Wedding nails 2017: fashion trends

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At the wedding, attention is focused on newlyweds, and whole image of future wife, from selection of dress to the choice of nails, will be especially evaluated. Trends help to look on top even at such crucial moment. It’s important to know all subtleties of wedding nails 2017 and fashion trends from designers!

wedding-nails-2017-wedding-nail-art-nails-for-wedding-Nails for wedding


Main trends of wedding nails 2017

Such a significant event involves creative approach to wedding nail art: use of drawings, paintings, rhinestones. Fashion trends extend to entire image, including wedding nails 2017. This year, especially relevant to relationship of fashion and art. Fashion for art is expressed in nails for wedding, which requires both grooming of hands of the newlywed, and dexterity of master.

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You can use a light purple lacquer, rich pink, gray, gentle blue. All these colors will look actual and fresh. Frequent companions of such design are rhinestones, crystals, sparkles, beads, drawings.

wedding-nails-2017-wedding-nail-art-nails-for-wedding-drawings-Nails for wedding


wedding-nails-2017-wedding-nail-art-nails-for-wedding-drawings-rhinestones-Nails for wedding

French almost a favorite manicure for wedding nail art. It makes hands very neat and elegant. French manicure is almost main method of decorating nails for many years.

To refresh classic French design, you can choose bright colors for the tip of nail, for example, lemon, emerald, gold, to focus on ring finger using pictures or even art painting.

wedding-nails-2017-wedding-nail-art-nails-for-wedding-french-Nails for wedding

Nails for wedding: Drawings and Graphic Design

Drawings can have some sense or simply make you happy with your appearance by getting married. You can also make a drawing on finger on which bridegroom will wear an engagement ring.

Nails for wedding trends dictate giving preference to delicate and rich pink flowers, white, yellow, lilac. Also, don’t be afraid to include red color in picture, it looks bright, relevant and serves as excellent alternative to red color design.

wedding-nails-2017-wedding-nail-art-nails-for-wedding-drawings-Wedding nail art


wedding-nails-2017-wedding-nail-art-nails-for-wedding-drawings-Wedding nail art

Wedding nail art with sequins and rhinestones in demand, perhaps due to fact that it looks very festive. Variations of execution are many. Sequins, pebbles, and rhinestones can be either smaller or larger.

wedding-nails-2017-wedding-nail-art-nails-for-wedding-sequins-Wedding nail art


wedding-nails-2017-wedding-nail-art-nails-for-wedding-sequines-wedding nails 2017


wedding-nails-2017-wedding-nail-art-nails-for-wedding-pebbles-wedding nails 2017Graphic design is better to choose for modern weddings, as well as modernized and futuristic styles. Graphic manicure includes clear lines and shapes, often bright colors.

Among them may be mint, milky, pink, blue, yellow, black and others. This technique can be applied to some nails, as well as to all, to be same or different for each particular nail.

wedding-nails-2017-wedding-nail-art-nails-for-wedding-graphic-wedding nails 2017

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