Good makeup 2018: trends and tendencies for best face makeup

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The main trends in good makeup 2018 are makeup without makeup, which remains at the peak of popularity for several seasons. And although pictorial image is still relevant, color has returned to fashion.

Metallic shadows, wine lips, eyelashes like Twiggy: next season is preparing a lot of interesting best face makeup options.

good-makeup-best-face-makeup-eye-makeup-ideas-Good makeup 2018

good-makeup-best-face-makeup-eye-makeup-ideas-Good makeup 2018

Good makeup 2018: trends for eye makeup

It’s impossible to single out one dominant color in eye makeup ideas. Makeup artists applied metallic shadows with chaotic strokes, mixing the most unexpected shades with each other.

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For example, in fashion shows eyelids of models were painted in gold, black, red and gray at the same time.

good-makeup-best-face-makeup-eye-makeup-ideas-metallic-eye-makeup-Good makeup 2018

One of main means of good makeup 2018 will be a liner.

A modern image in the spirit of punk was seen at fashion shows.

Makeup artists remembered brand-name makeup of Kate Moss, the black penciled eyes with a small arrow.

These eye makeup ideas will suit the owner and warm brown, and cold blue eyes.

good-makeup-best-face-makeup-eye-makeup-ideas-kate-moss-style-eye makeup ideas

And on fashion shows, makeup artists left faces of models almost bare, except for black smears on eyelids, which is made with fingers using mascara.

Best face makeup: pink is in fashion

In best face makeup fashion is all shades of pink, on cheekbones, lips, nails, eyelids.

This color adds freshness to the face. You can apply peachy-pink matte shadows and complement blush in tone.

Or dye your eyelashes with bright pink mascara, why not? In order to achieve same glow effect of healthy skin and natural blush, use a pink tinted lip balm.

good-makeup-best-face-makeup-eye-makeup-ideas-makeup-in-pink-shades-eye makeup ideas

good-makeup-best-face-makeup-eye-makeup-ideas-makeup-in-pink-shades-eye makeup ideas

To stay in trend, stock up with bright lipstick and radiant lip gloss. These two funds will be in fashion for best face makeup.

good-makeup-best-face-makeup-eye-makeup-ideas-radiant-lip-gloss-eye makeup ideas-best face makeup

If you were planning to buy a new lipstick for next season, then it should be a dark berry shade. In trend also all shades of purple, burgundy, dark plum.

Dilute bright accent with a dark liner or bright shadows.

Or try to make up your lips and leave your face “clean”, this is now also fashionable.

good-makeup-best-face-makeup-eye-makeup-ideas-berry-and-plum-lips-best face makeup

good-makeup-best-face-makeup-eye-makeup-ideas-burgundy-and-purple-lipstick-best face makeup

In 2018, not matte, but glossy coatings for lips come to the fore.

The main key to the fashionable image is easy negligence.

Makeup artists used first a matte lipstick and top covered it with glossy or lip gloss. So color turned out bright and persistent.

Leave edges of lips slightly uneven, and face is as clean as possible.

good-makeup-best-face-makeup-eye-makeup-ideas-glossy-and-matte-lips-best face makeup

Pure skin, minimal eye makeup ideas and neutral lips emphasize natural beauty of women, without adding extra colors.

To afford such makeup, you need to prepare skin in advance.

It should be smooth and moistened. It remains to brush your eyebrows and add a drop of balm to your lips and the image is ready.

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