Black Nails 2023: Fashionable Trends and Ideas for Black Nail Designs

Black nails 2023 with chic and lightness successfully complement any look.

This color is one of the most versatile, it will look great on any shape and length of nails, the main thing is to decide on black nail designs 2023.

Black manicure began to regain its popularity a few seasons ago. And in 2023 it will remain relevant and in demand among millions of women of fashion around the world.


Despite the fact that a black shade may seem boring to someone, in fact it is quite multifaceted. And therefore a manicure in this color gives the female look not only some sophistication, but also mystery and luxury.

There are many design options for black nails 2023.

Nail masters have already prepared new items for 2023 and shared photos on the Internet. The choice will be very difficult to make. Each option combines beauty and chic.

Black Nails 2023: Nail Shape

Please note that the beauty of black nails 2023 largely depends on the correct shape and length of the nails.

For every day, it is better to choose square short nails – a sharp shape will look defiant and not suitable for every girl.

Black Nails 2023: Nail Shape

A favorite among ladies is the almond shape, it looks feminine and stylish. Combined with black polish and a small amount of decor, you get an extravagant manicure that is suitable for all occasions.

Black Nail Designs 2023 for Short Nails

Short nail length is perfect for any girl.

It is suitable for schoolgirls, office workers and business women. With such nails, you can attend any event, they will always look appropriate.

Solid Color Design

You can safely choose a solid black gel nail designs 2023. Do not think that this is too simple an option.

It is this design that is included in the most stylish novelties of 2023. If you want to add spice, cover the nail plate with a matte top. It will give your nails a touch of charm and aesthetics.

Black Nail Designs 2023 for Short Nails

Polka Dot Black Nails 2023

Polka dot black nails 2023 are an interesting option.

Some consider it childish, but it looks stylish.

This design is easy to translate into reality even at home. Try to take black as a base and apply polka dots with blue gel polish.

The tandem of black and pink also looks beautiful. Polka dots can be placed both on several fingers, and on all at once.

Polka Dot Black Nails 2023

Black Nails 2023 with Smoke

One of the best black nail designs 2023 for short nails is a black smoky manicure.

Blurred lines give the nails an incredibly beautiful look. White, blue and purple puffs of smoke on a black background are particularly relevant.

The brightest girls can add additional patterns to some nails or make the smoke voluminous.

Black Nails 2023 with Smoke


Another cool option is airbrushing. Such a design can be created using a special device.

The manicure looks fantastic. The gradient technique is in the greatest demand. The airbrush gently sprays paint on the nail, this makes it possible to make incredibly beautiful transitions between colors.


Short Nails’ Shape 2023

Despite the fact that over the past few years a clear and steady trend for naturalness has formed in the beauty industry, black manicure on short nails 2023 will be quite popular.

However, in this case, nail designers recommend paying more attention not to the decor of the manicure, but to the shape of the nails. Since it is the shape that will determine how much the girl is guided by nail trends 2023.

The most common shape of short nails in 2023 will be a pointed oval and a square with smoothed corners. In combination with dark tones of polish, such nails will look very aristocratic and sophisticated.

Short Nails’ Shape 2023

Short Nails’ Decor 2023

Black manicure on short nails impresses with its luxury and elegance. It is completely absent from gloominess and aggressiveness, unlike the design of long nails.

The decor of short nails should be restrained and concise. It is preferable to focus on one or more nails. It is best to use rhinestones, pearl or metal powder.

Additional shine will look impressive and stylish. Especially if it is combined with a matte surface.

Short Nails' Decor 2023

Design For Medium-Length Nails 2023

This is a universal option that women choose regardless of the season.

In this case, any shape will do. Medium length nails are good for a light dress, formal suit and regular jeans with a T-shirt. Shoes, hair and makeup are also suitable for any.

Design For Medium-Length Nails 2023


On a black background, in this case, floral motifs or twigs will look beautiful.

This is the best option for the nails in spring season. Bright colors are recommended. Such black nails 2023 combine notes of style, sharpness, harmony and audacity.

Best Options: red poppies; blue cornflowers; white asters; pink peonies; Red roses; white daisies.


Newspaper Design 2023

Newspaper manicure will look modern and youthful.

This design is usually chosen by creative individuals. It is difficult to perform, but the girls are not afraid of it.

This idea came to us from France and very quickly entered the most fashionable trends in nail art. Today, this design can often be found in the photos of popular bloggers.

Newspaper Design 2023

Designs For Long Nails 2023

Long nails are in demand among bright fashionistas.

With such a length, you will not be able to come to work in the office, but feel free to go to a party. On a large area of the nail plate, you can create real masterpieces, add any decorations and combine them with any technique.

Stylish black manicure for long nails in 2023 is striking in its diversity. Last season, it made a splash in the nail industry, and continues to occupy a leading position.

Its advantage is not only in the sophistication of a deep and rich monochrome shade, but also in extreme versatility, practicality and contrast.

Designs For Long Nails 2023


Black nails 2023 are perfectly emphasized by rhinestones, sparkles and sequins.

They are usually applied to several nails, but you can add them to all. Just note that in large quantities these decorative elements can make a manicure vulgar.

In the best way, such decorative elements as rhinestones, glitters and shimmering powder are combined with black manicure, since they can harmoniously complement the gloomy tone and bring idleness and luxury into it.


Spider Web

The spider web looks interesting on long black nails 2023.

This design is gaining popularity every day. It seems simple at first glance, but it looks very nice and newfangled.

The standard version is a white web on a black backing. But you can move away from the classics and do something creative.

It will look unusual on a black background, a web of red, silver, pink and green. The most striking design can be created using multi-colored stripes.


Gold Leaf Design 2023

The gold leaf design has become a popular option for long black nails 2023.

This design of nails adds a touch of charm to any image, looks expensive and aristocratic. In tandem with a black tint, the gold leaf makes women’s hands more elegant and graceful.

Gold Leaf Design 2023


Floral motifs are still the main nail trends 2023. And in combination with a black base coat, they will look just great.

A variety of floral patterns, monograms and openwork lace will impress even the most demanding fashionistas.



And, of course, geometric patterns on a black finish, both matte and glossy, will remain quite relevant.

Despite the popularization of restraint and conciseness for the third consecutive season.

In 2023, a beautiful complex manicure in dark colors will be in trend. A hit will be a combination of black and white gel polishes using geometric or lace patterns.

Thus, black manicure will become more expressive and mysterious.


Animal Print 2023

In addition, it should be noted that this season the long-forgotten trend of animal print or reptile skin imitation will return again.

This design option, combined with black, is quite bold and independent. And therefore will be incredibly in demand among extraordinary personalities.

Animal Print 2023

Black French Nails 2023

Lovers of laconic design can choose French nails 2023.

The black “smile” line will look unusual and creative. For those who are tired of the classics, you can consider the moon design. It is included in the top nail trends 2023. It always looks neat and stylish.

The most spectacular design can be created using a matte black base and a golden hole at the bottom of the nail plate.

Black French Nails 2023

Black Nails 2023 with Inscriptions

Bright girls who follow the latest fashion trends should pay attention to black nails 2023 with inscriptions.

The trend is words in Japan and French. If you want to create something unusual, try adding hieroglyphs.

Some women believe that such signs can help bring good luck, love and wealth into their lives. Such a manicure is of great interest because of its uniqueness – only the owner knows the exact meaning of the drawn signs.

The length of nails in manicure plays a huge role. But there is good news: black gel polish will look great at any length. Here the choice will depend on your preferences.

Black Nails 2023 with Inscriptions

Black Gel Nail Designs 2023: Color Combinations

Design options of black nails 2023 can be the most bizarre, catchy and unique.

Choosing black nail polish, you can almost forget about the choice of shades. Because it can be well combined with all tones.

This is a true classic that goes well with any look.

Black Gel Nail Designs 2023: Color Combinations


Silver looks incredibly aesthetically pleasing and elegant.

This effect is created using acrylic paint or gel, gloss, foil, special tape, rubbing or stickers. Magic tandem – silver sparkles and black gel polish. You can create a fabulous rain effect if you apply a small amount of glitter.


Black and Red

The duet of black and red is a classic that is often used in the modern nail industry. A very trendy design can be done by creating a fire effect using the gradient technique, adding wine and burgundy.


Black And White Nail Designs 2023

Black and white nail designs 2023 look impressive and charming.

Such a contrast will appeal to many ladies. Patterns in the form of dots, stripes, hearts, stars and twigs are welcome. You can add inscriptions or make an abstract manicure.

Black And White Nail Designs 2023

Black and Beige

Black and beige manicure is distinguished by subtlety and tenderness.

Many girls choose it in winter, but it is relevant at any time of the year. This is a beautiful combination that will be a great addition to any look. You can go with this manicure for a date or choose it for everyday wear.


Black and Yellow

To create bright black girl nail designs 2023, preference should be given to a tandem with yellow.

This will be a great option as the summer nails in 2023. Here you can give free rein to your imagination and add interesting patterns. Actual illustrations of moths, avocados, pineapples, flowers and insects.

Yellow bees on a black background will look youthful and stylish.


Broken Glass Nail Design 2023

The leading position is occupied by the “broken glass” dark nail designs 2023.

The effect is achieved using a special foil. The result will be incredibly impressive. On a black substrate, holographic foil overflows look magical and very impressive.

If you add voluminous stickers here, the manicure will take on a stunning look.

Broken Glass Nail Design 2023

Striped Black Nails 2023

Striped black nails 2023 are also relevant.

This is a super stylish design that looks good on any nail length. Stripes can be vertical, diagonal, horizontal, and even zigzag.

For a brighter effect, you can add patterns in the form of silhouettes of faces, diamonds or geometric shapes.

Striped Black Nails 2023

Chameleon Design 2023

The most popular will be coloring on a black background. Or as it is also called the “chameleon” technique.

Combinations of black with rich anthracite, blue-black in an ensemble with indigo blue, as well as a tandem with marengo and marsala will become trendy.

Chameleon Design 2023

Dark Nail Designs 2023: Matte

Not only glossy black nails 2023 are in fashion, but also matte.

It attracts attention due to its spectacular appearance. This design of nails is ideal for both everyday wear and for attending festive events. For a festive manicure, you can add decorative elements: rhinestones; sequins; beads; foil.

Dark Nail Designs 2023: Matte

Starry Sky Nails

Also in 2023, you should pay attention to the design of the “starry sky”.

It suits mysterious girls. If you love watching stars fall or looking at constellations, this is the right choice for you.

Try covering all your nails with a matte black top and putting your favorite constellation on your ring finger. It is better to give preference to square nails of medium length.

Starry Sky Nails 2023

Black Girl Nail Designs 2023: Marble

The top best ideas also include marble black nails 2023.

Black Girl Nail Designs 2023: Marble
This is a tandem of luxury and simplicity. Girls like it because of its versatility and beautiful look.
Such a manicure will always look chic and stylish, and even a beginner can perform it. Marble manicure in black design will attract the eye.

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