Top 8 Trendy Red Hairstyles 2023 That You Will Want To Try

Hairstyle Ideas

Red hairstyles 2023 allows the lady to look very bright, and the image itself will receive an intriguing note.

Fiery colors have a rich palette ranging from bright orange to dark red hairstyles 2023. Therefore, each lady can choose the coloring for her color type.


Red is a hair color that always stands out from others. Its rich palette allows you to choose the shade that suits you.

Let’s figure out what red hairstyles 2023 are worth paying attention to.

Red Hairstyles 2023: Bright Red Bob

Feminine and stylish bob haircut is still in trend. Bob is one of the most popular red haircuts 2023.

Its feature is long hair in the front and short hair in the back of the head.

If you want to update your hair, then dye your hair bright red. On this type of hair, the brightest red hairstyles 2023 will look great, and you can do it in a fashionable technique with transitions of shades.

Red Hairstyles 2023: Bright Red Bob

Transformation will allow you to feel your strength and natural beauty.

Red short hair is a very bright, unique look that suits many ladies. For women who want to become the center of attention in any company, this fashionable combination is perfect.

A bob haircut in itself makes the image feminine and mysterious.

If you add fashionable red hairstyles 2023, then the fashionista will become a very spectacular woman, from whom it is impossible to take the eyes off.

Moreover, red hairstyles 2023 add severity to the image, if you straighten your hair. And with gentle red waves hair, you will look like a fairy princess.

Short Red Haircuts 2023: Pixie

A daring, fashionable and bright pixie looks even more spectacular if the lady decides on red hairstyles 2023. Both a bright tone is suitable, as well as a more natural muted one, which older women of fashion can choose.

Be sure to do fashionable styling with such a hairstyle that can emphasize your beauty.

Short Red Haircuts 2023: Pixie

Redhead Hairstyles: Garson

An eccentric short garcon can give a woman freedom.

Such a haircut practically does not need constant styling. If you make a garcon and dye it red, then the image will turn out to be a little childish and light.


Who Red Hair Color Is Suitable For

Fiery, copper, amber, caramel, golden – redhead hairstyles have many variations.

Red is a classic color that is relevant beyond the seasons and fashion trends. But if this is not your natural tone, then when coloring it is worth considering all the features: skin tone, eyes, hair structure and the natural color with which the hair dye will interact.

A shade of red can be chosen for any type. But there are universal features – this color will definitely suit their owners.

The red shade is suitable for coloring most of all for ladies with a cold color type and green eyes.

At the same time, a muted shade can decorate a burning brunette, and bright red hairstyles 2023 are ideal for classic blondes.

It is worth knowing that red hair will attract attention, especially if there are long red hairstyles. So you need to carefully monitor your face and do the right unpretentious makeup.


Women With Green and Blue Eyes

Calmer shades of red, which are easier to mistake for a natural color, are suitable for girls with blue eyes.

Colors that fade into red, orange, strawberry will emphasize the contrast, but will also emphasize the artificiality of the combination.

In this option, there is always a risk of enhancing the effect of unnaturalness in appearance. Green eyes, on the contrary, organically withstand bright colors, so the combination looks original.

Those Who Have Freckles

Freckles are a wonderful companion of red hairstyles 2023.

They go well with both deep dark shades and ultra-bright ones. You can consider different options: choose a color that contrasts with freckles or stop at the combinations that are closest to each other.


Fair Skin Tone Girls

Owners of natural red hair most often have a light skin tone. This combination looks the most natural.

Therefore, it is believed that most shades of red are suitable for those whose skin has a light undertone. It is quite easy to choose the best option of the red spectrum for them.

For Those Who Have Light Hair Color

Natural blond hair is easier to dye in shades of red. Therefore, the choice of colors is wider.

You can consider different options – from shades close to natural to bright orange.

Owners of Healthy Shiny Hair

Red is a bright and rare color, it always attracts attention even in calm shades. Therefore, it will look best on healthy, strong hair with neat tips.

Who Red Hair Color Is Not Suitable For

If desired, anyone can choose the right shade of red. But there are a number of features that you should pay attention to with this coloring.

The skin is prone to redness. Red hairstyles 2023 will only emphasize imperfections and attract unnecessary attention. It will visually enhance the redness and make it brighter.

Age. You should not choose bright shades of red if you do not want to emphasize age. Bright orange, red colors will focus on the face and any age-related changes.


Trendy Red Hair Color Shades In 2023

Red has always been a classic color, but since its palette is quite rich, different shades fall into hair trends 2023.

In 2023, the following are especially popular.

Strawberry red. Hair with the color of ripening strawberries will suit owners of fair skin with a pink undertone. For those who are prone to redness, it is better to avoid this shade: it will highlight any imperfections. It also has warm and cold shades that can be matched to different eye colors.

Ruby red. This shade is ideal for those who are ready for increased attention. It attracts the eye, adding brightness to the image. Especially well this color will be combined with pale, porcelain skin and light blue or green eyes.

Pink gold. Fashionable non-banal shade in which copper and pink colors are mixed. It can be both saturated and quite pale. It looks best on light strands, and also goes well with blue, gray, and green eyes. Choose pink gold while making red ombre hairstyles 2023.

Trendy Red Hair Color Shades In 2023

Red copper. A bold deep color that is rich in hues. It is a mixture of red, orange, and brown, intense and rich, it attracts the eye. This option goes well with warm skin tones, as well as blue, green, or brown eyes. Looks good with curly red hairstyles.

Dark red hairstyles. It is ideal for those who prefer the most natural shades, but at the same time want to refresh the traditional dark blond. Dark reddish chestnut looks good on natural brunettes, suitable for both brown and blue eyes. This color can also serve as an intermediate option if there is still not enough determination for cardinal changes.

Bright red. This color makes the maximum emphasis on appearance and adds audacity and self-confidence to the image. If you want to change the image, then the bright red will perfectly cope with this task. It pairs well with cool skin tones, but will also accentuate any redness. Hair with this coloring requires constant care and it is necessary to monitor the roots in order to update the color in time.

Amber red. This delicate golden color is quite versatile and suits any eye color. It combines shades of brown, creates the impression of sun glare in the hair. Warmer shades will look good with dark skin. Looks perfect on medium length red hairstyles.

How To Maintain Red Hair Color 2023

Red, especially its bright shades, need special care. It aims to maintain the condition of the hair and keep the color longer.

Wash your hair less often. Despite the durability of the pigment, the red color fades. To keep it as long as possible, avoid daily shampooing. If your hair type allows it, it’s best to wash your hair no more than once a week.

Avoid aggressive shampoos. Sulfates and salts, as a rule, have a bad effect on hair color – they quickly wash out the pigment. Therefore, it is worth using sulfate-free shampoos. Also, pay attention to the composition – avoid parabens. The more natural the shampoo, the less it will wash out the color.

How To Maintain Red Hair Color 2023

Use special care. Discuss hair care products with the master in advance. Despite the sparing formulas of hair dyes, they still affect the structure of the hair and dry them. Therefore, after dyeing, it is worth carefully monitoring their condition.

Avoid high temperatures. Try to expose your hair to heat as little as possible. Try to dry your hair with a hairdryer at the lowest temperature, the same goes for straightening and curling irons. It is also better to wash your hair with warm rather than hot water. This will help keep the color longer and not dry out the hair.

Protect yourself from sunlight. In the sun, the hair burns out, the color becomes lighter and dimmer. If this is not included in your plans, then it is better to wear a hat. Also, ultraviolet destroys and dries hair, making it dull and lifeless. Because of this, the color may also not look as advantageous as immediately after dyeing.

Pay attention to shine. Any color looks more vibrant if the hair is shiny. Therefore, hair care should include products that add shine to the hair, such as a special oil or spray.

Refresh color regularly. Watch how fast your hair grows. Dark roots with light and bright shades are striking, so it is better to constantly dye them as soon as the need arises.

Relevance Of Red Hairstyles

In our opinion, it is difficult to talk about relevance, because hair color is everyone’s personal territory. This question can only be approached from the point of view of suiting/not suiting, wanting/not wanting.

Red is relevant, bright, and filled with life and colors. We believe that due to the lack of any positive emotions in today’s difficult circumstances, red, copper-red, and golden are very much in demand.

Traditional shades of red should be at the right level of lightness so that the skin color does not blend into the hair color. Because as soon as the tone of the hair is the same as the skin, it will be bad and not pretty at all.

Red hairstyles 2023 usually suit girls with crystal, porcelain skin.

Perhaps those who once had red hair in childhood retained a light tone with a hint of freckles. It suits green-eyed, blue-eyed, girls with brown eyes.

It is important that the color is exactly ginger, without impurities of red. With such variations – red shades, purple, pink – it is much more difficult, because redness suits few people.


It emphasizes any imperfection – pimples, rashes, red whites of the eyes. Under strawberry shades you need at least a special make-up. Finding the perfect skin type is almost impossible.

Most of all, the red hairstyles 2023 suit the owners of a light and warm skin tone, girls with freckles, it looks absolutely fantastic.

Men love red-haired girls, because red has always been considered the color of passion, fire, and sexuality.

We believe that a real copper red without impurities will always be relevant. If red shades penetrate into it, then it looks less natural, there are almost no such colors in nature. Red color, first of all, should be ginger. In the worst case, copper-golden. But not with red shades.

All bright shades – red, copper-gold, with redness – are quickly washed out. Therefore, in order to keep them as long as possible, you need to use shampoos, balms, and conditioners that specifically support copper color.

A fairly large number of professional firms produce such special tools. In the first two weeks after dyeing, hair masks should not be used at all. Especially nourishing and regenerating, because they do not act on the surface of the hair, but try to penetrate inside. To do this, it contains substances that open the scales of the hair. As soon as the mask gets there, the hair dye is washed out.

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