refreshing and relaxing cold color, causing dreams of a speedy vacation. Actively used by designers to create wedding lace dresses. Some designers thought that it would look perfect with “Flame.

2018 fashion colors, paradise island color

Pale dogwood is a subtle, pacifying pink shade, associated with purity and innocence, creating a subtle intriguing fleur. The advantage of this refined color is that it gives the skin a healthy sheen and goes to almost everyone.

2018 fashion colors, stylish pale dogwood color

2018 fashion colors: other shades

Greenery, fresh foliage is one of magnificent refreshing 2018 fashion colors, causing the desire to experiment, breathe in deeply the air, filled with oxygen.

2018 fashion colors, green color, pink yarrow color

Pink Yarrow is a tropical shade will become the center of attention. Bright, inviting and daring color not only refreshes other shades but also raises the mood. It’s ideal for leather and patchwork techniques.

2018 fashion colors,stylish hazelnut color

Curly cabbage is another breath of fresh air, a delightful leafy shade of green freshly mown grass, prompting us to return to nature.  Hazelnut is a light and unpretentious, this neutral color automatically switches to 2018 and easily combines all the seasons. It can form the basis of the basic wardrobe.




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