Lipstick colors 2019: Tips to get popular and trendy lipstick shades

Nearly every woman can’t imagine her day without lipstick. It is key of woman’s sef-confidence. It’s known fact  that final step of makeup is lipstick. As in makeup you accentuate either your lips or eyes. So, we have tried to find out lipstick colors 2019 that will help you to look splendid and trendy.

Lipstick colors 2019: Tutorial & Lip Art Compilation 2019

Lipstick Colors 2019: Dark colored lips

Lipstick Through Centuries

Not everyone knows anything about lipstick history. But if you search for any information, you will find out that it was Sumerian people who may be inventors of lipstick about 5000 years ago. They used gemstones as kind of decoration and covered area around lips and  eyes.

Liptick Colors 2019: Light Colored lips

Even in ancient Egypt people killed bugs to get red color on their lips. You may know that Cleopatra was very fashionable lady. Myths and legends about her beauty procedures know almost every girl who is interested in fashion, especially makeup trends and tendencies.

Lipstick Colors 20Light and dark colored lips

But in Egypt red lipstick used only people who had high social status. Hence, we can say that lipstick served as indicator of wealth and power.

Lipstick Colors 2019: Lip Balm

Later, Andalusian cosmetologist Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi invented solid lipsticks. And over 1000 years ago Chinese people invented some of the first lipsticks made of beeswax.

Thereafter they added scents to lipsticks. So, nowdays we have lipsticks with different odours starting from neutral ending with sweet.

Lipstick Colors 2019: Lip Balms: Neutral Color

Lip Coloring: Lipstick Colors 2019

Lip coloring gained popularity in 16th century, in England. Only upper class women and male actors had permission to use makeup. During the reign of Elizabeth I red lipstick became trendy. In 19th century lipstick got  carmine color. But it was applied with brush. It cost too expensive, but everyone considered that shade unnatural.

Lipstick Colors 2019: Red Lipstick Color

It’s interesting that before 19th century women applied makeup only at home.

Maurice Levy invented cylinder metal containers designed specially for lipsticks. Soon lipsticks started to be sold in these containers. Only after World War II  plastic and paper tubes replaced metal lipstick tubes.

Lipstick Colors 2019: Beige and light pink lipstick colors

Dark red was popular color of 19th and 20th centuries. Mainly flappers used this lipstick shade to outline their independence. But even nowdays it is in fashion and dark red color will also be included in lipstick colors 2019.

Lipstick Colors 2019: Dark shades of lipstick colors: Matte lipstick effect

Lipstick Colors 2019 offers also other shades that will be trendy. Mainly matte lipstick colors will be in fashion. If you want your lipstick stay longer, then use chemical lipsticks.

If you aren’t fond of bright liptick colors, then use pastel shades, or  balms that will make your lips look beautiful and stylish.

Lipstick Colors 2019: Nude lipstick shades

Lipstick Colors 2019 presents variety of ways to get splendid and elegant lip color. There are some color shades that will be trendy next year. Light pink, different shades of beige, ornagey peach, dark apricot, dark berry, brownish red will give you elegant and marvelous look.

Lipstick Colors 2019: Dark and light shades of lipstick colors

Choosing lipstick color

While choosing lipstick color take into account, your skin color. If you use eyeshadow as well, then be careful with your option. Try to choose color that will perfectly match not only with your eyeshadow color, but also with your look as well.

Therefore, Lipstick Colors 2019 offers you various options to get elegant and splendid lipstick color. Follow our tips and hints to stay in fashion!

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