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Any woman wants her hair to look luxurious and natural, and balayage hairstyles 2023 will help with this.


It looks most advantageous on dark hair of medium length; this can be clearly seen in the photo.

Features Of Coloring Balayage Hairstyles 2023

Standard hair coloring no longer surprises anyone, and it looks boring.

Therefore, balayage hairstyles 2023 have gained such popularity, besides, they have a lot of advantages:

  • this technique can be used by women of all ages;
  • balayage hairstyles 2023 allow you to hide gray hair;
  • even thin hair will look lush and voluminous;
  • does not require frequent trips to the hairdresser;
  • using the balayage staining technique, you can hide facial imperfections, for example, too wide cheekbones or round cheeks;
  • looks organically on any length of hair, but it is especially fashionable in 2023 to dye on medium length.

Features Of Coloring Balayage Hairstyles 2023

The performance of the balayage technique has certain features that must be observed:

  • if you need to cut the ends of the hair, then it is better to do this a few days before the procedure;
  • before dyeing hair, it should not be washed for 2 days;
  • when dyeing, the hair is combed in reverse, from the tips to the crown;
  • if you want balayage short hair 2023, then the hair is combed from the roots, so that it sticks out like a hedgehog.

In addition, before dyeing begins, the hair is divided into curls and pulled together with elastic bands, only after that the procedure begins.

Choosing a Hue: Tips

Translated from French, “balayage” means “cleaning”, which is consonant with how the technique is performed.

The hair dye seems to sweep away everything old, giving the hair a special shine.

On dark hair of medium length, you can use a certain number of shades, we offer some balayage hair ideas 2023:

  1. If you want to leave the natural hair color as it is, then you can not touch the crown, but only lighten the ends. This will brighten up the image. The key is to make the transition smooth.
  2. If there is a desire to make the hairstyle more spectacular, then you need to use highlights. At the same time, a feeling of naturalness remains, it seems that the hair just shines in the sun.
  3. Caramel balayage hairstyles 2023 look best on dark and straight hair. You can choose a discreet color or focus on bright red shades. In this case, only the tips are dyed, or glare is performed along the entire length.
  4. Brown-haired women can afford to experiment with red, pink, or cherry. Thanks to balayage brown hair 2023 technology, bright shades will not look defiant.
  5. Dyeing your hair purple or blue will add some mystery to a woman.
  6. Contrasting balayage hairstyles 2023 look great on dark hair, then you need to dye your hair almost from the roots, or from the middle.

In general, dark hair balayage hairstyles 2023 are more popular than blonde balayage 2023. The best option for women with blonde hair is ash blonde balayage 2023.


Real Photos “Before” And “After”

If you look at the “before” and “after” photos of performing balayage hairstyles 2023, you can see how a woman’s appearance changes for the better. Especially if the hair is of medium length.

In this technique, lightening occurs, as it were, naturally. Therefore, a bright glare seems like a sunbeam entangled in the hair.

With proper staining, the tone of the dye should not differ from the natural color by more than two tones.

Balayage hairstyles 2023 with bangs do not imply a change in their color.

The image will be much more harmonious if the color of the bangs matches the roots of the hair, which can be clearly seen in the before and after photos.


How To Make Balayage Hair 2023 Step by Step

Of course, in order to get professional coloring, it is better to contact a specialist, but in reality, you can do the balayage yourself.

To get started, prepare the following items:

  • non-metal cup;
  • dye;
  • small hairpins;
  • tassel;
  • foil;
  • comb.



  1. Comb the hair, divide it into zones that you will color and fix each with a hairpin, you can use elastic bands.
  2. Now apply the hair dye, starting from the roots and, as if, stretching it along the entire length, and wrap it in pre-cut foil.
  3. The application of hair dyes should be done with careless strokes, then it will be possible to achieve the effect of naturalness.
  4. After 15 minutes, the hair dye needs to be combed to the bottom, thus achieving a smooth transition.
  5. If several tones are used, then they will need to be alternated. How long to keep the dye on your hair, you need to look at the instructions attached to it.
  6. Wash the hair under running water.

In order for the ends of the hair to remain healthy after this procedure, you need to start using a special oil, which allows you to maintain the necessary moisture of the hair.

Balayage Hair Ideas 2023: Bangs

If the balayage hairstyles 2023 are performed professionally, then it will look perfect on dark hair of medium length.

Moreover, it looks equally stunning, both on the hairstyle with bangs and without it, which can be clearly seen in the photo.

Straight bangs can be dyed in the same tone as the rest of the hair, or not touched at all. In this case, its color will match the roots.

For oblique bangs, dyeing in the same tone as the rest of the hair is necessary, if it remains in the same color as the roots, this will introduce asymmetry into the image.

Owners of long bangs to the cheekbones or even to the chin, it is better to lighten the front strands that frame the face.

Balayage Hair Ideas 2023: Bangs

Balayage Straight Hair 2023

It is better to perform balayage technology on straight hair of medium length with professionals, because it is more difficult to achieve a smooth transition on them and even small errors will be striking.

For straight hair, there are two methods of dyeing – this is tape and bouffant.

The first method is used if a contrast stretch is not needed, in which case the hair is divided into strips, individual strands are selected and dyed.

The “before” and “after” photos show how balayage hairstyles 2023 look on straight hair.

If you carry out dyeing by the second method, then you just need to comb your hair, right from the roots.

At the same time, the hair dye is applied on top of the pile, while the movements should be light, sweeping.

If balayage is performed on dark straight hair of medium length in warm colors, then further toning is not required.

Balayage Straight Hair 2023

Balayage For Curly Hair 2023

The balayage technique reminds us of a vacation at sea. The hair seems to have burned out in the sun. And a new unusual shade has appeared.

Balayage looks especially impressive on curly hair – a clear border between the colors is not visible, the shades smoothly move from one to another.

The coloring of such hair occurs in exactly the same way. The only difference is that before the procedure, the strands must be straightened with a hair straightener. Otherwise, the result may be unexpected.

The advantage of curly balayage hair 2023 is that the roots remain intact, so the coloring will not be very painful.

Since curly hair has a more porous structure, the dye absorbs into it faster and retains its color longer. So often it will not be necessary to dye it.

Natural curls suffer from a lack of moisture, so after the balayage procedure they require additional care.

It is necessary to lubricate them with serum, oil. If you need styling with a hot hairdryer or curling iron, then use thermal protective agents.

Balayage For Curly Hair 2023

Tips For Best Balayage 2023

To create a new beautiful image, we will find out what mistakes can be made when dyeing balayage, in order to avoid them:

  1. When dyeing, use the same hair dye, but in different tones. You can not combine, for example, black, gold, and red at the same time.
  2. Haircut should be done a few days before dyeing, because during the procedure itself they must be unwashed.
  3. Do not color balayage more than 5 times a year. If the roots grow back too quickly, then you can lighten them with a special cream without affecting the rest of the hair.
  4. After the procedure, it is necessary to use moisturizers, oils, sprays.

Tips For Best Balayage 2023

If a decision is made to carry out dyeing at home, then it is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations of specialists in order to get a beautiful and exciting image.

Balayage hairstyles 2023 on dark hair of medium length will look very stylish!

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