Hair Color Trends 2023: Top 14 Amazing Hair Colors 2023 To Try

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Many girls and women, regardless of age, are interested in hair color trends 2023.

We offer you to find out what colors will be fashionable next season, and what coloring techniques should be chosen to be in trend.


We have prepared a complete selection of the latest hair color trends 2023 pictures and examples that we hope will be useful to you.

Women began to change their hair color as early as 3,000 years ago.

In ancient Egypt, dark colors were in fashion, which were considered a sign of belonging to power.

Hair Color Trends 2023

The Roman women, on the contrary, preferred to imitate the blond Germanic slaves. To hide gray hair, the dye was rarely used, since the average life expectancy was about 25-30 years. Many ladies simply did not live up to gray hair.

Today, the choice of colors and shades is unusually large, and only a few ladies will agree to appear in public with gray strands.

So, take note of our tips on what should be the actual hair color trends 2023, and hurry up to refresh your image.

Gentlemen, like half a century ago, still prefer blondes. However, since the time of the incomparable Marilyn Monroe, they have become much more choosy.

Hair dye manufacturers are constantly offering new products for those who want to dazzle men with the shine of their blond hair.

Remember! The choice of shade is extremely important. One mistake and you will look vulgar.

When choosing light hair color 2023, consider a variety of wheaten shades as an option.

Marilyn-style images are also among hair color trends 2023. Just find a good master colorist and say you want your hair dyed ultra blonde.

Only a professional can perform such coloration correctly and avoid yellowness on your hair.

Blonde, reminiscent of natural gray hair, is no longer in hair color trends 2023.

Namely, this is how many long-haired beauties began to look, who unsuccessfully dyed their hair in an ashy shade.

A great alternative is hair coloring 2023 silver. Moreover, it is recommended to use a monophonic technique.

Hair Color Trends 2023 For Blonde Lovers

Fruity & Creamy Blonde 2023

Do you love fruits? Fruit blonde is on trend. Choose peach shades. You can also add glamor to your look with a dash of pale strawberry.

A fresh and feminine solution – a cream shade that looks great in the baby blonde technique. It involves coloring the hair located near the face one tone lighter than the rest of the hair.

Fruity & Creamy Blonde 2023

Trendy Hair Coloring 2023 For Red Girls

Red-haired beauties never go unnoticed. For those who want to play the role of a “red head” or renew their natural “sunny” hair color, fashion offers a variety of hair color trends 2023.

We want to note right away that naturalness is in fashion.

Do not try to reproduce the hair color of Mila Jovovich from The 5th Element. Extreme hair color 2023 in shades of red is especially not recommended for ladies 40+.

What shades to choose? A compromise between blond and red will be ginger. Ideally, the master can balance red and light brown on your hair. Only in this case, it will acquire a trendy ginger shade.

Well-known master colorists recommend redhead lovers to pay attention to metallic shades. Saturated copper and bronze are among hair color trends 2023.

They will look great both in the monophonic technique and when dyed with the effect of faded tips.

Trendy Hair Coloring 2023 For Red Girls

Trendy Hair Coloring 2023 For Brunettes

As you know, many girls are prone to bold experiments.

There are many blondes who dream of becoming brunettes. For them and for dark-haired beauties looking to freshen up their look, fashion offers a hit hair color trends 2023 in Tulip Black.

It is a mix of natural chestnut shade with lilac, full of aristocracy.

Please note that “Black Tulip” will look good only on shiny hair. Dull and lifeless strands will resemble a wig.

Hair, black as a raven’s wing with a purple tint, is also in fashion. This option looks especially impressive on long straight hair, complemented by thick bangs that cover the eyebrows.

Trendy Hair Coloring 2023 For Brunettes

Coloristic “Desserts”

Do you like Drunk Cherry sweets? Then we offer “delicious” hair color 2023 trends in chocolate-cherry shade.

By the way, this shade is recognized by stylists as ageless. It will look great on both the student and her mother.

With proper hair coloring, chocolate hair will give off a noble shade of red only in the sun’s bright rays. This will become a fashionable accent for any look.

The theme of hairdressing “desserts” continues with a shade of cinnamon.

This hair color 2023 is especially recommended for dark-eyed brunettes. It perfectly emphasizes the complexion and gives the look a certain mystery.

Don’t like cinnamon? How about a coffee-glase? This is not so much about color, but about the technique in which such fashionable hair color 2023 is performed.

To create such a trendy option, you should combine chocolate hair with ashen. Be sure that your image will turn out to be aristocratic and memorable.


Fancy Hair Coloring 2023 With Stencil

Do you consider yourself the queen of outrageous? In 2023, you can make yourself talk about by appearing in public with a head of hair that repeats the pattern of a leopard skin.

This idea inspires you, but you want the avant-garde? Then offer “print” yourself. Geometric patterns applied to the hair with a dye of different colors will look original.

An interesting idea and “pixelated” bangs. For its coloring, a lighter tone is chosen, with the help of which a kind of mosaic of small squares is applied.

Do you like to wear plaid clothes? How do you like the idea to dye your hair with such a print?

Please note! The plaid is applied either at the roots or at the ends of sufficiently long hair.

It is not necessary to use all the hair as a canvas for such creativity. You can apply the pattern only on thick bangs that go down below the eyebrows, or on a couple of wide strands chosen near the face.

Fancy Hair Coloring 2023 With Stencil

Rainbow Dye and Colored Roots

Incredibly spectacular images are obtained if creative rainbow coloring is used. This option looks great on short hair with a bright main tone, for example, orange or carrot.

It pairs perfectly with purple and emerald green. The result is a pattern resembling a peacock color.

Carrot-gray options are also among hair color trends 2023, when the orange base is “powdered” on top with gray mother-of-pearl.

Are you afraid to stand out from the gray crowd?

If not, try the trendy hair color 2023. To create it, just dye the roots in an unusual color, choosing the natural colors of your hair as the main one. For example, blondes can dye their roots purple or lilac.

Such coloring will look quite extraordinary on short asymmetrical haircuts. You can dye the shorn temple emerald green by matching it with the rest of the raven hair.


Tired of monochromatic hair coloring during cold winter? Hair color trends winter 2023 offer a variety of options with a smooth color transition.

Ombre 2023 should look like if you dyed your hair in a contrasting or brighter shade of your natural color one day and forgot about the need to visit the hairdresser for a long time.

In the next season, Ombre can be done not only on dark, but also on blond hair. The options with the transition of purple strands to pale blue or pink to cherry will be even more unusual.

Ombre hair color trends 2023 will look perfect on waves and curls. As for absolutely smooth, well-ironed hair, it will look presentable on them only if the coloring was done by a real professional.

Otherwise, smooth laying will only emphasize any mistakes made by the master.

Hair Color Trends Winter 2023: Ombre

Blond Ombre 2023

Although we have already mentioned Ombre for blondes in hair color trends 2023, it is worth telling in more detail how this most fashionable hair color 2023 is performed on light blond hair.

If you have light brown hair, at a distance of 2-13 cm from the roots, they should be left in a natural color. Next, the master needs to start smoothly lightening the strands.

First, separate strands should be captured, gradually increasing their number. As a result of using this technique, strands of the same tone are obtained at the tips.

Then the hair is tinted, which allows you to even out the tone and smooth out the transitions. As a result of the correct staining of the blond ombre, a hair with a mother-of-pearl tint is obtained.

Blond Ombre 2023

California Hair Color 2023

For nearly a century, Hollywood divas continue to be a role model for girls on all continents.

It was for them that the California technique of changing hair color was invented. It allows you to create the most natural looks.

When looking at them, they create the impression that the beauty spends all day on the beach, and seawater and the sun “worked” on the image.

The advantages of this technique include the most gentle effect on the structure of the hair.

In addition, California hair coloring 2023 gives any head of hair the much-desired volume.

With all the outward naturalness, this option requires great professionalism from the master colorist. To create a smooth gradient, you must mix up to 5-6 shades.

California Hair Color 2023

Caramel Highlights

The caramel version of highlighting will be the most relevant in the upcoming season. It looks great with blonde hair.

If you have a short haircut and love California hair color trend 2023, you can give your hairstyle the appropriate effect by adding a couple of highlights to the long bangs, gradually lightening from the roots to the tips.

Such a decision will refresh the look and allow older ladies to lose a couple of years.


Vertical Highlighting

Fashion offers ultra-actual vertical hair coloring 2023. You can choose any, the most incredible combination of colors.

Some masters create original versions in which the eye can distinguish up to 18 different tones. It is only important to choose the shades as thoughtfully as possible.

For lovers of fashion extreme, fashion offers extravagant hair color trends 2023 based on mother-of-pearl blonde with green, pink, blue or purple strands.

On such a head of hair, careless complex weaving and intricate styling created by folding strands into flagella will look great.


You don’t have time to visit the salon often to update your look spoiled due to regrown roots? Heed our advice and order your master hair coloring 2023 using the Balayage technique.

Balayage can hardly be considered a novelty. This technique was invented by the French over 40 years ago.

Hair Color 2023 Trends: Balayage

Nevertheless, this option for dyeing hair continues to be relevant. Its secret lies in the exceptional naturalness of the result.

The Shatush technique continues to be popular. Master colorists perform it without the use of foil.

In this case, a bouffant and a special comb are used, which allows you to evenly “distribute” the tone on the strands.

When coloring, the main light color scheme is used and the dye is lighter than the base one by a couple of tones. The clarified strands should be located in the root zone and interspersed with hair of the main color.

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