Nail polish colors 2019: Most attractive and splendid color hues for 2019

Nails play vital role in women’s appearance. Many women give great importance their nail design. So, to have trendy nails, just follow nail polish trend changes. Nail polish colors 2019 comes up with unique and attractive nail color suggestions.  Let’s see best nail polish colors that will provide perfect look of your nails.

Nail polish colors 2019: Metallic nail polishes

Nail polish colors 2019: Best nail polish brands

For some girls nail polishes are all the same: brand and nailpolish quality aren’t as essential as they should be. Moreover, they are indifferent what nail polishes they use. Important fact is that it should be their preferable color and result should be what they wanted to have.

Nail polish colors 2019: Dark olive green nail polish

It is well-known fact that all of us change their nail polish color as many times as we change clothes daily. So, we want to have nails that will match with our daily looks.

You hesitate and can’t decide what nail design, what kind of nail polish to choose. You are in two minds whether long-lasting, quickly drying or nail care polishes to opt for, then read our article and learn about the beast nail polish bands that offer their product with high quality.

Nail polish colors 2019: Glitter nail polishes


Essie is one of best nail polish brands. Besides, it has vast options for your nails: enamel shades, limited edition collection, long-wear hues and nail care lacquers.

Nail polish colors 2019: Nude nail colors

Essie’s soda pop shop collection offers retro color hues that include mainly pink and red shades, such as

  • Out of jukebox
  • Going steady
  • Babies in the booth
  • Pin me pink
  • Cherry on top
  • Drive-in & Dine

Essie has also best-seller color hues that you may find in Essie’s official website. Here you can uncover nail polish colors that are popular. As women all around the world are still obsessed with these color shades. So, best-seller collection includes following colors:

  • Ballet slippers
  • Lady like
  • Clothing optional
  • Bordeaux
  • Angora cardi
  • Gold gilding
  • Closing night chinchilly
  • Blue-tiful horizon
  • Cavinar bar
  • Sheers to you
  • Pinked to perfection.

Essie nail care

Essie also provides you nail care polishes. There are nail polishes specially designed for cuticle care with apricot scent. Essie’s longwear nail polishes offer 2-step system of long-lasting nail polish colors and top coats that bring luxury look your nails.

Essie has special couture color shades that are inspired by haute couture fashion. And now there are hundreds of nail polish shades that are available for everyone.

As we have already mentioned above, these longwear nail polishes you should apply by following these 2 steps:

Step 1. First of all, apply two coats of gel couture color

Step 2. Apply 1 coat of platinum grade finish top coat for gel-like shine.

By the way, there are nail polishes that are designed for color+care formula.

Essie provides nail polishes that will make your nails stronger just in 1 week. Essie’s Treat, Love & Color collection is their first advanced 1-step strength and color in collection of knockout nail polish shades. Finally, you will have 60% less peeling and 35% less breakage.

Nail polish colors 2019: Metallic nail polishes

Treat, Love & Colid collection includes the following color tinges:

  • In blush
  • Get fit
  • Treat me bright
  • In the balance
  • Nude mood
  • Bare me love
  • Soul happy
  • Minimally modest
  • Work for the glow
  • Loving hue
  • Tinted love
  • See the light
  • Tonal taupe
  • Daily hustle
  • Laven-dearly and other color hues

So, Essie is one of best and go-to nail brands in industry for over 35 years. It aims to inspire and please everyone with their nail polish colors 2019.

Zoya nail polishes

Zoya nail polish brand is considered to be one of best quality nail polishes.

Nail polish colors 2019: Essie and Zoya nail polishes

Zoya’s nail polish colors 2019 include following shades that will provide your nails look:

  • Ligh
  • Carson
  • Astrid
  • Allison
  • Juniper
  • Danica
  • Kateri
  • Leopard Spot Topper and so on.

Zoya’s Jack and Nahla shades will be popular fall colors. Whereas cold Saldara hue is typical winter tinge.

Zoya’s Naturel 3 collection offers palette of beige coir shades. Hence, you may apply these nail colors to get casual looks.

Nail polish coors 2019: Acqurella

Acquarella comes up with colder and darker options for nail polish cilors 2019. Monsoon, Bewitched, Lithe, Halcyon are trendy shades of 2019. With these color tinges you may get nail designs starting from casual ending with special events and occasions.

Jin Soo

There are many nail polish brands, among which Jin Soo has its own place. Jin Soo is very trendy nail polish brand among women. Moreover, it is considered to be one of the best according to fashion blogs and nail fashion followers.

Nail polish colors 2019: Orange nail color

In contrast with other nail polish brands, it is known to ve vegan-friendly nail polish brand. That means that nail polishes doesn’t have common harmful ingredients and are known as non-toxic nail polishes.

Nail master predict that Nostalgia, a sandy beige hue will continue to provide modish look of your nails in all seasons.

Smith & Cult

This nail brand is known with its stout and round glass bottles. So, their bottle shape make these nail polishes easily recognizable. Gothic red, known as Lover’s Creep, is best-seller shade of Smith & Cult. It will give luxurious and elegant look your nails.

Nail polish colors 2019: O.P.I.

It’s hard to imagine nail polish colors 2019 trends without OPI nail polishes. OPI gives you opportunity to get splendid and voguish nail designs by applying their high-quality nail polishes.

Nail polish colors 2019: OPI and Essie nail polishes

Moreover, OPI’s new collection offers you new, modish hues that include new collection of nudes. Just enjoy these subtle, sophisticated shades from OPI. You will find flattering shades to complement with your skin tone.

These neutral nail colors provide muted shine to accentuate your look. Popular neutral and nude shades include

  • Mrs. O’Leapy’s BBQ,
  • Grand Canyon Sunstet,
  • Smok’n in Havan,
  • Somewhere over the Rainbow mountains,
  • Machu Peach-u,
  • Coconuts over OPI,
  • Metamorphically Speaking,
  • Icelanded a Bottle of OPI

By the way, as you have already noticed in fashion show yellow is one of dominant colors. So, be sure that yellow is going to be one of trendy shades of 2019.

So, you may brighten up your look with yellow nail polishes from OPI.

Nail polish colors 2019: OPI nail polish

Consequently, if you search for soft buttercup hue or vibrant neon yellow, just explore OPI’s new shades, such as

  • Meet boy cute as can be Sun
  • Sea and sand in my pants
  • Exotic birds do not tweet
  • Enter the golden era
  • Bee mine forever.

Nail polish colors 2019: Colorful nail polishes

Therefore, if you are person that is difficult to please, then be sure that you will find nail polish color that will perfectly fit your nails.

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