Red nails 2018: fashionable trends and tendencies of red nail art

The red polish color is universal and suitable for almost any clothing. Red nail art is again in the trend. Let’s see what trends and tendencies are in the fashion of red nails 2018.

red nails 2018, fashionable red nail ideas

red nails 2018: fashionable trends of red nail art

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Red is a bright, openly self-proclaimed shade, which will be very popular in 2018. You can combine it with other polish colors, such as white, black, gold, silver, natural tones. It’ll look perfect with bright and even pastel shades.  The red polish emphasizes all the shortcomings of the nails and cuticles, so in order to look neatly, the polish should be applied after the hygienic procedure. You need to polish the nail plate or cover it with a transparent base coat. As you see, red nails 2018 have many new original variations.

red nails 2018, red in combination with other colors

A bright red polish will emphasize the nail size. In order to avoid this during the application of the polish leave the edges of the nail not painted over the side rollers by approximately 1 mm. This technique will help visually fix the nails shape and they will seem longer.

red nails 2018, red with silver, red with black color

Red nail art: trendy French and Ombre

The Red French nails will look perfect in the businesswoman’s image. The French version can be used on nails of any length. The shorter the nail, the thinner it should be. Thus, you can visually increase the nail length. French style is a fashionable trend of red nail art.

red nail art, fashionable red french nails

Ombre is a sleek transition from one hue to another.  You can form an interesting design for a festive image using a silver or golden hue, and also add a gradient to the painting or decorative elements. Ombre will look impressive with rhinestones, passing from orange and fiery red to a darker (burgundy) and even black. Ombre will be the trendiest style of red nails 2018.

red nail designs, res and pink ombre, red and silver ombre

red nail art, trendy red ombre nails

Red nail designs: rhinestones  and drawings

Another variation of red nail designs is the decoration with rhinestones. Rhinestones of gold and silver colors will definitely add elegance and splendor. You can create stones scattering effect on the nails. A red background and a gradient of rhinestones will look trendy. Bright pebbles in combination with a rich red color will give a completely new vision. Use red nail designs of different sizes, so your nails will be elegant.

red nail art, red nails with fashionable rhinestones

Strokes can be combined with drawings. You can decorate with shiny elements only one nail on each hand. And you can lay out drawings on each finger. The red nails 2018 offers to try out new original designs. The nail shape design returns to simplicity and naturalness. You can make drawings on nails in a variety of creative interpretations, in the old styles and motifs of the 70s.

red nail designs, drawings on red nails

red nail designs, beautiful drawings on red nails

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