Hairstyles With Bangs 2023: Best 18 Ways To Style Your Bangs

Hairstyle Ideas

Fashion trends suggest that in the coming months, women’s hairstyles with bangs 2023 will be at the peak of popularity.

In search of a new self, fresh image and style, modern women should be ready to experiment. Help make the image bright and fresh under the power of haircuts of different lengths, new shades on the hair, as well as the creation of fashionable bangs.

It is the last option that will be discussed.


Fashionable bangs – some love them and cannot imagine their life without bangs, and some ladies can not stand the presence of bangs. And there’s nothing to be done about it.

Let’s say right away that hairstyles with bangs 2023 will be the main trend and a winning solution for many types of hair – long, short and medium, as well as for curly and wavy hair, you can apply this trend in the form of bangs.

We offer a complete overview of the options from the most famous stylists and want to tell you which hairstyles with bangs 2023 you should choose for your face shape.

Hairstyles With Bangs 2023: Who Is Suitable For?

Mindlessly following fashion is ridiculous. A variety of options allows you to create relevant images, taking into account your individual characteristics.

After all, a smart woman follows fashion to look more attractive, and not copy the images of stars.

Hairstyles with bangs 2023 allow you to visually lose 5 years. The fact is that by covering the forehead they perfectly mask wrinkles.

Hairstyles With Bangs 2023

In addition, such an accessory distracts attention from the so-called crow’s feet and helps to focus on the eyes.

As you know, the ideal oval of the face is considered the standard of beauty.

So bangs allow you to visually stretch a round face, “smooth out the corners” of a massive one and “disguise” too noticeable cheekbones.

A Brief History of Bangs

Bangs appeared in ancient times, when a person was tired of strands falling on his face and he cut them off, most likely with some sharp stone tool.

Much later, bangs were introduced into fashion in ancient Egypt.

A great many frescoes have survived to this day, depicting the wives of pharaohs, important dignitaries and even gods with straight thick bangs covering their foreheads.

Bangs were worn with pleasure in the days of Antiquity. However, they did not look at all like women’s bangs in 2023.

Such hair ornaments of ancient Greek and Roman beauties were a “bunch” consisting of many small curls barely reaching the middle of the forehead.

In the Middle Ages, bangs on women’s heads were out of the question. The girls shaved their foreheads, trying to make them as high as possible. These were the strange canons of beauty back then.

Later, bangs appeared only occasionally and also quickly disappeared. So in the 19th century, again, curly options, which were called manes, became fashionable.

It was only at the beginning of the last century that bangs appeared, reminiscent of women’s bangs in 2023.

First of all, these were straight, thick options that reached the eyebrows. They became a successful addition to the trendy haircut of the time, such as Bob.

The second boom came in the 1950s. In the future, the bangs no longer went out of fashion. They only changed their shape and length.


Oblique Bangs 2023

Oblique female bangs are a great choice for those who prefer bold solutions and asymmetry. They will also help to correct a rectangular or square face.

Please note! Short or long hairstyles with bangs 2023 in this silhouette always look perfect. Women with small natural curls that are difficult to straighten should not choose them. You don’t want to walk around with a shapeless forelock on one eye, do you?

Models with a clear graphic cut look the most attractive.

However, options with thinning are also quite acceptable. At the same time, the latter should not be too pronounced so that the strands do not turn into unpresentable “feathers”.

Oblique Bangs 2023

Graduated Options

Today, as never before, various beauty procedures with a rejuvenating effect are relevant. You won’t even believe how much more noticeable the result from the right bangs will be.

A couple of scissors strokes of a real master is able to “cut off” a dozen years from your age. And what else does a woman need, who always remains a young girl in her soul?!
Graduated women’s bangs 2023 are worn by Hollywood divas and ladies from high society with pleasure. Their most famous fan is Victoria Beckham. She has long been recognized not only as an icon of style, but she herself is a trendsetter.

hairstyles with bangs 2023

How to Make Graduated Bangs 2023

Graduated women’s bangs 2023 can be cut independently. However, it is better to entrust this work to the skillful hands of professionals.

Usually such work is done using sharp scissors, or with a razor.

To create a graduated bang, make a side parting and separate the strands that are going to be cut. Then fix the rest of the hair with clips so that it does not interfere with the creation of the hairstyle.

After the preparation is completed, fix the longest point of the bangs. The hair on which it should be cut is pulled out at an angle of about 45 degrees in relation to the face, clamped between the thumb and forefinger. Carry out cutting along the straight line connecting the lowest point and parting.

To give the bangs a graduated effect, separate strands about 1 cm wide are selected and cut off with a razor. Thus, chic hairstyles with bangs 2023 are obtained, which will bring a touch of freshness to any look.

Arched Bangs 2023

A similar option will decorate hairstyles with bangs 2023 for ladies and girls who prefer an elegant style of clothing.

Mireille Mathieu was the most famous popularizer of the arched bangs. Due to her, thousands of girls made a Page haircut. She has become a cult and from time to time takes off to fashion.

It would be wrong to say that Page is considered super trendy today. However, the bangs in the form of an arc are more than relevant at the moment.

Like any other women’s bangs 2023, it is ideal for an oval face. Bangs with a lower cut in the form of an arc will correct a round or elongated face.

In the first case, it is recommended to choose an option with noticeably longer side strands. In the second – the arc should be barely noticeable, but located just below the highest points of the eyebrows.

Please note! The arc-shaped version is not the best choice if you have a square or triangular face. Such a hairstyle will only make the chin heavier and make the face look rougher and less feminine.

Arched Bangs 2023

2023 Hairstyles with Bangs: French Style

French bangs start from the top of the head. It is recommended for girls who need to visually stretch their face.

Stylists warn that such options should not be used by beauties whose hair is not particularly thick. This is especially true for those of them who cannot decide on a short haircut.

Indeed, otherwise, the female bangs of 2023 will “take away” a significant part of the hair, so the remaining curls will look unpresentable.

The French feathered version is in trend in combination with a graduated Bob for medium hair. But with Bob, such a bang with a perfectly even cut will look gorgeous.

This hairstyle looks beautiful on hair of any color. However, brunettes will look especially irresistible with her.

2023 Hairstyles with Bangs: French Style

Very Short Bangs 2023

Very short women’s bangs 2023 should be reminiscent of this hair element, known for the image of Jeanne d’Arc from the Luc Besson’s film.

It is recommended only to brave girls who want to emphasize their independence.

Please note! Do not do this haircut if you have a round face. This hairstyle gives “moon-faced” women a rustic look and slightly plump.

Beauties with the right oval faces can choose a Cesson haircut. To create it, a short bang is made with a lower edge in the form of an arc.

This option is a great choice for brave girls who prefer to shock others. It allows you to emphasize the cheekbones and visually stretches the female face.

Very Short Bangs 2023

Long Bangs 2023

Are you not ready to part with your long luxurious hair, but want a change in appearance?

Then start with an elongated bang.

If you do not like the result, then you can always make this hairstyle element invisible with styling. The elongated bangs look perfect with the layered haircut for long hair.

Combing such an element of the hairstyle to the side is in trend.

This hairstyle is a frequent guest of the “red carpet”, where women from among the “rich and famous” demonstrate it with pleasure.

Long Bangs 2023

Curly Options

Since we are talking about shocking queens, let’s talk about curly bangs.

Intrigued? We reveal all the fashion secrets. You can choose women’s hairstyles with bangs 2023, which will have the most unusual shape, from an acute angle located on the bridge of the nose to several arches of different depths.

Asymmetric options also look original when the angle is shifted to the right or left.

Girls with hairstyles decorated with curly bangs will not go unnoticed in any company. You can make the image even more extreme by using super trendy unusual coloring.

Remember, curly bangs require special care. You will have to visit the salon more often than usual, so spending on yourself will increase significantly.


Parted Bangs

This option is perfect for both young girls and mature women. It allows you to create a gentle and feminine image.

With the help of such an element of hair, women can not only lose a few years, but also successfully hide slightly regrown gray roots.

Long options are especially relevant. If desired, they can be braided, easily changing the image at your discretion.

Such bangs are chosen from time to time by Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift and other stars. Thanks to the variety of styling and coloring options, it looks different every time and does not bother.

2023 hairstyles with bangs

Women’s Haircuts With Bangs 2023: Creative Coloring

You can emphasize the beauty of fashionable 2023 hairstyles with bangs with the help of coloring. It can be both monophonic and in one of the trending techniques.

A chic, super-actual solution – Ombre on bangs. It should exactly repeat the “pattern” of Ombre on the bulk of the hair.

Women’s hairstyles with bangs 2023 will also be decorated with screen coloring. You can apply a leopard or tiger print on the bangs.

Women’s bangs 2023, painted in bright, unusual colors, will also look great.

For oblique asymmetric bangs, an unusual pattern is proposed that repeats the natural “print ” of a peacock feather.

Women's Haircuts With Bangs 2023: Creative Coloring

Long Hair With Bangs 2023

You can get a contrasting hairstyle for long hair with bangs 2023, which can be quite different – ultra -small and short, with elongation along the edges or in the option on two sides. The option of a straight thick bang will be stylish, as well as a delightful elongated bang that will perfectly complement long strands.

Long Hair With Bangs 2023

Medium Hair With Bangs 2023

The relevance of medium strands in different styles has not been lost over the past few years. Bangs will help make medium-length hair more creative and delightful.

Since these hairstyles are universal, you can pick up fashionable bangs of almost any type – short, torn, oblique. The main thing is that fashionable medium hair with bangs 2023 should be harmonious in your appearance.

Medium Hair With Bangs 2023

Short Hair With Bangs 2023

Short hairstyles provide for the presence of bangs. Women’s pixie, garcon, bob haircuts will be charming with bangs.

Diversify your chosen short hair with bangs 2023 with creative ultra-short bangs, oblique, wonderful straight bangs, as well as with lengthening.

Short Hair With Bangs 2023

Thick Bangs

A chic version of bangs 2023 is thick bangs, which will be the best solution for girls with thick hair.

Both long and short haircuts with thick short, long, oblique bangs will be excellent. Thick bangs will hide a large forehead and will look great.


Rare Bangs

Light and airy sparse bangs will be interesting, which you can do on thin hair of any length.

Slightly disheveled thin and sparse bangs with an uneven edge, asymmetry and elongation on the sides will be trendy. The elongated short pixie and bob styles will look great with thin side bangs.

A couple of years ago, many would have considered such an element of hairstyle unsuccessful. However, today it belongs to the category of megatrends.

It was “brought” to the red carpet by the magnificent Monica Bellucci, who is a recognized trendsetter and one of the most beautiful actresses on the planet.

Unlike thick options, it allows you to create less graphic images and has an excellent rejuvenating effect.

However, when laying such a bang, one should avoid giving it a too convex shape. Even the tips should not try to overtighten inwards.

As for color, a rare long straight bang has no contraindications. It looks great on hair of any color. The only exception, perhaps, is ash blond. A rare bang of this color may not be the best solution.


Curtain Bangs 2023

One of the most romantic solutions for a haircut with bangs will be the division of the strands into two sides, or in other words, the “curtain” bangs.

Fashionable double-sided bangs look spectacular in long haircuts, allowing you to create charming evening styling with a ponytail and curls.

In addition, elongated bangs on two sides will be a great solution for women who are in doubt about whether they need bangs. You can always easily remove such bangs with styling.

Curtain Bangs 2023

Straight Bangs 2023

The undisputed favorite among all types of bangs will be straight, which looks so great in almost any haircut.

Fashionable straight bangs will allow you to achieve a classic look, both with a bob and a layered haircut.

You can choose different lengths of straight bangs that cover the eyebrows, or in a short form. Straight bangs can be thick and sparse, equally beautifully transforming women.

Straight Bangs 2023

It is important to remember that straight bangs require attentive care and styling.

Straight bangs are considered a classic and will never go out of style.

Long and straight women’s bangs 2023 are ideal for beauties with a long face.

Such decoration should have an even cut and thinning is not provided for it. This is what gives the bangs a clear geometricity and a special charm.

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