Top 21 Hairstyles For Round Faces 2023 For Stylish Women

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Do you have a round face, and you can’t find the right hairstyles for round faces 2023? We have done everything for you.


Looking for inspiration to create a luxurious hairstyle?

These 21 stylish haircuts will make your face visually elongated and emphasize its features. Choose the best haircut and go to the salon.

Long And Straight Hairstyles for Round Faces 2023

Let’s start with one of the simplest and most effective hairstyles for round faces 2023 when you want to look harmonious, beautiful, and stylish.

It is especially suitable for girls with round faces.


Because rounded shapes need vertical lines. For harmony and contrast. If you have long hair, then this is definitely your option. In addition, long hairstyles for round faces 2023 are now in fashion.

Long And Straight Hairstyles for Round Faces 2023

Mila Kunis is considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood thanks to her huge eyes.

But the oval of the actress’s face cannot be called ideal, because she has a slightly large and round face.

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Does it stop her from being sexy? By no means!

The girl picked her style: long, perfectly straight hair. Thanks to them, the face is visually lengthened.

Pixie With Fake Mohawk 2023

Check out Jennifer/Ginnifer Goodwin (Once Upon a Time star).

In order to visually stretch the oval of the face, it is recommended to add volume in the area of the top or back of the head.

A good option of hairstyles for round faces 2023 would be a pixie haircut with jagged edges, with a bouffant in the form of a fake mohawk. But the classic smooth types of pixies do not go well for girls with round faces.

Pixie With Fake Mohawk 2023

Bob With Side Bangs 2023

Bob hairstyles for round faces 2023 are extremely popular right now. Check out this cute version with a touch of flirtatiousness.

Thanks to the long bangs laid to the side, Hayden Panettiere’s face seems thinner.

Bob With Side Bangs 2023

Sloppy Pixie For Round Faces 2023

Renée Zellweger’s Chubby cheeks became the hallmark of the actress.

Many were surprised by her short haircut, because girls with round faces tend to prefer long hair.

However, the actress did not lose. Her haircut has a casual effect, and her hair is trimmed with different lengths. Looks stylish and bold.

Sloppy Pixie For Round Faces 2023

Side Knot With Strands 2023

This gorgeous look from Lucy Hale is perfect for a special occasion.

Buns and knots do not want to go out of fashion, thanks in large part to the representatives of the British royal family.

Other celebrities follow the example of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

To hide wide cheekbones and puffy cheeks, loosen a couple of side strands, allowing them to frame the face.

Side Knot With Strands 2023

Short Curls and Smooth Bangs 2023

An amazing hairstyle will suit the owners of a round face type.

On the one hand, such lush and short hairstyles for round faces 2023 only emphasize the rounded face of Kelly Clarkson, but the trick is in the right bangs.

A thick, long, even, and combed to the side hair visually stretches the oval of the face.

Short Curls and Smooth Bangs 2023

Big Waves 2023

How do you like the informal image of Kelly Osbourne, the daughter of a famous musician?

Long hair can be styled by making the largest possible waves. To stretch the face, make a pile in the back of the head.

Another nuance is the parting in the middle. Do not wind the curls behind the ears, let them hide the cheeks.

Big Waves 2023

Shaggy Hairstyle For Round Faces 2023

Want to look chic and keep up with fashion trends? Then look for inspiration in shaggy hairstyles for round faces 2023.

Look how great this hairstyle suits Emma Stone. To make the face appear thinner, lay the bangs on the side more pronounced.

Shaggy Hairstyle For Round Faces 2023

Loose Curls 2023

Smart Drew Barrymore continues to delight fans with interesting roles and images, despite her age.

Recently, the actress has gained excess weight, which is why many considered her pregnant. The fullness was reflected on the cheeks and the face of the actress became even more round.

However, she successfully chose her hairstyle and is increasingly appearing in public with long hair with small, careless curls.

As a rule, Drew has a parting clearly in the middle.

Loose Curls 2023

Hollywood Curls 2023

Sacha Baron Cohen is very lucky, because he is married to the beautiful Isla Fisher.

The actress has wide cheekbones, which she gracefully concealed with chic retro-style styling.

Hollywood curls remain one of the sexiest and most seductive hairstyles for round faces 2023.

You know, in this photo, Isla reminds us of Jessica Rabbit, the red-haired beauty singer from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Hollywood Curls 2023

Curly Hairstyles For Round Faces 2023

In our opinion, with straight hair, AnnaLynne McCord looks pretty mediocre, blending in with other blondes.

But the curls unusually transformed her!

Look at how gorgeously styled the hair is, as if it was tousled by a playful breeze.

Curly Hairstyles For Round Faces 2023

Sided Loose Ponytail 2023

Aishwarya Ray (Indian actress and model) has a round face with a wide forehead and a small chin, which did not prevent the girl from winning the title of one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

Check out her gorgeous choices for hairstyles for round faces 2023!

Ponytails will never go out of style, and besides, this option is better than any contouring.

On one side, the ponytail itself covers the cheek. Side parting and neat curls helped to create a sexy look.

When choosing hairstyles for round faces 2023, do not forget how important it is to like yourself in the mirror.

You can’t just take and copy the hairstyle of some star. We are all unique, and only one thing is guaranteed to give the appearance of beauty – a sense of self-confidence.

Be beautiful always!

Sided Loose Ponytail 2023

Layered Haircut 2023

However, we hasten to assure you that the hair does not have to be straight and long when it comes to a round face shape. You can experiment with a light-layered haircut.

However, consider this nuance: the layered haircut should be below the chin.

If the hair is short, it will expand the face even more.

This light-layered haircut will add extra volume to your hair and visually lengthen your round face.

Layered Haircut 2023

Short Haircut with Bangs 2023

Can you wear a bob haircut if you have a round face?

Of course! But with one condition. You need a bob haircut with a gradation of length: from short in the back to elongated in the front.

Strands in front should be up to the chin, not lower.

Bangs are optional. If you want to radically change your image, then choose the right shape.

Short Haircut with Bangs 2023

Short Haircut With Side Parting

If you do not like straight hairstyles for round faces 2023, like the previous one, then we recommend you this voluminous version from Hailey Baldwin.

This haircut is just above the chin with a casual effect and side parting. It is important to keep this parting, because it makes your face visually elongated.

Light, careless curls are the trend of the season, so pay special attention to this styling.


Short Haircut with Voluminous Curls 2023

Do you want to make a more interesting, romantic styling? Then pay attention to these voluminous curls.

This hairstyle is reminiscent of the retro style that has made its way among the trends this year.

Curl the front strands away from the face. Part in the middle, but tuck one side of your hair behind your ear, like actress Jessica Chastain did.

These hairstyles for round faces 2023 are suitable for both daily outings and festive events.

Short Haircut with Voluminous Curls 2023

Haircut With Soft Curls 2023

In fact, the softer the curls, the better.

This styling makes the image natural, feminine, and gentle.

It is these qualities that have become the main ones in the world of fashion and beauty in 2023.

Blake Lively very often wears such styling, because she knows that it harmonizes well with a round face.

All you need is a good curling iron and hairspray to fix it.

Parting on the side will stretch your face even more.


Side Parted Hairstyles for Round Faces 2023

We know that parting is a rather delicate topic for every girl. After all, frequently we choose a certain style that suits us the most, and we do it all the time.

However, we can assure you that side parting will make your face look thin.

Bangs laid to the side will enhance the effect.

Side Parted Hairstyles for Round Faces 2023

Color Haircut 2023

An option for those who have long wanted to experiment with coloring.

For girls with a round face, we recommend the balayage technique (with light strands at the bottom and dark ones at the roots).


If the light tone is right next to the face, then it will draw attention to its contour, so the face will appear even more rounded.

And if there is a dark tone next to the face (light at the tips), then attention will be on the light part of the hair. A dark color will make the shape of the face visually oblong.

Color Haircut 2023

Haircut 2023 With Asymmetrical Bangs

As you already know, bangs must be selected in accordance with the shape of the face.

A round face does not require any special options. Bangs with long strands on the side will suit you best.

Forget about straight bangs with a perfectly straight line. You want the opposite: asymmetrical, irregular bangs.

It will lengthen your face and give the image of femininity, and romance.

Haircut 2023 With Asymmetrical Bangs

High Bun

Now let’s talk about hairstyles.

We have found the most ideal option for a round face shape. In addition, this is one of the most popular red-carpet hairstyles.

A high, tight bun is what you need if you want to stretch your face.

Gigi Hadid knows this for sure. You can repeat her version with a stylish pigtail in a bun.

A round face shape is not a sentence for stylish hairstyles. You can wear both long hair and short hair.


The main thing is to know what suits you best, and we have already taken care of that for you.

Perhaps you have already experimented with one of these hairstyles for round faces 2023?

Then share your experience, leave impressions, and discuss this issue with other owners of a round face.

Take note of these hairstyles for round faces 2023 and immediately go to a beauty salon.

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