Make up trends 2019: Top tips to get stylish and elegant makeup 2019 looks

Make up trends 2019 will help you stay in fashion and accentuate your natural beauty in the right way. Many girls can’t imagine their lives without makeup. Makeup style preferences are different for everyone. Some of them prefer to use only a mascara and a lipstick, others are fond of eyeliners and blushes.

So, the makeup style depends on what you want to highlight. Those who want to outline their eyes, apply a mascara, an eyeliner and maybe some eye shadow. Girls who want to highlight their lips and make them look fluffy and natural, mainly accentuate their lips with the help of lipsticks and lip pencils.

Make up Trends 2019: Dark-colored makeup with highlighters

You can’t imagine, but even in the ancient Egypt, people used makeup to cover their faces. That ritual had some meaning.

Only those who had a high social status, could use makeup. For this, they used insects’ blood to cover their lips with “red lipstick”. It’s also an interesting fact, that not only women, but also men applied makeup, mainly rouge and lip ointments. Men and women even used eye shadow, mainly in green color.

They had eyelash enhancers that were used by warriors to give a dark-colored look. So, we can state, that makeup was always used in purpose to enhance the natural beauty. Makeup is considered to be a symbol of femininity.

Make up Trends 2019: Trendy makeup look with dark colors

Over centuries, makeup never lost its popularity. Makeup trends change very quickly. Currently, there are many makeup bloggers who dictate their tastes. Even their experiments may become fashionable. So, undoubtedly we can say that today the social media dictates the fashion trends.

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Make up Trends 2019: Arrows and long eyelashes

What refers to eye shadows, the earliest evidence you can find is in the Babylon ruins. Special tools were used to get an eye shadow effect, such as tweezers and brow brushes. In Babylon both men and women applied eye shadow. In the ancient Greece, women did not apply makeup, as they were fond of natural skin color.

Only in the 4th century B.C. they started to use white lead for the face and crushed mulberries as a blush. They even created fake eyebrows, made of oxen hair. In the Roman Empire, for evening occasions, chalk and white lead were applied on skin. Wealthy women with high social statuses, had special servants that served as cosmetician.

When Christianity became widespread as a religion, the use of makeup diminished, as pale skin was fashionable during that period. Later, in the 17th century, both men and women used makeup in limited degree.They applied mainly some blush and lipstick.

Make up Trends 2019: Eyeshadow splash effect : Nude makeup trend

In the 18th century even children applied makeup. Usually just white powder to get the desirable pale skin color. Pale skin color was so popular due to TB, which was one of the common diseases of that period. They even ate chalk and drank iodine to achieve a pale skin color. What refers to the eyes, they were fond of bright eyes. For this, women ate arsenic, washed their eyes with orange or lemon juice.

In the Victorian age, women did not apply makeup, as at that period the use of makeup was available only for light-minded women. Later, however, in books you can find some information that even at that period when the use of makeup was limited, women applied it secretly.

Nowadays being a makeup artist is one of the most popular and profitable professions. It became more popular after 2015, when everyone could afford to go to a makeup artist for a special occasion.

There are different types of makeups, specially designed for this or that event. For instance, we can bring an example of casual, evening and bridal makeup. They differ from each other not only in colors and shades, but also in styles.

Make up Trends 2019: Eyeshadow make up with glitters and retouch effect

It is interesting that the choice of applying either excessive or natural makeup became free in 20th century. In the 1920’s women could choose among various lipstick shades, eye shadow colors. The period between the 1920’s and the 1930’s was revolutionary. At that period tans were first introduced.

So a question arises: “Why did women start to use face creams?” The answer is quite reasonable. A century ago, wealthy people did not work and stayed at home to prevent their skin from the sun, as pale skin color was trendy. At that period wealthy people boasted about the fact that they travel a lot. So, they stayed under the sun, that’s why the presence of skin tan became so trendy.

Make up Trends 2019: Consealers and skin cream colors

In 2019 soft colors, especially nude ones will be in fashion. So, palette of make up trends 2019 includes nude, pastel colors.

Make up Trends 2019: Nude Makeup

What refers to lipstick, both dark and light colors will be trendy. It depends what type of makeup are you going to do: casual, bridal or evening makeup. Peachy, dark red will be dominant lipstick colors of 2019.

Eye shadow effects with glitter will be one of the make up trends 2019. Splash eye shadow effect will also be on the makeup pedestal.

Make up Trends 2019: Eyeshadow effects

In this case you apply eye shadow not only over the lid, but also under the lower part of the eye. You may use eye shadows  or eyeliners of different colors. It may give you a unique and a bright look. The advantage of color mix is that you may match you makeup look with your appearance.

Make up Trends 2019: Colorful Eyeshadow effect: Color mix

Long eyelashes is the last important detail of the perfect makeup. Without them, your makeup may be incomplete. So, use special lengthening mascaras, or stick artificial eyelashes with a special glue.

Make up Trends 2019: Long Eyelashes

In 2019 nude makeup will be the dominant makeup style. However, if you want to highlight a certain part of your face, then accentuate with bright, dark colors and use highlighters. In case your skin has spots or a reddish color, then use concealers or face powders.

First try to find the shade that perfectly matches with your skin color. So, try to discover the make up trends 2019 and follow the latest updates of the makeup industry.

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