Pixie Cuts 2023: Top 17 Best Women’s Pixie Haircuts 2023

Hairstyle Ideas

The fashion for women’s short hairstyles appeared relatively recently, but it was the pixie cuts 2023 that caused the real boom. They managed to gain popularity among millions of women around the world in a matter of months.

The pixie haircut does not lose its relevance until now. Moreover, in 2023, this particular haircut will become the number one trend in the beauty industry.


Back in the 60s of the last century, the famous model Twiggy was the first to show the world a flirty pixie haircut, which made her look like a cute elf. Revolutionary and a bit daring. Millions of women immediately fell in love with this new hairdo.

Pixie haircut for women, which is still at the top of popularity in 2023, are elongated strands at the crown, combined with shorter ones at the temples and back of the head.

In general, the length of the hair reaches approximately to the edge of the ears. Due to this, a graceful neck is slightly opened.

Nothing distracts from the face, which allows you to demonstrate its correct features.

Fashionable Pixie 2023: Important Details

Pixie cuts 2023 look great on hair of any color. But the hairstyle will look especially bright and spectacular on hair of deep chocolate, copper and black shades, as well as on hair dyed in a dazzling arctic blond.

An additional advantage of the hairstyle is the ability to use such fashionable styles of hairdressing as highlighting, toning and coloring.

It would seem that the conciseness of the pixie cuts 2023, suitable for young girls and for women after 40, cannot be transformed.

However, this season, many creative ideas have appeared, thanks to which the hairstyle that has become a classic over the years has played in a new way.

Now you can change the length, graduation and type of bangs, experiment with styling options.

Among the novelties and trends stand out:

  • asymmetry;
  • torn strands;
  • slight carelessness in styling;
  • elongated oblique bangs;
  • super short bangs;
  • shaved back of the head or sides.

Pixie Haircut Fashion Trends In 2023

As for the pixie without bangs, it has an unfinished look. However, a couple of long strands in front of the face helps to correct the oval and hide fine lines in the forehead area. They also transform the image, filling it with elegance and lightness.

Asymmetry and shaved areas catch the attention of others. This is a great way to express yourself, show courage and even mischievous rebellion. However, this option is not suitable for everyone.

Pixie haircut, which has become a real hit of 2023, is great for a round face. It visually stretches the oval, and makes the proportions more harmonious. It is also a great option for girls with chubby cheeks.

As for coloring, a bold boyish haircut is most often complemented with the most natural or, conversely, bright creative color. Professional masters use strobing and contouring techniques to add play of shadows and voluminous highlights.

Blonde-haired women this year choose platinum for themselves, which is left in monochrome or diluted with rich purple tones.

Muted strawberry blonde is also in fashion. So as iridescent, ginger-red, fiery red and chocolate coloring. For lovers of experiments, you can try bright emerald, raspberry or blue shades for yourself. For women after 40, natural light brown, coffee, wheat and black colors are suitable.

Each of the proposed coloring options will be perfectly combined with pixie cuts 2023.

pixie cuts 2023

Short Pixie Haircuts 2023

A short fashionable pixie is not only a tribute to fashion, it is an opportunity to once again emphasize your femininity, as well as win a lot of time, because a more practical hairstyle is hard to imagine.

With a real “French charm”, this haircut allows a woman to remain elegant and charming in any situation, whether it is a workout in the gym or an evening reception at the embassy.

Another plus of a pixie is that it draws maximum attention to the face, so this is really an ideal solution for women with “chiseled” features, big eyes or plump lips.

Short Pixie Haircuts 2023

Very Short Pixie Haircuts 2023

The very short pixie is a modern version of the classic haircut model, as it has all the basic elements that should be present. The classic pixie haircut is elongated strands at the crown, combined with shorter temples and the back of the head.

Due to the fact that longer strands of hair fall carelessly into shortened places, an overall length is created that should barely cover the tips of the ears.

Thanks to the use of this technique, as well as the fact that the neck remains completely open, not only additional volume of the hairstyle is created, but also the overall look is expressively emphasized against the background of a graceful neck.

It is worth noting that short pixie haircuts 2023 are not suitable for all young ladies, but only for those who have the correct oval of the face, because the haircut itself implies enveloping its contours.

As for age restrictions, there are no prohibitions in this regard. Short pixie haircuts 2023 will look great on both young girls and adult women.

Moreover, even many business ladies prefer this particular haircut, because it does not need long daily styling.

Despite the fact that the pixie haircut itself is very laconic and conservative, and it would seem that it is impossible to somehow radically transform it, nevertheless, many current trends, in particular the burning trends of 2023, prove the opposite.

Pixie cuts 2023 look great in an ensemble with a cropped temple or even the back of the head.

Remarkably, it can not only be cut, but various patterns can be made there using a shorter nozzle, or even bright coloring of the clipped patterns. It is this variation of the short pixie that will be the most popular in 2023. This extravagant haircut option that is suitable for very young girls and women aged 50+. For such a bold length, first of all, graceful regular facial features, good skin condition, a long neck, as well as an even hair structure are important. Curly ladies are better off choosing a classic or retro style.

Very Short Pixie Haircuts 2023

Best Styles and Execution Ideas

The main hairstyle trend in 2023 will be asymmetry in all its manifestations. This trend will not bypass the trendy pixie cuts 2023.

The classic version of the haircut with oblique torn strands will be particularly relevant.

Shaved sides or the back of the head will remain an unchanged trend, which is noteworthy. The sides can be cut either one or both. Also, on clipped places, you can additionally cut out all sorts of patterns.

The elongated beveled bangs will be an integral attribute of fashionable pixie cuts 2023. It will become a burning trend that will noticeably refresh both the hairstyle itself and its owner.

With its help you can make the image much more refined, elegant and airy, and also, if necessary, correct the shape of the oval of the face, hide minor flaws in appearance and emphasize your femininity and romance due to the bare neck.

Among other things, a pixie with elongated beveled bangs is great for older women. As it will make them visually much younger and help hide fine lines around the eyes and forehead.

Returning to the topic of fashionable asymmetry in a pixie haircut, we would like to note such an option as different-level front strands with a torn structure. Remarkably, the difference in length can be absolutely any, starting from one centimeter.

And for those who do not like to take risks and go for radical actions, you can use a flat profiled bang, which can be made asymmetrical with a side parting.

In addition, on a flat bang it is much faster and easier to make various fashionable curls or waves that will be incredibly relevant in 2023. Such a cute and romantic look is perfect for dates, or just as a casual style, or for going to work.


Pixie Bob Hairstyles 2023

A relatively new, but at the same time very popular and relevant in 2023, pixie-bob has conquered millions of women around the world with its simplicity and versatility, which is combined with a stylish and well-groomed hairstyle.

Here, hairdressers combined two haircuts into a single whole: pixie and bob.

Preferably, pixie bob hairstyles 2023 are performed on medium hair. However, its short variations are often found. But they most often have an elongation in the form of a long beveled bang. This haircut option will become one of the most sought-after trends in 2023 among women of all ages.

Its main advantages are ease of care and an incredibly large number of styling, with which you can create the most vivid and spectacular images, from a daring and rebellious mohawk to light romantic waves on top.

It is worth noting that the pixie bob hairstyles 2023 look equally good both with and without bangs. However, in the latter version, in order for the image to be concise and complete, it is necessary to lengthen the hair at the crown by several centimeters and use various styling that will replace the absence of a bang.

Pixie Bob Hairstyles 2023

Fashionable Pixie 2023 with Ripped Contours

According to many stylists, long ragged bangs that fall asymmetrically over the face are the fashion trend of the upcoming season 2023. The strands should be of different lengths to create a fashionable casual effect.

Fashionable pixie cuts 2023 seem very simple. However, the variety of options characteristic of the haircut itself, as well as of different styling, allows women to change their image every day, creating a hairstyle that is most suitable for clothes and makeup.

However, if we are talking about the most trendy haircut of 2023, then this is, without a doubt, a classic pixie with a pronounced semi-circular shape and thinned bangs.

Fashionable Pixie 2023 with Ripped Contours

Long Bangs 2023

Long bangs should be the focus of the fashionable pixie cuts 2023. This trend is increasingly seen on the catwalks of leading designers.

Long Bangs 2023

Layered Cut 2023

The elongated layered pixie cut is at the peak of popularity today. This technique will create a volume that will emphasize your femininity, make your face less strict and young.

Stylists most often recommend this version of the popular haircut for ladies with medium hair.

The haircut is formed due to the different lengths of hair without masking the transitions. At the same time, styling is performed with a round brush, slightly twisting the tips inward.

The volume at the roots is formed by using a hair dryer and mousse. This version of the pixie can definitely be called universal.

Layered Cut 2023

Classic Pixie Haircuts 2023

If this option categorically does not suit you (unfortunately, the pixie is not as versatile as a bob or layered haircut), you can try other trendy pixie cuts 2023. For example, an asymmetric haircut looks very stylish, even slightly extravagant. It will perfectly complement the image of a spectacular business woman.

Pixie buzz cut and an elongated nape will suit a woman with a slightly short and plump neck, as long strands will hide this flaw. A torn thrash pixie is ideal for a rebellious teenager. And a smooth pixie is perfect for a glamorous young girl with a perfect skull line.

Classic Pixie Haircuts 2023

Pixie Cuts 2023 with Shaved Sides

If you support bold experiments and creative trends and want to be at the “peak” of not even today’s, but tomorrow’s fashion, then try pixies with perfectly shaved sides.

Shaved sides will add asymmetry to the image, create a unique zest, and correct the shape of the face.

Pixie Cuts 2023 with Shaved Sides

Emphasis on Bangs

Also, do not forget about the bangs, which can put accents in a new way in any kind of pixie.

So, it can be a torn, triangular or oblique bang, a Cleopatra bang or a simple smooth bang lying on the forehead and slightly fixed with gel. It will look especially impressive against the background of a strongly tousled nape.

If facial features are distinguished by a certain “clumsiness” and disproportion, opt for a pixie with a bang. Thus, you can hide an overly massive forehead, too wide cheekbones or massive cheeks, “lowered” corners of the eyes.


Long Hair Pixie 2023

This is a great solution for sparse, thin, coarse and curly hair, which in any other hairstyle will be very difficult to style more or less effectively.

Long Hair Pixie 2023

Pixie 2023: Medium Hair

Pixie haircut was originally designed for short hair. But today hairdressers offer to create such haircuts on medium length hair (the so-called elongated pixie).

The only drawback of such a model is the need for careful daily styling. Otherwise the pixie will lose all its elegance and style.

Pixie 2023: Medium Hair

Creative Asymmetry

It can be achieved due to the different lengths of the strands on the left and right relative to the face.

Here you can also add a long bang, neatly laid on its side. Asymmetrical pixie haircuts 2023 are done quickly and chaotically. It looks stylish, creative and interesting.

Among the new interpretations of the pixie cuts 2023 are also shaved temples on one side of the face.

The most eccentric girls who want to stand out from the crowd and attract attention can try this haircut.

2023 pixie haircuts

2023 Pixie Haircuts: Hipster Style

A great option for those who, like hippies, prefer maximum carelessness and individuality when creating looks.

2023 Pixie Haircuts: Hipster Style

In this case, we are talking about classic 2023 pixie haircuts laid with mousse or gel. As a result, it should give the impression that you just got up disheveled out of bed.

You can do this hairstyle on short and medium hair.

Pixie Hairstyle 2023 After 40

Women over 40 should do a dynamic pixie haircut, so that it adds a “light” to the eyes, distracts from wrinkles and other minor imperfections.

There is no need to be afraid of asymmetry and graduations, as they noticeably refresh, rejuvenate and benefit the appearance.

Pixie Hairstyle 2023 After 40

As you can see, pixie cuts 2023 are really the perfect hairstyle for our crazy and high-speed age, which does not require long-term care and complicated many hours of styling.

The only condition is the need to visit a qualified hairdresser (better, a stylist) every 3-4 weeks. Otherwise, the hairstyle will lose its shape and charm.

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