Top 17 Fabulous And Trendy Long Hairstyles For Women 2023

Hairstyle Ideas

While pixies and bobs are experiencing another round of popularity, it seems that long hairstyles for women 2023 have already lost their relevance. But this is not true, stylists are sure.

Together with them, we suggest paying attention to long hairstyles for women 2023 that are easy and simple to make.


Long hair will never go out of fashion – only the relevance of haircuts, coloring, and styling for every day changes.

However, it is worth remembering that long hair is different. For some, it is dense, for someone it is thinner. Therefore, it is important to adapt the hairstyle, even the most fashionable version of it, to your hair type.

Long hairstyles for women 2023 are much more diverse than they might seem at first glance. The selection ranges from simple yet cool options to creative, layered shapes.

But this does not mean at all that the relevance of the result directly depends on the unusual technique.

Long Hairstyles for Women 2023: Trends

The main task is to choose a stylish option, taking into account the structure of the hair and individual parameters of appearance.

Layered long hairstyles for women 2023 are the most advantageous for those who strive for the missing volume.

Long Hairstyles For 2023: Low Ponytail

It is often worn by Kim Kardashian and Meghan Markle.

It is straight hair that is relevant now. And one of the most fashionable tail options is smooth, without specially twisted curls.

Sea salt sprays can be used to work out, even on straightened hair they give a matte and textural effect.

The strands near the face must be a little careless. And the tail must be well-groomed and emphatically straight, but not shiny and filled with hairspray, as in the 2000s.

To create a sleek, low ponytail, apply a straightening product – nourishing cream or oil – to the hair and stretch the strands with a hair straightener.

Take a comb and collect the hair in a row at the base of the neck. You can comb the entire mass of hair back. Or you can part the hair with a parting for a more graphic look – and secure with an elastic band.

Comb the hair in the tail and, if necessary, additionally go through individual strands with a styler.

Fix the hairstyle with hairspray or texturizing spray with a matte effect, leaving the ponytail itself as mobile as possible.

Long Hairstyles For 2023: Low Ponytail

Braids For Long Hair 2023

Recently, thin braids near the face or voluminous braids-plaits have been especially popular. If you beat the latter with various decorations: fix rings on the braids or weave strings of beads into them, then the image will sparkle with new colors.

By the way, pay attention to the braids – the so-called boxer braids, which fit snugly to the head and are created according to the type of French weaving.

At the shows of Valentino, Balmain, Christian Dior, Antonio Marras, the simple outfits of the models looked bright precisely due to the ornate weaves on the head.

Braids are loved by Olivia Rodrigo, Hailey Bibber, Megan Fox, and Kylie Jenner.

If, in addition to a comb with a long sharp ponytail, a slide of small elastic bands, and styling products, you also need outside help to repeat the images with braids, then you can create braids yourself.

First, apply a texturizing or smoothing spray to the strands and carefully comb the hair, gathering it in a ponytail.

Divide the tail into two equal halves and twist the “flagella” together, twisting them in one direction.

Secure the ends of the strands with an elastic band, and fix the entire hairstyle with hairspray.

Braids For Long Hair 2023

High Bun 2023

The high bun that Zendaya and Bella Hadid love so much is one of the most spectacular long hairstyles for 2023.

The bun today can be anything: smooth, curly, or textured.

But keep in mind: smooth buns are not suitable for everyone, and curly buns are more versatile and will be appropriate for any event, from a date to going out on the red carpet.

To make a high bun, first, you need to collect your hair in a ponytail.

If the bun was conceived as smooth, then you first need to walk along the entire length of the tail with a straightener, and if curly, sprinkle the hair with a dry texturizing spray.

Next, regardless of the texture of the future bun, divide the hair in the tail into two parts, twist them together, forming the shape of the hairstyle, and fix the bun with hairpins.

Hair near the face can be released and slightly twisted.

High Bun 2023

Styling with Headbands

Having gone through many incarnations, headbands – and now all their voluminous and thin versions are in fashion – still remain an indispensable accessory that overnight changes both the image and the hairstyle.

Natalia Vodianova and Bella Hadid agree with this. Smooth, student-style “sleek” hair, angelic curls released from the face, or lush curls – the headband will subdue, decorate and add a special chic to any styling.

General trends lead to the fact that we show our face, and nothing should prevent this.

One of the ways to open the face as much as possible is the hairband. Here you can already let your imagination unfold in full.

Use stylers to add texture along the length, whether it’s a broken wave or outlined strands.

Fasten the headband to the hair, revealing the face.


Half Tail With Long Hair 2023

This simple and neat hairstyle, familiar to many from school days, takes on a new life at a time when everything is fashionable that emphasizes natural beauty and does not require undue effort.

Five minutes and the hairstyle is ready. A nice bonus: this styling has a side effect of lifting the upper third of the face. Perhaps that is why Jennifer Lopez and Kate Middleton love it.

Grab the upper part of the hair with your hands, gathering it into a ponytail with a wide brush, and fix the half-tail with an elastic band.

For extra volume, you can pre-comb the hair a little at the roots and sprinkle the hair with hairspray.

You can create this styling with a small amount of mousse and texturizing spray with sea salt, it greatly facilitates the process, guarantees volume, and the created shape is maintained for a long time.

To add extra volume to your hair, you can braid it in thin pigtails, then dry them, loosen and collect the top part of the hair in a ponytail. The main secret of such a hairstyle is that you only need to collect hair up to the ears. And if you capture more, then the volume at the bottom of the hairstyle will disappear.

Half Tail With Long Hair 2023

Low Messy Bun 2023

The everyday and definitely more relaxed version of a formal bun seems to never go out of style, like jeans, a white shirt, and a trench coat.

The favorite hairstyle of Chiara Ferragni and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is perfect for those frequent occasions when the styling loses its former freshness: you need to keep your hair away from your face or just look as collected as possible.

Play with the shape of the bun and the texture of the hair in it, and don’t forget to loosen a few strands around the face.

This natural bun can be done quickly and easily with a minimum of tools. You don’t have to twist your hair to do this. You can add texture and sloppiness to your hair with styling products.

Apply volume and texture spray to roots.

Whisk with your hands and then gather your hair into a ponytail.

Make a bundle and wrap it around the tail.

Secure with bobby pins.

Low Messy Bun 2023

Long Hairstyles Female 2023: High Ponytail

In the FW 2023 season, many brands were inspired by the aesthetics of the era of the socialite, the darling of the New York scene and the eternal muse of Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick with her iconic bodycon catsuits and, of course, tails.

The main characteristic of long hairstyles for women 2023 in the style of the “new 60s” is the maximum volume. This hairstyle is chosen by Beyoncé and Zendaya. The top part of the hair is very airy thanks to the bouffant at the roots.

According to the stylist, in order for the high ponytail to look as impressive as possible, the hair should be cut with layers, regardless of its length, and combed at the roots for an impressive volume.

Add light texture along the length with stylers.

Gather all the hair at the highest point of the head, secure with elastic bands and hairpins.

Let a few strands of the face fall out of the overall design. This will soften the entire silhouette.

Long Hairstyles Female 2023: High Ponytail

Long Hairstyles 2023 with Bow

If tails of different heights and half-tails are always relevant, then accessories give them a special chic: voluminous bows, ribbons, and scarves.

The most relevant bow this season can decorate any tail – just before that it is advisable to work a little on the texture of the hair, stylists advise.

Take a cue from Kate Middleton and Chloe Sevigny. For styling, you will need a large-diameter curling iron, a dry spray for volume, a medium-hold hairspray and a comb for bouffant.

Twist the hair a little with tongs to make a wave, this is necessary so that the hairpin holds and does not slip off.

Lightly tease your hair at the crown.

Divide the strands into two parts with a horizontal parting.

Secure the tail with a hairpin.

Also, stylists advise paying attention to the ratio of hair texture and bow volume: for smooth and thin hair, miniature accessories made of light fabric are suitable, and for curly hair, more voluminous, heavy bows are suitable.

Long Hairstyles 2023 with Bow

Rhapsody Haircut 2023

It is a layered haircut that implies diverse transitions in the length of the hair along the perimeter of the hairstyle.

Rhapsody cannot be called a popular haircut of recent years, unlike a layered haircut.

Why is it good?

The ability to achieve classy volume even on thin hair. Facial hair is cut according to the layered haircut algorithm with relatively smooth length transitions.

Rhapsody Haircut 2023

Long Layered Bob Hairstyles 2023

The look that was trendy during Friends (say hello to Jennifer Aniston) is still relevant in 2023.

Long layered bob hairstyles 2023 are the love of many stylists. Clients share this feeling, especially those who have mastered the styling of this haircut at home.

On long hair, this stylish haircut can look different. For example, for girls with thin hair, a hairstyle with a slight layering in the occipital and parietal zones is recommended. For owners of curls – a round haircut, and for those who wear straight hair – a double layered haircut.

The option of a female haircut as in the photo gives long hair an interesting shape that is relevant in 2023, facilitates styling, and allows the hairstyle to retain volume longer.

Long Layered Bob Hairstyles 2023

Hairstyles 2023 with Bangs

Smooth haircut on long hair with straight bangs – yes, fashion is cyclical.

It seems to us that any long hairstyles for women 2023 go well with bangs.

If you can’t wait to cut long strands near your face, but you haven’t had time to decide what kind of bangs should be – straight, oblique or elongated, get inspired by photo ideas.

Hairstyles 2023 with Bangs

Shaggy Hairstyle 2023

On long hair, this cool fashionable haircut is not so common – why not stand out with it?

In addition, there are many elements of different long hairstyles for women 2023 that can be combined.

For example, a long ragged bang this season can complement hair of any length, invariably working for a fashionable result.

We would definitely include this hairstyle in the ranking of the most fashionable long hairstyles for women 2023. Textured styling rhymes perfectly with this form, which is easy to repeat at home.

Shaggy Hairstyle 2023

Straight Cut 2023

A straight cut on long hair has again replenished the lists of attributes of long hairstyles for women 2023. The main thing is not to forget that such a hairstyle will look spectacular only with proper hair care.

Regular updating of the haircut and the use of suitable leave-in care products are indispensable part of a beauty routine designed for one hundred percent success.

Straight Cut 2023

Trendy Aurora Haircut 2023

Another haircut, which is not so common yet.

Aurora is recommended for girls with an elongated face. The fact is that the hat that stylists form from the top of the head to the shoulders can visually expand it.

It is also important to consider that, despite maintaining the length, this type of haircut involves parting with a significant amount of hair.

Trendy Aurora Haircut 2023

How To Choose a Long Hairstyle?

We got acquainted with the trends. Let’s move on to practical issues, such as choosing a future hairstyle, taking into account individual characteristics.

Hair Structure

Owners of thick hair, as a rule, want to make styling easier. So they are shown a layered haircut, as well as aurora and rhapsody long hairstyles for women 2023.

Those who have thin hair should take a closer look at the shaggy haircut. This option will add the missing volume to the hairstyle.

Face Shape

Compared to medium-length haircuts, long hair is less likely to visually correct the shape of the face.

But they rise sharply if you choose a hairstyle with bangs: strands near the face can radically change the appearance.


What Bangs 2023 To Choose?

In 2023, many fashionable long hairstyles for women 2023 are accompanied by bangs.

No wonder: this element allows you to diversify long hairstyles for women 2023, emphasize the winning features of your appearance and try on the trends of the year.


But how to choose the one that will add points to the image as a whole?

For chubby girls, experts recommend a long asymmetrical version of the oblique bangs. Owners of an oval shape – short baby bangs, which this year hit the top of the most fashionable.

A thick straight bang rhymes well with an elongated oval, and a bang-curtain or a rare oblique bang with a triangular face.

For those whose face shape is closer to a square, straight bangs with torn edges can be advised.

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