Fashion makeup 2019: Unique, trendy and odd Ideas for high fashion

There are different makeup styles, specially designed for some occasions.Have you ever watched or participated in fashion shows or photoshoots? Maybe you have noticed that fashion makeup differs from other makeup styles. So, if you want to get extra-ordinary makeup, then this article is for you. Let’s discover what Fashion Makeup 2019 suggests!

Fashion Makeup 2019: High Fashion Makeup: Nude makeup

Fashion Makeup: Flash Back

Fashion tendencies change day by day. Since there are many fashion designers who think out of boundaries, their models differ with unique, somehow strange makeup. It’s not casual makeup. Not everyone would agree to have it. With fashion makeup you can’t go to work, as you would look too strange for your colleagues.

Fashion Makeup 2019: Smokey eyes: Red arrows

If some decades ago arrows were considered to be part of fashion makeup, nowdays it’s part of casual makeup. Designers explain this fact that some thirty or forty years ago there weren’t variety of cosmetics. Only in the 21st century people learned about newly-discovered profession. So, makeup artist is new profession. And high fashion makeup totally differs from casual, evening, even bridal makeup.

Fashion Makeup 2019: pink blush splash

It was English fashion designer John Galiano that first applied his extra-ordinary and odd makeup ideas for fashion shows. Due to his experiments, fashion makeup became popular and everyone accepted alien looks of models.

Fashion Makeup 2019: Unique Ideas

Fashion Makeup 2019 offers unique, even strange, alien ideas for fashion shows, photoshoots. Eyeshadow and blush splash will be one of dominant trends of 2019.

Fashion Makeup 2019: Orange makeup: Blush splash

Arrows with different colors will be unique idea to outline eye beauty. So, if you want to create bright look, then mix several colors. Fashion makeup artists offer fashion makeup, when face is totally covered with rhinestones and glitters. In this case, dress should be in minimalist style.

Fashion Makeup 2019: Colorful makeup with eyeshadow and glitters

Long eyelashes will be trend of Fashion Makeup 2019. You may use even feathers. Strange and extra-ordinary makeup mix with unique hairstyle of 80s. Mixture of old and new styles always pleases nearly everyone. As those who don’t keen on accepting everything which is new, they find something that will please their taste. So, don’t avoid mixing different fashion makeup styles of different periods.

Fashion Makeup 2019: Strange High Fashion Makeup

Nude Fashion makeup will be on pedestal of high fashion. It’s type of makeup that fits nearly every model’s face. Hence, those who want to accentuate only dress, may use nude fashion makeup.

Fashion Makeup 2019: Nude makeup

For bridal dress demonstration also use nude makeup. Palette colors and matte lipstick will highlight gentleness and tender look of model.

Fashion Makeup 2019: Bridal makeup

Futuristic Fashion Makeup 2019

Nowdays, Fashion Makeup has goal: to create futuristic makeup that will be out-of-standard makeup style. It should be surreal, unreal. Clothes, shoes, hairstyle are also essential components of model’s look. So, they should be connected with one another. Model is demonstrator of a certin theme, that designer has think of. As fashion show or photoshoot may last several hours, use special tonics and fixators for makeup to stay longer.

Fashion Makeup 2019: Long eyelashes with feathers

Usage of highlighters is optional. But it would be better to highlight cheeks with blush, mainly golden blush. In case of lips use special contouring pencil, that gives lips more natural look.

Fashion Makeup 2019: Long eyelashes: Arrows

Hence, fashion makeup demands creativeness and patience.So…Think and create!

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