Nail design ideas 2018: nail trends, colors and ideas

Nail polish should always compliment the image. Therefore it’s important to follow nail design ideas 2018. Leading trend of nail art 2018 is emphasized naturalness. Shape of nails remains semi-circular or almond-shaped, according to fashionable ideas of season, their length should be comfortable. Square and sharp marigolds aren’t recommended. Although fashion ideas of season allow little flattening of square nails on French. It’s enough to round out their corners, this option is completely allowed by stylists.

nail-design-ideas-2018-nail-art-2018-popular-nail-colors-2018-nail design ideas 2018

Same applies to length. If you want to have very long, extended marigolds, you can afford it, but you must make tips semi-circular. Popular nail colors 2018 can be glossy, even matte. This gives wide selection of color options.

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Nail design ideas 2018: Fashionable styles

Stylists offer large selection of nail design ideas 2018. French, initially assuming combination of white with beige or pink, is now much different from classic. Most often, white tone remains white, and the main one is replaced by contrast tone, including black. Or tips are painted black, and entire nails painted beige or transparent. Moreover, there are contrasting colored nails, for example, combining green and red.

nail-design-ideas-2018-nail-art-2018-popular-nail-colors-2018-french-nail design ideas 2018

Classical design is without extra details, one-color polish on neat nail is especially relevant in nail art 2018. It can be made by any of fashionable shades.

nail-design-ideas-2018-nail-art-2018-popular-nail-colors-2018-classical-nail art 2018

Marble in nail art 2018

Marble is also relevant for nail art 2018. It’s created with help of sponge. Striped style involves applying one or two strips along length of nail plate. No more patterns are used. Strip can occupy entire length or half of it, from middle to tip.

Geometrical design is another trend. It can be points, squares, rectangles, rhombuses and even crescents. Negative represents any of above options, but one of polishes must necessarily be colorless. As a rule, the one with large surface.

nail-design-ideas-2018-nail-art-2018-popular-nail-colors-2018-striped-nail art 2018

nail-design-ideas-2018-nail-art-2018-popular-nail-colors-2018-marble-nail art 2018

There is tendency to use two colors. A variant with transparent and colored lacquer is also used. For popular nail colors 2018 stylists use following shades, all nude shades, colorless glossy or matte, muffled pink, red, purple, cherry, pearl gray, orange, green, cream. In general, all colors of nails should be natural.

Choice of bright colors isn’t limited at all. They should be juicy, close to natural tones. It’ll be glossy polish, matte, dense or translucent, doesn’t matter. In principle, you can generally focus on hygienic transparent glossy coating.

nail-design-ideas-2018-nail-art-2018-popular-nail-colors-2018-black-and-pink-popular nail colors 2018

nail-design-ideas-2018-nail-art-2018-popular-nail-colors-2018-grey-popular nail colors 2018


nail-design-ideas-2018-nail-art-2018-popular-nail-colors-2018-burgundy-blue-popular nail colors 2018

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