Top 18 Stylish Haircuts For Long Hair 2023 That You’ll Want to Try

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In today’s article, we offer the most detailed review on the topic “Haircuts for long hair 2023”.

Well-groomed long hair 2023 is the pride of women. This is not in vain, because with them you can come up with a variety of hairstyles and styling. Therefore, if you are a lover of experiments, then it will not be difficult for you to decide on some kind of haircut.


Long hair is a natural adornment of a woman and a source of pride.

Do you have a gorgeous head of hair that falls below the shoulder blades? Then this article is for you!

Haircuts For Long Hair 2023: Who is Suitable for

Of course, Mother Nature herself decided to reward the girls with long hair as the best decoration.

However, it is not suitable for all beauties.

First of all, choosing such a hairstyle, you should make sure that it does not violate the proportions of the figure. After all, others perceive the female image as a whole.

Therefore, for example, even the most chic head of hair will weigh down the look of a miniature girl. She will appear several inches shorter, and her figure will look disproportionate.

Haircuts For Long Hair 2023

In addition, no one has yet been adorned with long thin strands that look ridiculous and leave a miserable impression.

Well, tell me, why bother trying to give them a decent look, if there are many short haircuts that can give the hair the required volume.

There are no other “contraindications” to growing hair below the shoulders.

However, you will have to choose haircuts for long hair 2023 and fashionable styling, based on whether they will fit the shape of your face.

Although it is believed that there are age restrictions on wearing long hair, this rule does not apply to everyone. Slender tall women with lush hair should not refuse such a significant decoration.

However, direct styling will not suit them and will give a resemblance to an elderly mermaid. It is better to wind beautiful hair and cut long enough bangs, for example, in the French style.

It perfectly masks the wrinkles on the forehead and distracts from the “crow’s feet” around the eyes.

Haircuts For Long Hair 2023 Women: How To Choose

Do you have a perfect oval face? Congratulations! Any haircuts for long hair 2023 for women will suit you.

Everyone else should be careful, because an incorrectly chosen haircut will not only not decorate the face, it will expose the flaws that you would like to hide.

Chubby beauties can safely choose haircuts for long hair 2023 for women with a side parting. They are recommended to be supplemented with a long bang with a smooth or ragged cut. In a similar simple way, they lengthen the face.

This hairstyle is especially suitable for beauties with thin hair. Their hair in this case will acquire additional volume. By the way, the last effect can be enhanced by choosing the right hair color.

For example, on light curls, haircuts for long hair 2023 with side parting will look much more presentable.

Long hairstyles with bangs 2023 will help beauties with a disproportionately high forehead. It will be an excellent choice for those whose face has an elongated shape.

In general, feel free to experiment with bangs. All experts unanimously claim that haircuts for long hair 2023 with such an accessory will be at the peak of popularity.

Options that smoothly flow into the hairstyle are particularly relevant.

Haircuts For Long Hair 2023 Women

Long Haircuts 2023 with Perfectly Smooth Cut

Not knowing how to cut long hair, use the main trend of the past and current season – an even cut.

Fashionable haircuts for long hair 2023 with an even cut provide for the technique of single-level cutting of hair along the entire length without the use of additional tools and techniques, for example, graduation and thinning.

An even cut visually gives the hair thickness and a neat, healthy look. So it is recommended to do it especially on a thin type of hair.

An even cut is perfect for owners of straight hair. With such a haircut, they look very stylish.

Do not forget to take care of them, so they will be without split ends. A straight cut visually gives the strands more volume, so, owners of thin ends, run to your hairdresser for a haircut with an even cut.

Long Haircuts 2023 with Perfectly Smooth Cut

Long Haircuts 2023 with Extra Long Bangs on Two Sides

The second most popular trend that admirers of long hair choose is long haircuts with elongated bangs just above the corners of the mouth or at the level of the chin, which sensually fits on two sides.

An elongated bang can be made with an even cut, or with a slight asymmetry, which looks very nice in a loose version, while correcting the oval of the face.

Haircuts for long hair 2023 with elongated bangs on two sides look great and stylish, both with an even cut of the rest of the length, and with layering and even a torn effect.

Long Haircuts 2023 with Extra Long Bangs on Two Sides

Long Bob Hairstyles 2023

This is one of the favorite options for young girls.

Long bob hairstyles 2023 are done in various ways. The cut angle is of great importance – the sharper it is, the more graphic the elongated haircut is.

Its peculiarity is that the front strands remain elongated and gradually shorten. It does not require a lot of styling time and suits many girls.

Women’s long bob hairstyles 2023 are suitable even for curly hair. In this case, it looks textured and at the same time natural.

Long Bob Hairstyles 2023

Curly Women’s Long Hairstyles 2023

Most well-known sources that talk about fashion and beauty trends have called curly and wavy hair an actual hairstyle for the coming season.

So long haircuts for curly and wavy hair types allow owners of a complex texture to feel incredibly feminine and harmonious, even if your curls are playful and naughty.

Haircuts for long hair 2023 with layers are suitable for curly and wavy hair types, which will give them a certain texture and a more well-groomed look. Again, the above-mentioned trendy even cut is relevant, which can be combined with different types of bangs.

An interesting styling for long haircuts 2023 is a wet effect, Hollywood and beach waves, as well as slightly careless styling, which is done with a diffuser.

We also note the fact that stylists recommend performing wavy styling not only for the evening, but also in everyday life, because long haircuts in this format look great. So why not use this technique.

Curly Women’s Long Hairstyles 2023

Thick Bangs Below Eyebrows

Another trend that seemed very interesting to us, because it is in demand among fashion bloggers and celebrities, thick long bangs just below the eyebrows, which will sparkle in a new way in tandem with luxurious maxi length.

As you can see in the photo, this version of the bangs starts quite high, which is why the bangs look so thick.

In addition, such bangs can be worn slightly to one side or laid on two sides.

This styling also contains light waves, which can be obtained with a hair straightener or special wide curlers. This is another evidence that such a bang goes well with both wavy and straight strands.


Long Layered Hair 2023

Haircuts for long hair 2023 with a smooth or sharper transition of length along the lower cut are considered classics of hairdressing, remaining relevant for the last decade.

If on medium hair the layers have ceased to be so relevant, then for long hair this hairstyle is best suited.

Long layered hair 2023 can be done with an even cut, or use the technique of grading the tips.

This haircut will suit owners of long hair of different ages. It is very versatile, because most often it does not need to be styled; it always looks beautiful on its own.

Women’s long layered hairstyles 2023 add a touch of casualness that is now in fashion. And they also give beautiful volume to the hair.

Long Layered Hair 2023

Shaved Hairstyles for Long Hair 2023

We promised that we would tell you about the trendiest haircuts of the next season? We keep our promise!

Catch the latest trend – options with a shave. We do not argue that stylists have offered such hairstyles before.

However, in 2023 their diversity will be simply stunning.

Want to add spice to your look? Then shave your sides. It is not only beautiful, but also original.

Women’s long hairstyles 2023 with a similar silhouette are practical, and removing the side strands will greatly simplify styling.

In addition, a true professional can easily turn such haircuts for long hair 2023 for women into works of avant-garde art. So look for a stylist who knows how to “draw” with a razor no worse than an artist on canvas.

A relative novelty is cutting the back of the head with long strands at the crown.

This will allow you to transform in the blink of an eye, creating a super-extreme or quite ordinary look.

Shaved Hairstyles for Long Hair 2023

Haircuts for Lush Long Hair 2023

Do you have a luxurious head of hair?

Congratulations, you can choose the flat bottom cut option. On thick hair, such a haircut will look win-win and will never go out of style.

Want to add some mystery to your look?

Without hesitation, complement the hairstyle with a smooth edge with a straight thick bang with the same cut.

But remember! Such haircuts for long hair 2023 are suitable only for tall ladies with an oval or elongated face.

If the hair is not only thick, but also curly, then ask for graduated or multi-layer options from your hairdresser.

In the coming season, such haircuts on curls will look super relevant and will fit perfectly into youthful, perky or romantic looks.

Haircuts for Lush Long Hair 2023

Options for Thin Hair

As already noted, it is not recommended to grow thin hair below the shoulders. However, there are no rules without exception!

Can’t you imagine yourself with a short haircut? Let’s try to come up with something!

Find a good hairdresser and ask him to make you a highly graduated layered haircut.

In the coming months, haircuts for long hair 2023 in two layers will be especially relevant.

Again, we advise you to revive the hairstyle with bangs. Coloring in one of the fashionable shades of blond will help add volume.


Long Hairstyles with Bangs 2023

Bangs are one of the options for how you can experiment with your hair. It goes well with a business look, but this does not mean that it can only be worn by business women. Having made yourself light curls, you can perfectly complement a romantic look with this hairstyle.

Long Hairstyles with Bangs 2023

Asymmetrical Haircut for Long Hair 2023

For brave owners of long hair, we recommend an asymmetric cut of hair.

Asymmetry in hair is achieved by:

  • asymmetrical bangs;
  • shaved sides;
  • hair length difference;
  • parting;
  • styling;

Such a haircut will make your image very bright and unforgettable.

Asymmetrical Haircut for Long Hair 2023

Long Bangs for Long Hair 2023

Long bangs are a very stylish haircut option that will accentuate your facial features.

Sometimes it is also called: bangs on two sides, bangs curtain. On long hair, such bangs look very feminine. And in combination with beautiful light curls, you will look charming and gentle.

Long Bangs for Long Hair 2023

Ripped Bangs for Long Hair 2023

Such bright bangs are most suitable for young girls who want to create a daring look for themselves, but at the same time they are very comfortable.

If you love comfort and there is always movement in your life, this is just the perfect bangs option for you. With it, you will always look very extravagant, bold and stylish.

Ripped Bangs for Long Hair 2023

Short Bangs on Long Hair 2023

To decide to cut such a bang, you must be a very brave and determined.

These bangs are an absolute trend in the fashion world. But for many, they seem ridiculous and childish.

Also, it is not suitable for every face shape, but most often only oval. In other cases, it will simply emphasize all the flaws.

Short Bangs on Long Hair 2023

Parting on the Side

Parting on the side suits most of women.

By throwing your hair over the bad side of your face, you will open a beautiful view of your good side.

Having made a root volume, you will create a beautiful evening hairstyle with a side parting on long hair.

womens long hairstyles 2023

Long Hairstyles 2023: Coloring

Do you want to know how to make haircuts for long hair 2023 for women irresistible? Well-known stylists recommend using trendy coloring techniques.

For long-haired girls, master colorists offer unusual options for Ombre, Baliage, etc.

Platinum blonde and options with a touch of strawberry are in fashion. Brunettes are invited to decorate their haircuts for long hair 2023 with chocolate coloring.

Long Hairstyles 2023: Coloring

A chic choice is Ombre for dark hair, which is recommended to be transferred to bangs.

The latest trend is creative coloring. With it, haircuts for long hair 2023 for women will turn into real works of avant-garde art.

Beauty technology looks especially impressive on hairstyles with a haircut. You can use shaved sides or the back of your head as a canvas for applying original drawings.

Animal prints are also in fashion.

They can be applied by screen staining and thick straight bangs. The application to long strands in the style of a plaid fabric also looks stylish. It can be both at the base of the length of the French bangs, and at the ends of the curls.

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