Men’s Short Hairstyles 2023: Top 18 Men’s Haircut Trends 2023

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Together with experts, we have compiled a list of trendy men’s short hairstyles 2023. A common feature of fashionable men’s short hairstyles 2023 is the desire for naturalness.

The top men’s hairstyles of 2023 are headed by short haircuts.


We tried to take into account the interests of a variety of young people. So the selection will include both creative options and modern classic solutions.

Choose based on your type of appearance and individual style.

We can say one thing for sure: men’s short hairstyles 2023 are what you need for the summer!

We propose to immediately get down to business and consider the top men’s short hairstyles 2023.

Men’s Short Hairstyles 2023: Military

In 2023, haircuts for guys in military style are very popular.

The relevance is due to several factors.

Men's Short Hairstyles 2023: Military

Firstly, the haircut is universal and convenient in everyday life: short strands do not require styling (maximum – easy correction of stray hairs with a gel).

Secondly, such a haircut hides the emerging bald patches. Who cares, take note.

Men’s Short Haircuts 2023: British

The short men’s haircut 2023, originally from the UK, was talked about a lot last year. But this season it is still relevant. It’s easy to recognize it.

A hairstyle with long bangs can be tried on medium-length hair. At the crown, the strands should be quite long. While on the sides the stylist removes all unnecessary.

If you used to go without a bang, but now you decide to try on a British haircut, get ready: you will have to spend more time at the mirror.

Without styling, such a hairstyle rarely looks perfect. So get a modeling paste – it will speed up the process and bring some creativity into it.

Men's Short Haircuts 2023: British

Short Hairstyles For Men 2023: Caesar

Model men’s short haircuts 2023 are worth studying separately. But there are also star short hairstyles for men 2023 worthy of your attention.

Caesar is one of them. With this short stylish haircut, a variety of famous men have been seen.

Wonder what they used for styling?

We recommend using a cream gel to control smoothness. We do not want external circumstances in the form of weather or an active occupation to spoil the impression of the image.

Short Hairstyles For Men 2023: Caesar

Fade Short Haircuts 2023

We single out men’s fade haircuts in a separate category, since in 2023 they are quite popular.

What makes them different?

Long hair on the crown and short on the sides and back of the head.

This hairstyle is often chosen for boys of school age. But it is better if the young man is able to style the front strands on his own every morning (for example, combing them back with a strong hold gel).

Fade Short Haircuts 2023

Even if you have never heard of an undercut haircut, you should not write it down as a novelty. This is a model with a century of history.

In 2023, it can be advised to disciplined men who are ready to regularly visit a stylist in order to adjust their fashionable haircut in time.

Still, a sharp transition between long hair at the crown and short hair in the bulk should remain so.

Men's Haircut Trends 2023: Undercut

Men’s Short Hair 2023: Crop

The crop is a kind of transforming hairstyle that can be adapted to both a business style and a fashionable bohemian look.

In professional circles, a haircut is called youth. And we will not argue with that.

In 2023 crop is a great option for stylish guys.

The styling is quite concise: a small bang that merges with the bulk of the hair cut in layers.

This technique allows you to experiment with styling.

With a texturizing tool, it’s easy to add volume to your hair or bring creative mess to it.

And the classic matte paste will help to neatly lay the strands if you have a business meeting scheduled, which implies a strict dress code.

Men's Short Hair 2023: Crop

Buzz Cut 2023

What men’s short hairstyles 2023 do we recommend for the summer?

Experienced men know: the best hairstyles for the hot season are short.

And if they also do not require styling, as is the case with buzz cut, they are not worth the price!

It’s best to grow your hair out during the winter months.

Buzz Cut 2023

Sports Haircuts

We have already mentioned that among fashionable men’s short hairstyles 2023, sports tend to lead.

Even if you have nothing to do with sports, do not rush to give up this option. In our opinion, the versions in the photo are quite versatile and do not require special styling skills.

Perhaps it will be enough for you to fix unruly hair with hairspray or modeling paste.


Haircut 2023: Box

The name of this simple men’s haircut 2023 is known to many. But it was not always so.

This hairstyle was called no less sporty – “hockey”. And all because the first to demonstrate it to the general public were the players with hockey sticks in their hands beloved by all.

However, a sporty background does not prevent this haircut from fitting into any style today, from business to trendy men’s short hairstyles 2023.

Experts recommend considering a box haircut for young people with a round, square or oval face shape. And preference is given to dark-haired men.

The fact is that on brunettes, modern box looks as impressive as possible.

Haircut 2023: Box

Half Box Haircut For Men

Blondes, don’t get upset!

For blond men’s short hair 2023, a semi-box is more designed – a derivative of boxing. Yes, and there will be more freedom with it: here you can play with bangs and experiment with length.


Men’s Haistyle 2023: Princeton

A student should give the impression of a diligent and accurate person.

Especially, when it comes to serious universities, such as, for example, Princeton University (hence the name of the haircut). Side parting and strands laid to one side – everything is extremely clear and modern.

Men's Haistyle 2023: Princeton

Voyage Hairstyle 2023

The working name of this short haircut for men is a bowl. The hair on the temples and the back of the head is made shorter, and on the parietal zone it is left longer.

Voyage Hairstyle 2023

Tennis Haircut 2023

Yes, it is with such a short haircut as in the photo that we most often imagine men playing tennis.

Without styling, this hairstyle, of course, looks less presentable. So, we advise you to get a quality styling gel.

Tennis Haircut 2023

Short Men’s Haircuts Without Bangs

Men’s short hairstyles 2023 without bangs are chosen by practical men who are not ready to spend time on styling every day.

They optimize their time. And therefore now, especially for them, we will quickly analyze, if not the most original, but definitely popular options for such haircuts.


It is quite logical that this haircut fell into the category of the most convenient – and not only for the wearer, but also for the performer.

Almost all that is required of the stylist is to work out the hair on the back of the head and temples with a trimmer with a short nozzle, and in other places – mainly with a medium one.



If you have rather coarse and thick hair that is difficult to style, you should take a closer look at the men’s bob haircut – ideal for the summer. How it will look, relaxed or formal, largely depends on the styling.

Do not be lazy to get a fixing gel that will allow you to smooth the strands before the working day or lift them if you have to go to football or a party with friends.

Short Men’s Haircuts With Bangs

Despite all the advantages of comfortable men’s short hairstyles 2023, haircuts with bangs still look spectacular.

At the same time, the strands near the face do not have to be long, and we will prove this right now.


Bangs are an integral part of the British haircut, which can become a style-forming element of the male image.

You can style the hair in different ways – bangs, for example, slightly up or diagonally (to create a more classic look).



Box, on the contrary, is easy to imagine without bangs. But we would not refuse this option if you are not averse to experimenting with styling.

Yes, there are not so many strands on the face, but this is a plus. On the one hand, the bangs will not draw attention to themselves. On the other hand, they will allow you to cover your forehead if you wish.

Very Short Haircuts For Men

There are many men who prefer to shift the care of their hair exclusively to stylists.

As a rule, they choose very short hairstyles. Well, very convenient!

We will discuss men’s short hairstyles 2023 that may be of greatest interest to them.

Sports Haircuts

Like it or not, but men who are fond of sports form the core of the target audience for very short haircuts.

The choice here is much wider than it might seem, and is not limited to a zero haircut and crew cut.

We found cute options with a parting, but such men’s short hairstyles 2023 still need to be styled. Otherwise, short strands can present not the most pleasant surprise, taking the “up” position. Put them back in place with Redken’s Brews Cream.



Let’s be clear right away: there are different types of military haircuts.

Some men choose classic short options, others ask to minimize the length.

Below in the photo, as agreed, we present very short hairstyles for the most active and businesslike young people.

Short Men’s Haircuts Using Trimmer

Many cool men’s short hairstyles 2023 are a matter of technique.

The choice of hairstyles is much wider if the master has not only scissors in his arsenal, but also a trimmer. Below are three options obtained by joint efforts.


The clarity of the lines and short length are what distinguishes the Caesar haircut for men, quite fashionable in 2023.

The very edging, which is clearly visible in the photo, is obtained using a hair trimmer.

By the way, brunettes often choose this hairstyle. But if you are blonde, we do not dissuade you.

Caesar is a pretty rare hairstyle option, so it’s always a chance to stand out from the crowd.



Think Justin Timberlake. One of his haircuts is just Canadian.

Slightly longer strands at the crown, side parting and transition (without too much sharpness) at the level of the highest point of the temporal region.

Despite the complexity of the description, the technique is quite common, and they own it in many barbershops.


The undercut is in many ways similar to Canadian. But in the first case, the parting is shaved so that it catches the eye.

To some extent, we can say that the haircut is model. Because such unusual elements are characteristic of this particular category.

Stylish Haircuts With Shaved Parting or Pattern

Looking for unusual haircuts? We have something to offer!

Exploring the network for trendy men’s short hairstyles 2023, we noticed that in recent years, haircuts with a clear parting are in trend, and for those who are braver, also with a pattern.

We have collected interesting examples – let’s discuss!



There is nothing surprising in the parting itself. But if you deviate a little from the usual rules, you can create very interesting men’s short hairstyles 2023.

Of course, the side parting is perceived the brightest of all – it is in the top of the most popular among young people.

With Pattern

Men’s short hairstyles 2023 can also be with patterns.

There are no special names for these men’s short hairstyles 2023 – all art is created within the framework of haircuts known to us.

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