The Most Searched Top 37 Amazing Braided Hairstyles 2023

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Braided hairstyles 2023 are easy, stylish, and comfortable hairstyles that celebrities and fashion bloggers have fallen in love with.

There are many styles and shapes of braided hairstyles 2023, so you can choose the appropriate shape for any look.


Of course, some of them require more time and even the help of stylists, but don’t worry! After all, we invite you to look at lighter, but no less beautiful and practical braided hairstyles 2023.

The length of the braided hair 2023 does not matter, only imagination and desire are important.

We have compiled for you a selection of 37 beautiful braided hairstyles 2023. Not only are they very simple, but also trendy.

Braided Hairstyles 2023: Weaving

Braided hairstyles 2023 can be perfect for any event, even a wedding. Such a hairstyle, as in the photo, is quite easy to perform and resembles a gypsy style.

Braided Hairstyles 2023: Weaving

In this hairstyle, the most important thing is two thin braids, as if separated from the main hairstyle.

They should start behind the ears and go down to the chest. The rest of the hair is collected in a weave of different braids.

Braids With Loose Hair 2023

This is a very simple and, for sure, familiar option for everyone. However, fashion bloggers are very fond of this hairstyle.


Because such a hairstyle completely opens the face and allows you to experiment with loose hair.

You can wind big curls, small ones, make curls corrugated or simply straighten your hair as much as possible.

By the way, this season corrugated curls have become especially popular.

Braids With Loose Hair 2023

Collected Braids 2023

Milla Jovovich demonstrated the perfect version of the collected hairstyle with braids.

In this image, the actress appeared on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival.

She opted for a low bun with short bangs and a tiara pigtail. And, of course, all this – in a casual style!

Collected Braids 2023


Short Hair Braids 2023

Short hair is not an obstacle on the way to braided hairstyles 2023.

If you have shoulder-length hair, you can make two French braids and fasten naughty strands with hairpins.

You can also try braided bob hairstyles 2023, because in this case the main thing is accuracy and means for fixing.

Short Hair Braids 2023

African Braids 2023

Rihanna should be your main inspiration when choosing this hairstyle. She knows exactly how to create stylish looks with African braids.

Of course, this hairstyle will take a lot of time, but the result is worth it.

In addition, you need to take into account the rules for washing hair with African braids.

Wash your roots well to keep your hair clean. It is also important to use a cleansing spray and shampoo in the form of a spray.

And when you untwine them, you will get another trendy hairstyle of the season: very small, lush curls.

This hairstyle came back to us from the distant 90s of the last century.

The hair is divided into square sections. Then weave braids that fit snugly to the roots of the hair.

The ends are secured with small rubber bands. The more hair you select, the prettier the styling will be.

Divide the hair into 8 parts (two in front, two at the temples and 4 in the back).

Weave tight French braids to the crown. Connect the ends into a tail. A high bun is formed from the free volume.

African Braids 2023

Braided Hair 2023: Pigtail

This hairstyle is suitable for girls with long hair.

Make a very high ponytail (at the crown) and secure it with a thick velvet elastic.

Weave the braid to the very end and secure. You can split the ponytail into two or three sections to create multiple braids.

Braided Hair 2023: Pigtail

Light Braided Hairstyles 2023

A casual version with loose ends is perfect for a stylish street look. Casual style is in fashion, so don’t hesitate for a minute.

You can add volume to your hair and make one or more voluminous braids.

In addition, you can straighten your hair completely, make a parting in the middle and braid two small braids from the roots so that they frame the face.

They also do not need to be fixed. These are very feminine, simple and stylish hairstyles.

Light Braided Hairstyles 2023

Side Braids 2023

Emily Blunt just loves these braided hairstyles 2023.

For her next appearance on the red carpet, the actress chose a low bun with side braids.

They also smoothly transition into a bundle, making it even more voluminous. Leave a few strands loose to frame your face.

Side Braids 2023

Creative Chaos

Divide the hair into four equal parts.

Lateral braid the head on the sides. The ends are threaded into the center, mixing volumes with a pair of central strands.

The resulting 2 parts of the shock are crossed several times. Then finish the hairstyle with a regular braid.

French Braids 2023

French braids have become one of the most popular braided hairstyles 2023 for party looks.

It is also the perfect hairstyle for everyday fashion looks, as it is both comfortable and beautiful. French braids are well suited for a beach look.

French Braids 2023

Macrame Weaving 2023

Two braids begin to form from the temporal zone, braiding a tightly stretched curl.

On the back of the head, they are fixed with a thin elastic band.

Macrame Weaving 2023

Flower Glade

Divide the hair into three tiers.

A braid is woven from each, secured with a small elastic band. Twist the braids into neat flower buns. Hide the tips under the central part, fix with hairpins.

In the style of Katniss

The Hunger Games franchise has given us a lot of food for thought. We especially want to highlight the image of the main character. Despite the general simplicity, it is remembered for a long time. Let’s pay attention to the hairstyle in the style of Katniss. Tie the ponytail and start weaving a loose braid from the middle of the bun.


2023 Braided Hairstyles: Minimalism

With such a hairstyle, Cara Delevingne, Chloe Moretz, Elizabeth Olsen appeared on the red carpet at different times.

For styling, it is enough to have shoulder-length hair.

A braid is weaved on one side of the head from the temple.

In the region of the back of the head, the braid is fastened with bobby pins, and its tip merges with the total mass of curls.

2023 Braided Hairstyles: Minimalism

Tail-Waterfall Braids 2023

The hair is divided into two tiers.

The bottom is tied in a ponytail. Lush braids are formed from the upper sides.

In the back of the head, they are connected and the tip is wrapped with an elastic band that secures the tail. Fix hair with pins.

Tail-Waterfall Braids 2023

Inverted Braided Hairstyle 2023

Tilt your head. Comb your hair well. Start weaving the French braid, imagining that the back of the head is the front.

Inverted Braided Hairstyle 2023

Double Fishtail

Divide your hair into three equal sections.

From the sides, starting from the temples, weave fishtails.

Wrap them around the central mass in a criss-cross pattern.

Attach with string at the bottom. This hairstyle will perfectly fit into the wedding image.

Natural Beauty

Do not confuse rustic hairstyles with masterpieces from the “rural chic” category.

Maximum naturalness and simplicity are the hallmarks of the styling of modern shepherdesses.

The voluminous braid originates from the lower left edge of the shock, braids the bottom of the head, and goes to the right side.


Boxing Braids

This styling option first came to the attention of the general public after the release of Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby in 2004. The heroine Hilary Swank trained hard with just such a hairstyle. Since then, boxing French braids have been used not only for going to the gym, but also repeatedly shone on the red carpet.

In 2016, the Kardashian family once again revived the former popularity of a pair of tight braids.

French Romance

Thanks to a special weaving technique, even a meager handful of hair can be turned into a chic braid.

Lightness, airiness and amazing volume – what you need for an unforgettable look.

braided hair 2023

Twisted Rope

Divide the hair into two parts in a straight parting.

The first round is done on the forehead. One side is braided with a free oblique to the base of the neck.

Twist the hair of each part into tight flagella.

Note that you need to rotate in one direction. Connect the bundles to a rope.

Fix it with a rubber band. Knocked-out hairs are sprayed with hairspray and gently smoothed.

2023 Hairstyles: Crown

Two voluminous braids are woven from the temples on the sides to the vanishing point at the bottom of the head.

Continue the formation of already free braids to the very tip. They are fixed with hairpins, like a wreath or crown.

2023 Hairstyles: Crown

Tie the usual sloppy tail.

A thin curl is separated from it (it is useful for masking the elastic band). The remaining volume is woven into a French braid, weakening the strands for more fluffiness.

The bottom is secured with tape. A free curl is wrapped around the upper elastic band, fixed with hairpins.

Margot Robbie, Low Braids 2023

Charming Margot proves that even the quickest and simplest 2023 braided hairstyles 2023 can look gallant.

The actress flaunted in front of the cameras with braids twisted into two low buns.

A little carelessness – and now we have a stylish and flirty image.

Margot Robbie, Low Braids 2023

Gemma Chan Loose Braid With Loose Curl 2023

Gemma pleases us with romantic looks, this is her style.

In this image, Gemma is stunningly feminine, and the airy and slightly careless braid, intercepted by ribbons at the top and bottom, creates the effect of a complex multi-tiered hairstyle. Although it can be easily done in a couple of minutes and without resorting to the services of stylists.

Gemma Chan Loose Braid With Loose Curl 2023

Ruby Rose Short Hair Braids 2023

If you think that only girls with long hair can afford braids, then take a look at the beautiful Ruby with her futuristic hairstyle.

The braids on her head look like a crown, any girl with short hair should take note of this look.

Ruby Rose Short Hair Braids 2023

Rita Ora, Simple Braids with Skillfully Chosen Decorations

You can braid two simple braids for yourself, and it will be a hairstyle for going to the store, or you can add just a few well-chosen decorations, like drops of pearls on Rita, and your hairstyle will be worthy of a royal ball.

Pearls woven into braided hair 2023 became one of the fashion trends of the year. Surely we will see such trendy braided hairstyles 2023 more than once.


FKA Twigs, Braid & Twisted High Knot

FKA twigs is a master at creating bold looks, and hair is always part of the story she tells with her looks.

Braids gathered in a high knot interspersed with individual twisted strands are not only bright and beautiful, but also very convenient if you plan to move a lot and do not want to constantly correct your styling.

2023 braided hairstyles

Drew Barrymore

Just look at the charming Drew, she is like a forest nymph who woke up on the bank of a stream and barely shook the fallen leaves from her hair.

Her “sloppy” styling would never have been so beautiful if it were not for the braids peeking through the curls.


Zoë Kravitz, Small Braids For Curly Hair

This type of weaving can be a salvation for girls with finely curly hair who dream of somehow calming their head of hair and opening their faces.

The styling at the back of the head looks complicated, but in fact, it is just hair tucked up in the form of a comb, fastened with bobby pins.

trendy braided hairstyles 2023

Lupita Nyong’o, Afro With Undercut

And these braided hairstyles 2023 are for a bold look with partially shaved hair.

Shaving part of the hair on the head in recent years has been practiced not only by men, but also by brave girls who are ready to experiment with their image.

You can relate to this phenomenon as you like, but you must admit, Lupita with her fantastic braids looks so breathtaking.

If you are ready to take a bold step and are going to shave off part of the hair on your head, take a closer look at the image of Lupita, perhaps braids will become the basis of your new style.


Amanda Seyfried, French Braids Turning into Ponytail

Delicate French braid adorning the head with a pattern and a thick beautifully styled tail – this aristocratic hairstyle makes Amanda’s image light and romantic.

This hairstyle is perfect for the bride at traditional weddings, where, according to the rites, the veil is removed from the bride.

The hairstyle will look elegant with a veil and will remain neat after removing it.


Yara Shahidi Neat Braid Bun

We remember Yara completely differently, her usual image is a mop of thick curly and unruly hair.

Now the hair on her head is perfectly sleek and gathered at the crown in a beautiful braided “bun”.

It is worth noting that this hairstyle perfectly opens the face and focuses on the eyes and lips.

If you have lush, unruly hair, try at least once to make such a hairstyle in combination with bright makeup – many acquaintances simply do not recognize you.

This is a great hairstyle for sports.


Amandla Stenberg, Embellished Hoop Braids

The intricate coloring adds volume and layering to the braided hoops, while cleverly selected glitter embellishments turn Amandla into a true Disney princess.

Do you also like the hairstyles of Disney beauties?

Then complete your look with an Amandla variant or learn how to braid Elsa’s braid from Frozen.


Blake Lively, Braided Ponytail

Lively (the star of the TV series “Gossip Girl”) is quite deservedly reputed to be one of the most stylish actresses of our time.

As a rule, Blake appears in public with luxurious and flowing hair. However, here we see an elegant example of a stylish variation of the braid, created on the basis of a braided updo hair 2023.


Casualness is in fashion, so there is no reason to strive for perfection and even weaving. Treat yourself to unusual braided hairstyles 2023 by creating a variety of braids. There are so many varieties that you are sure to find the perfect option for yourself.

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