Wedding nails 2019: Gentle, stylish and unique nail design for brides

Are you getting ready for the most important day of your life? Haven’t you decided what nail design to choose? Wedding Nails 2019 will help you to find the best option for your nails which will make you feel special as bride. Nail design is as vital as wedding makeup, dress and accessories. They are main components of your look as bride, so you should be very cautious while choosing this or that style. They should «speak» with each other.

Every girl has dream: to wear that very white dress and feel princess. Everyone wishes to have dress they want. It seems that nail design is very tiny detail, but be sure it worth your attention.

Wedding Nails 2019: Gentle wedding nail design

Trend Revolution of Wedding Nails

Traditionally for Wedding Nail Design nail masters mainly use white color. It’s very common, as white color is associated with elegance and innocence.

In spite of these facts, fashion tendencies always break the wall of stereotypes. Several years ago bridal nail design mainly included soft, nude shades. But nowdays, as fashion tendencies change very quickly, you may choose bright colors, ornaments as well. The choice of nail design is up to you.

Today when newlyweds organize their wedding, they choose several colors, that are basic colors of whole ceremony. Everthing, starting from bouquet of bride ending with serviettes are in the same color. So, you may choose nail color taking into account design colors of whole wedding ceremony. For instance, it may be light purple, pink and milky white. Also you may choose color matching it with your bouquet colors. You may draw flowers on your nails, as well. They will give them luxurious and classy look.

Wedding Nails 2019: Nail design with flowers

But not all brides are ready for total changes of traditional white nail color. So many of them don’t take risk and avoid to do experiments.

Wedding Nails 2019

Basic trend of Wedding Nails 2019 will include mixture of nail designs and  techniques. You know that the main task of every nail artist is to create something new, unique that won’t be repetition of previous nail design techniques.

Today it’s quite normal if you mix several colors together. Consequently, Wedding Nails 2019 comes up with concoction of light and pastel colors with unique design solutions. So, be sure that you will find even somehow odd and even strange options for your nails. For example, marble-like nail design will be popular. It is done with special tools and acrylic nail colors.

Wedding Nails 2019: Minimalistic nail design and nail design with lace effect

Nowdays many brides prefer minimalist nail design. Therefore, if you don’t like rhinestones, beads or ornaments, then you may simply apply white nail polish. Wedding Nail Design in minimalist style became more popular after the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The future Duchess of Sussex appeared with pale pink nail color. Whereas Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middletone wore allure nail shade on her wedding day.

By the way, pale pink is Queen’s favourite nail color, which she has worn for over 30 years.

The second interesting fact about Great Britain’s Royal Family is that women are not allowed to follow latest fashion trends of nail design. But their nails always should be neat and well-groomed. They may apply only nude and light shades of any color.

Nail Design Techniques: Trends of 2019

One of most popular and widespread technique of wedding nail design is French Nail art. It never loses its popularity.

Wedding Nails 2019: Wedding French Nails

Moreover, in recent years new variant of French Nail design was introduced, which is reversed version of French and is called Lunar Nail Design. Many brides prefer especially the last version of nail design. Due to Lunar Nail Design you may apply two colors. You can choose white and milky white or light pink colors. Light pink color highlights your natural nail color. The same refers to white milky color as well.

Wedding Nails 2019: Wedding Lunar Nails Design

Ombre Nail Design

Ombre Nail design is also one of the most trendy wedding nail designs. It looks really elegant and modish on nails. Create classic Ombre Nail Design by applying nude, light pink and peachy nail colors. After applying basic color, cover upper layer with neutral gel-lacquer.

Wedding Nails 2019: Wedding Ombre Nails Design

Wedding Nail design with lace effects will also be trendy in 2019. It will really suit with your wedding dress, as it is is mainly sewed with laces. They give elegant and gentle look to your nails.

Wedding Nails 2019: Wedding Nail Design with Lace effect

Wedding Nails 2019 offers also nail design with holographic effects. In this case your nails get rainbow effect under light.

Wedding Nails 2019: Nail Design with rhinestones and holographic nails

If you don’t want to apply any color, then you may choose simple gel-lacquer. It will highlight natural color of your nails.

Nail Design with rhinestones and glitters will give more gorgeous look your nails. In recent years instead of using simple rhinestones, nail masters started using Swarovki stones and pearls. These nail design cost more expensive, but the effect is really amazing.

Wedding Nails 2019: Nail Design with Rhinestones

You may also apply stickers, specially designed for wedding occasions. As nowdays there are many thematic stickers. Wedding stickers mainly include ornaments with laces and flowers. It’s obvious that this kind of stickers will outline your beautiful nails and will suit with your wedding look.

Palette of White Color

As we have already mentioned above, white is inseperable part of bride’s look. So, we have classified shades of white color specially for you. So, palette of white includes the following colors, that may perfectly match with your bridal look that includes shoes, dress, accessories and makeup:

  • pearl,
  • alabaster,
  • ivory,
  • cream
  • egg shell,
  • salt,
  • bone,
  • linen,
  • chiffon,
  • frost,
  • porcelain,
  • parchment,
  • rice,
  • powder,
  • lace,
  • coconut,
  • bone,
  • snow.

So, these colors will be helpful for you to find the precise shade that will match with your bridal look.

Wedding Nail Shapes 2019

Before choosing the appropriate and preferable wedding nail design, first choose nail shape and comfortable nail length. In 2019 medium-lengthed and short nails will be trendy. They will outline your fingers’ natural look and your wedding ring will be in the highlight. Square, Square-oval are the basic shapes of wedding nail design. Almond nail style is also preferable nail shape for wedding ceremony.

Wedding Nails 2019: Wedding Nail Design

Wedding Day is very special day, so every detail is very important. We hope that this article devoted to Wedding Nails 2019 will be helpful for those girls who are getting ready for that important day of their life.

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