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What are main ideas of nail art 2017 will be in vogue? Look at our collection of nail art ideas, you’ll certainly find something attractive for yourself.

nail-art-2017-nail-art-ideas-nail-art-design-2017-Nail art 2017

nail-art-2017-nail-art-ideas-nail-art-design-2017-Nail art 2017


nail-art-2017-nail-art-ideas-nail-art-design-2017-Nail art 2017

Nail art 2017: Monophonic coating, French and Negative space

Monophonic coating is good way to refresh lacquer with your own hands. It’s better to pay attention to enamel dense coatings without sparkles, mother-of-pearl, and shimmer for nail art 2017. Be sure to consider your color and skin tone, as some shades aren’t suitable for everyone, varnish should not visually make your hands “frozen” and certainly should not add you age.

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Manicure for short nails is better done in pastel shades or using watercolor nail polish. They give pleasant shade and glossy finish but are practically transparent. So you can make bright manicures for spring and summer for short marigolds, and don’t overestimate length.

nail-art-2017-nail-art-ideas-nail-art-design-2017-monophonic-Nail art 2017

French is classic variety of coating in nail art design 2017, when main body of nail is covered in one color (in classical version light beige, but now any options are acceptable), and free edge is highlighted with varnish of different color. The simplest variant is white free edge combined with beige or transparent coating.

nail-art-2017-nail-art-ideas-nail-art-design-2017-french-nail art ideas

If you are doing manicure, prefer universal shades that suit your hands and image in general. You don’t need to combine decorative cover with clothing or accessories.

The most fashionable manicure is called negative space. This nail art looks simple and stylish, partially painted nail looks really unusual. Part of nail isn’t covered with varnish at all or covered only with transparent coating or matte finish,  fingers look naked and defenseless. For negative space, varnishes of calm shades without shimmer and mother-of-pearl are usually chosen.

nail-art-2017-nail-art-ideas-nail-art-design-2017-negative-space-nail art ideas


Nail art ideas: Ombre and gradients, Drawings and Stamping

Prefer simple ideas, but don’t like one-color manicure? Then you’ll like manicure with ombre effect, graded transition from one color to another. Nail art ideas of 2017 will be combination of summer pastel shades in combination with gold. Try to make ombre from white to green and add a little golden décor. Also good in combination with gold ornaments will be pink manicure or even stylish and durable manicure shellac. Interesting coverage for short marigolds can be done with drawings, you just need to pick up original nail art design 2017. It can be cocktails or bright stylized sneakers, unusual flowers and just fantasy abstract patterns.

nail-art-2017-nail-art-ideas-nail-art-design-2017-ombre-nail art design 2017

nail-art-2017-nail-art-ideas-nail-art-design-2017-gradient-nail art design 2017

Stamping is confidently leading in list of trends for nail art design 2017. This is special technique of stamping on nails, which is performed with contrast or shiny varnish. If you want to make a gentle manicure, then pay attention to white stamping on pastel covers,  coating can be monophonic or graded. You love manicure with sparkles, but you want him to look more reserved? Then make patterns on nails using golden or silver varnish.

nail-art-2017-nail-art-ideas-nail-art-design-2017-stamping-nail art design 2017

nail-art-2017-nail-art-ideas-nail-art-design-2017-stamping-nail art design 2017

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