French nails 2018: stylish ideas and fashion trends for French nail art

French nails remain popular in this season. You can make a dark tip and a golden base, or make a tip of pastel color tones, and the main part of the nail highlight the emerald or lemon color. But don’t discount the classic version of the French with white tips and almost transparent, pinkish or peach base. It still remains in fashion. Let’s see fashion trends of French nails 2018.

french nails 2018, stylish ideas and trends of french nail art

French nails 2018: stylish ideas

The most popular colors of French nails 2018 are yellow, juicy green, golden colors, all shades of red and brown. But the most fashionable version in this season is black French nails, which breaks all stereotypes not only about the classic French but also about the bright nails.

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french nails 2018, fashionable black french nails 2018

The most fashionable length for nails in 2018 are short nail plates. This length is considered optimal, for example, for office work. Long sharp nails have long been out of fashion. Moreover, with them, you risk looking vulgar. The French nail designs will ideally look at the softly rounded nails: oval, almond-shaped and “soft square”. The shape of a “soft square” will look better on short nails, and an almond shape will be more suitable.

french nails 2018, stylish french nails 2018

Flowers and unusual designs, bright combination of shades are relevant for French nail art 2018. You can add a contrast of textures to the nail design. For example, you can decorate nails tips with glossy gloss, and the background coating with matte.

french nail art, french calligraphy, french nails with flowers

Practicing in calligraphy is quite in the spirit of the latest trends in French nail art. You can draw a few more thin curved lines instead of one strip on the tips. The most common French nail designs with white arcs on the nails tips are in trend. But this doesn’t mean that roundness can’t be replaced by more strict graphics. Simply make French nails 2018 with graceful kinks at the ends. Another option is to hold white lacquer diagonal lines near the nails edge. This technique was noticed at the recent Marissa Webb show.

french nail art, french fashionable geometric nails

You can draw a strip to the right or left, which is usually removed by a thin brush at the nail edge. Such a horizontal French nails 2018 will be appreciated by lovers of peculiar nail art.

French nail designs: original solutions

It’s enough to decorate the nails tips with glitter, polish with a metallic effect or, for example, a shiny foil with “scuffs”. These French nail designs will be trendy in 2018.

french nail art, french glitter nails, french metallic nails

Why choose only French style, if there are also a lot of other fashionable options? Combine them with the French, let near the roots be painted “holes”, and at the edges with white or colored tips. Another option is French with the ombre effect.

french nail designs, trendy french ombre nails

Stickers are an express version for a convenient alternative to French nail art.

french nail designs, trendy french nails with stickers

You can make shining in the sun with an ordinary gold foil. Simply cover the nails with a clear polish and, until it’s dry, glue the ends of its scraps to the tips.

french nail designs, french nails with gold foil

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