Top 23 Stunning Shag Haircuts 2023 For Stylish Women

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Shag haircuts 2023 will add freshness and style to your look. If you want to change your image, then this article is for you.

These hairstyles have conquered the fashion world, so hurry to put it into practice.


Are you one of those who never know which haircut to choose?

Short, long, with straight bangs, with asymmetry… We have a better option for you!

Shag haircuts 2023 have become the most versatile this season and suit almost all girls.

Shag Haircuts 2023: Features

The arrival of winter is not far off!

The new season is the perfect time to change your image.

But the question arises: which haircut to choose, which of the trendy colors is the most suitable?

There are many questions, but answers … We all know that there are haircuts that do not fit a certain face shape.


But there are those that are considered universal, which are suitable for absolutely everyone. It’s about shag haircuts 2023.

This haircut does not have a specific length and even shape.

Shag haircuts 2023 are suitable for girls with short, long hair, with bangs and without bangs. And all because the basis of this haircut is layering.

Shaggy haircut is characterized by a distinct layered haircut that gives volume and movement to the hair. Its lightness makes this hairstyle ideal for parties, holidays, special occasions.

In addition, shag haircuts 2023 allow you to play with the hair length that best adapts to your face shape.

Shaggy Haircut’s History

A new haircut is always a new life, and with the advent of spring, you really want to see a reflection of a different, improved version of yourself in the mirror.

And it’s not at all because something is bad now – it’s just that the soul needs change!

If you are ready to change your image, we recommend that you get acquainted with the trendiest haircut of the season: shaggy is just a godsend for a modern fashionista. Because it does not require long styling, and can also be combined with any shade and length of hair.

The haircut was born in the era of the 70s to the bold and frank rhythms of rock and roll, inheriting the rebellious spirit and bohemian casualness of Mick Jagger, who, by the way, can be called an icon of this style.

Shag refers to layered haircuts and requires deep thinning of all layers of hair.

A haircut only at first glance seems simple and chaotic, but in fact it is literally a jewelry technique with complex corner cuts and a brace calculated to the millimeter.

With all this, shaggy always leaves room for creativity for the stylist – bangs and edging contours can be whatever you want.

Shag haircuts 2023 look luxurious both on short hair and on hair of medium length. And, by the way, it is perfectly combined with the forms of fashionable hairstyles such as bob.


Shaggy Coloring 2023

The versatility of the haircut extends to hair color: shaggy will emphasize the beauty of the blonde, brunettes, brown-haired and redhead, that is, absolutely any fashionable young lady.

Shag haircuts 2023 look especially advantageous on hair dyed in complex   techniques, such as airtouch or shatush, which, thanks to color highlights, make a playful accent on shaggy strands.

British socialite Alexa Chung and Bollywood beauty Priyanka Chopra are among the devoted fans of shag haircuts 2023.

By the way, notice the life hack from Priyanka “shaggy” haircut noticeably rejuvenates and refreshes the image!

In addition, it will be a salvation for thin hair – you are guaranteed a chic natural volume.

Tell us, isn’t this a “dream haircut”?

After all, shaggy has many advantages and not a single contraindications.

Shaggy Coloring 2023

Shag Haircuts 2023 on Celebrities

Not only do we like the return to the style of the 70s and 80s (a time directly associated with the concept of freedom), but also the celebrities of the world of fashion and beauty.

Social media is already filled with stylish images with shag haircuts 2023.

This style adapts to any type of hair and any length.

In addition, you can use many accessories: feathers, fresh flowers, decorative leaves. All this emphasizes the carelessness and airiness of the hairstyle.

To always look perfect, use the appropriate beauty products for volume.

Celebrities will be a great example for you in finding a variety of shaggy options.

So, let’s take a look at the best shag haircuts 2023 options that world celebrities offer.

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union knows how to masterfully turn a pixie haircut into a stylish shaggy. And all thanks to the longer strands on top and front, as well as side bangs.

Volume, carelessness and style are the main characteristics of this hairstyle.


Michelle Pfeiffer

Another stylish option when a shaggy haircut is perfect without contrasting layers. The effect of volume is created by light, careless waves.


Lana Condor

Combine a bob haircut with a shaggy hairstyle 2023 and thick bangs. You will get three trends at the same time in one hairstyle.

Follow the example of Lana Condor: cut the contrasting layers and straight bangs from the very top. Perfect!


January Jones

Do you prefer 70s style? Then try to repeat the January Jones hairstyle. She cut subtle layers and double bangs.

It is perfect if you don’t want to radically change your haircut.

We offer you a classic version that has been tested for decades.

Actress January Jones made a layered shoulder-length haircut with open bangs.

Only with the help of some upper strands did she create volume and the effect of negligence.

It is thanks to this that the image looks stylish and delicate. Without risk and noticeable negligence.


Kerry Washington

Another version of the shaggy hairstyle with a short haircut.

It is very similar to the hairstyle of Gabrielle Union, but still with a slight difference: with longer bangs and volume at the crown.


Natasha Lyonne

The actress became famous after the release of the series “Orange is the New Black”, in which she played the main role, the character Nikki Nichols.

It was this heroine who inspired the actress to create a shaggy hairstyle.

This is the most casual, wildest version of shaggy: sloppy curls, layered haircuts, lots of volume and curly, straight bangs.

To achieve Natacha Lyonne’s business-like yet casual style, ask your hairdresser to trim your bangs to frame your face. It should be thick and slightly rounded.


Halle Berry

Halle Berry definitely knows all about the power of shag haircuts 2023.

Over the years, she has sported many variations of the shaggy cut, from her famous pixie cut to the long shag haircuts 2023 with messy bangs.

The heroine of the movie “Catwoman” and one of the girls of James Bond, Halle Berry, just loves to follow the trends in haircuts.

We saw how perfect short hair suits her, and how elegant she looks with long hair.

This time, Holly opted for a shaggy hairstyle with bangs and short strands in front.


Julianne Hough

If your blunt bob haircut has grown and lost its shape, then you can easily transform it!

Straight bangs and a contrasting cascade are the best ways to update.

Although the ideal length for shag haircuts 2023 is shoulder length, however, Julianne Hough demonstrates that this type of hairstyle can look great with short hair.

Shaggy by Julianne Hough has become an indicator that the ends of the hair and bangs can create a very stylish look.



Shaggy haircut is suitable even for very curly hair. Short shag haircuts 2023 look very harmonious here, which frame the face and short bangs on the sides.

The layered haircut creates additional volume. It turns out a very sexy, feminine image.

long shag haircuts 2023

Courteney Cox

If you prefer a soft, inconspicuous layered haircut, then take note of Courteney Cox’s hairstyle.

The actress prefers natural bangs and medium shag haircuts 2023.

shag haircuts 2023

Taylor Swift

The singer made the main emphasis on thick bangs. Shag haircuts 2023 give the image a natural and even brutality.



Volumetric bangs, layered haircut and small curls emphasize the facial features of the actress.

The hairstyle looks very impressive also thanks to one of the trendy colors of the season: caramel color.

Curly hair is a real blessing for shag haircuts 2023, because curls contain all the necessary features for a stylish hairstyle: freedom, movement, naturalness, volume.

That’s why Zendaya was able to organize her hair with such a chaos in a vintage style.

To further draw attention to her hair, the actress opted for straight bangs and caramel coloring (several colored strands that frame her face).

This tone contrasts well with naturally dark hair.


Alexa Chung

The forehead haircut is in perfect harmony with the vintage style that Alexa Chung often prefers. The layered haircut emphasizes the natural effect, as if Alexa had just got out of bed.


Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan loves shag haircuts 2023, both short and long.

She now wears medium shag haircuts 2023 with a noticeable layered haircut and side bangs.


Chloe Grace Moretz

In the haircut of actress Chloe Grace Moretz, the main focus is on the double bangs. The contrasting layered haircut is not very noticeable due to the light hair and voluminous bangs that take all the attention.

Many layers of different lengths, shoulder-length hair, thick open bangs and a parting in the middle – this is a variant of Chloe Grace Moretz’s shag haircuts 2023.

This style has become one of the most popular in the spring-summer season.


Julia Roberts

If you have a shoulder-length haircut, like Julia Roberts, then try to use all the advantages of this length.

Julie demonstrates that this is the perfect length for a loose, wild, casual shag look. At the same time, the actress never cut her bangs.

She preferred to have a side parting so that her hair fell naturally over her face.


Emilia Clarke

The main character of “Game of Thrones” prefers an asymmetrical hairstyle for a shaggy look.

The elongated strands at the top, which go into the side careless bangs, and the short hair at the back create a very unusual effect together.


Sarah Hyland

Stylist Nikki Lee chose an original hairstyle for actress Sarah Hyland, based on side bangs, as well as a combination of short and long strands.

Long hair becomes shorter as it approaches the back of the head. Curls and a touch of carelessness create the perfect shaggy hairstyle.


Janelle Monáe

Another hairstyle option if you like short shaggy haircuts 2023 is Janelle Monáe’s hairstyle.

This is a more moderate option than the Emilia Clarke hairstyle in terms of the contrast of the side and top strands.


The singer is not looking for the maximum effect of freedom or negligence, she only uses a side parting and thick, long bangs.

This hairstyle can be defined as a shaggy classic.

We hope you have already chosen the most suitable shaggy haircut option and will soon go to the hairdresser to update your look for the new season.

Follow the latest fashion trends and don’t be afraid to experiment!


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