Blue Nails 2023: Best 21 Trends and Ideas With Blue Nail Polish Designs

Nail Designs

Blue nails 2023 are on the list of the most fashionable trends. Gel polish of this color looks beautiful on nails and adds a touch of elegance to any look.

Blue nail designs 2023 are beautiful both in monophonic execution and in combination with decor.


The advantage of color is its versatility and abundance of shades. You can choose any of them and combine them with the most trendy nail art techniques. The result is always impressive.

The design novelties are so impressive that it will be extremely difficult for girls to make a choice.

Blue nails 2023 will be relevant at any time of the year and at any event.

What novelties should we expect in blue nail trends 2023?

Blue Nails 2023: French

Blue French nails 2023 are in great demand among girls.

Today, fashionistas are trying to move away from the classics and do something unusual on their nails.

Blue Nails 2023: French

The blue “smile” line looks extraordinary and creative. You can also experiment with its shape.

The triangular version looks interesting. This French looks concise and fresh.

Blue Ombre Nails 2023

Turquoise manicure looks very cool on short blue ombre nails 2023 .

If you want to make more delicate blue nail designs 2023, then it is better to choose pastel colors.

The Tiffany color will look elegant – this is a novelty in the nail world. It conveys a luxurious imitation of marble on the nails.

This design is in the top best blue nail ideas 2023.

Blue Ombre Nails 2023

Blue Sweater Nails 2023

Knitted blue nails 2023 can wrap you in warmth and unforgettable comfort. This is an incredibly lightweight design that is reminiscent of your favorite sweater.

It looks graceful and elegant. Ladies prefer to choose this design option in autumn and winter.

Blue Sweater Nails 2023


Geometry will help add stylish colors to the design.

Unusual shapes of different sizes look very modern and fashionable in combination with blue gel polish.

The intersection of diamonds, squares and straight lines creates a unique nail design 2023. You will be irresistible with this design of blue nails 2023.


Solid Blue Nails 2023

For those who do not like bright design, a solid blue nails 2023 are perfect.

The shape and length of the blue nails 2023 do not matter, it all depends on your preferences.

For a more elegant look, you can cover your nails with a matte top. Manicure will take on a more delicate and feminine look.

Solid Blue Nails 2023


Abstract patterns give the image a stylish look. The manicure looks youthful and beautiful.

It is recommended to choose dark colors.

This design is suitable for girls who want to move away from strict rules. The main features of abstract manicure are sweeping, randomness, brightness and expressiveness.

The patterns in this case defy common sense, they are absolutely illogical. This abstraction attracts special attention.

One of the best things about this design is the ease of implementation. Even a beginner can make such blue nails 2023 manicure at home.

Nail masters recommend creating new variations.

It looks interesting with geometry, strokes, dots and splashes, as well as a tandem with the “negative space” technique.

Such techniques in nail art will look impressive and non-standard.



This is a trendy design that looks intriguing and aesthetically pleasing, giving women’s fingers a luxurious and chic look.

Foil elements will be a great addition to blue nails 2023 of any shape; in tandem with blue gel polish, it will look irresistible.

You can try choosing blue foil and applying it to a white base. This option will look unusual.

This design is rare, so your hands will draw attention everywhere. Manicure is suitable for both everyday wear and business meetings.

Express yourself creatively with nail foil.

The royal blue base exudes nobility and the added foil elements on top make you feel luxurious. This is a great option for an Instagram photo shoot or going to the movies.


Blue Nail Designs 2023: Half-Moon

It is better to choose it for girls with medium and long nails.

The blue coating goes well with the white holes. Manicure looks natural and attractive.

The moon line should be clearl and neat, then the nails take on a neat appearance.

Half-moon manicure will look amazing in combination with lace, intricate monograms and spider web.

They should be applied in white, gold or black on a blue base.

Also, you can dilute the design with interesting patterns. But do not overdo it, it is better to focus on one nail.

Blue Nail Designs 2023: Half-Moon

Marble Manicure 2023

The beauty of this manicure is beyond words. This is a stylish, original and very effective design.

Marble is good on its own, but if you want a more festive option, then you can add decorative elements.

Usually nail masters use glitter or shimmer, matte top, foil, rub or metallized stripes. The addition of gold elements looks especially cool.

Try pairing this design with the negative space technique for a light, weightless manicure.

You can leave half of the nail platinum unpainted with a marble pattern, using foil stripes or geometric lines to separate.

One can ofteen see this design in the pictures of the most fashionable magazines.

Marble Manicure 2023

Polka Dots On Blue Nails 2023

Cute polka dot design is subject even to a beginner.

You can easily make such a manicure at home without asking for help from a master.

Black and white dots look best on a blue backing. The design looks unobtrusive and gentle, women of all ages and statuses choose it.

This manicure can be seen in different interpretations.

You can experiment with the size and placement of the dots. The dots can be drawn randomly or created into a pattern.

It’s a good idea to apply blue dots to a beige or milk base. It will also be interesting to look at silver polka dots on a blue or turquoise background.

Polka Dots On Blue Nails 2023

If you want something catchy and stylish, then choose navy blue nails 2023.

If you have long nails, then this is a nice bonus. Such a manicure will look impressive.

Navy Blue Nails 2023


As for the patterns, the zodiac sign, stars, anchors, ships, butterflies and flowers look great on a blue background.

Nail masters recommend choosing a shade that is not too dark.

It is not recommended to combine a picture drawn on a blue background with bright colors: red, light green and orange.


Turquoise Nails 2023

The color turquoise looks tropical and gives the holiday feel that many of us crave.

A small dot design will be a good option if you want to create a delicate and at the same time bright manicure.

Turquoise is saturated with a light shade.

This design is most often chosen by girls who are used to leading an active lifestyle.

The length of the nails can be short or long. The shape doesn’t matter. Turquoise manicure is rarely made simple, it is usually complemented with rhinestones or beads.

Turquoise Nails 2023

Blue Nail Ideas 2023: Pixie Crystals

Crystals are fairly solid elements that are attached to the plate with a special adhesive.

Use these elements to decorate New Year’s and Christmas manicure.

Due to the brightness of the particles, only 2-3 nails are chosen for decoration, otherwise the image may turn out to be too vulgar.

The trend of 2023 is a crystal on the ring finger with a blue French manicure.

Blue Nail Ideas 2023: Pixie Crystals

Pale Blue Nails 2023

Pastel matte textures are still relevant in 2023.

Pale blue manicure is a kind of classic. This option is especially suitable for short square nails. Girls often choose delicate shades of blue in spring and summer.

Pale Blue Nails 2023

Blue Summer Nails 2023: Marine Design

Almost every girl goes to the sea in the summer and does a manicure on a given topic.

A vivid example of this is a white and blue manicure with a red anchor.

Often such blue nails 2023 are complemented by elements in the form of various marine and oceanic motifs.

Blue Summer Nails 2023: Marine Design

Floral Patterns

A shade of blue is recognized as the most suitable base for a manicure on which flowers can be applied.

Any technique can be used here. If you chose a blue flower, the best base colors are white, beige, and gold.



A great way to diversify your nail design.

Tiny sequins come in different sizes and shapes: round, square, layered or heart shaped.

Blue sequins look good on short nails – both white and black, against a light neon background.


Color Combinations With Blue Polish 2023

The most common shades of blue manicure can be combined, changed, and you can add new tones to them.

In 2023, both saturated colors and pastel colors are in fashion. With any design, you will not be left without attention.


The combination of blue and red colors will give a truly explosive effect.

The red color itself is incredibly beautiful and rich. Such a design may be original, but in this case, you should pay special attention to the choice of shades.

Some of them may be completely incompatible. Such a manicure looks stylish and outrageous.

Color Combinations With Blue Polish 2023: Red


Yellow and blue complement each other well, contributing to a significant increase in saturation and depth of shades.

Given this fact, shades cannot be combined in a 1:1 ratio, one color should be the main one, and the other should be used to create small details.

Such a manicure is suitable for girls who like to spend time in nature or lead an active lifestyle.

Color Combinations With Blue Polish 2023: Yellow


This combination is relevant at any time.

Decorating a manicure with decorative elements can give it even more aesthetics. A gradient, geometric design, French or moon manicure will look good here.

Color Combinations With Blue Polish 2023: Black


This combination is bright and to some extent extravagant.

When choosing an emerald shade, pay attention to inky blue. Such polishes can imitate the skin of a snake. It is very fashionable in 2023.

A fresh shade of green is only suitable if you choose clothes of the same color.

Blue here acts as an element that dilutes an excessive amount of green. The combination of emerald green and navy blue is perfect for blue summer nails 2023.

Color Combinations With Blue Polish 2023: Emerald


The golden hue looks expensive in combination with blue.

Blue matte manicure with gold decorative elements (sparkles, rhinestones) is very popular now.

If you have long nails, pay attention to the bright tones of blue. In combination with them, a gold ornament or ribbons will look very cool.

Color Combinations With Blue Polish 2023: Gold


Blue nails 2023 decorated with a silver pattern are an excellent combination

Cold shades of blue are more organic. French manicure is very popular, where the base is blue and the “smile” line is silver.

Color Combinations With Blue Polish 2023: Silver


The most beautiful combination of shades is blue and white.

White gel polish looks aesthetically pleasing as a base coat, with the addition of blue adhesive tapes.

An excellent solution is a blue gel polish with a snow-white pattern in the form of stars randomly scattered along the bottom of the base layer. It is especially appropriate to use this pattern on long nails.

Color Combinations With Blue Polish 2023: White

Blue Nail Ideas 2023 for Long Nails

On long nails, you can create real masterpieces of nail art.

This is a huge canvas for translating the most incredible ideas into reality.

You can combine different shades, techniques, add various decor elements and draw cool illustrations. Here you just need to give free rein to your imagination.

Blue Nail Ideas 2023 for Long Nails

Yellow And Blue Nails 2023

Try a combination of yellow and blue.

Bright yellow in tandem with deep blue make you dream of sunny days.

Such an alliance looks fresh and newfangled, uplifting.

Try alternating these shades on your nails, and focus on one in the form of a flower and rhinestones. Get an interesting design.

Yellow And Blue Nails 2023


Add a touch of elegance to your blue nails 2023 and decorate them with gold glitter.

Gold looks expensive and elegant. This design is perfect for any season. It will perfectly complement any of your image.



Various patterns look very nice on a blue background.

In the cold period of time, girls like to add Christmas decorations, snowflakes, stars and curls.

In warm months, illustrations with flowers, twigs, cute little animals and moths are relevant.

The design with cartoon characters remains timeless.

Illustrations with Mickey and Mini Mouse, Aladdin, Disney princesses, Stitch and Olaf are in demand here.


Cat Eye Nails 2023

If you want to do something really chic on long blue nails 2023, then give preference to the cat-eye design. It is distinguished by its depth and incredible modulations.

To create a design, it is better to use dark shades of blue. You can supplement this design with elements of foil or rhinestones. The effect will be stunning.

Cat Eye Nails 2023

Matte Blue Nails 2023

Matte top looks simple and chic at the same time. The covering reminds a velvet and gives to female hands an elegant look.

Compared to gloss, this design has a more concise look.

In 2023, stylists advise paying attention to the color indigo.

Matte Blue Nails 2023


Blue Manicure Ideas For Short Nails 2023

Short nails are universal, which is why girls love them so much.

Many people think that it is impossible to create an impressive manicure at such a length, but this opinion is erroneous.

Blue Manicure Ideas For Short Nails 2023

Nail artists have prepared hundreds of cool designs for 2023. Some of the blue nail ideas 2023 they have already shared in the photo on social media.


Rubbing will look great on short blue nails 2023.

It involves the reflection of a large number of reflective particles on the surface of the nail.

This is a relatively new technique in the world of the nail industry, but it has already managed to win the hearts of many girls.

It is recommended to give preference to holographic rubbing. It will give your blue nails 2023 a fresher and trendier look.

Usually it is shiny dust. This design is a perfect option for parties and holidays, as it is spectacular and bright.



To create a festive design, you can dilute the blue nails 2023 with rhinestones, beads or pebbles.

But on short nails there should not be a lot of them – it is better to focus on one or two fingers.

Rhinestones can be of any color and shape. From small elements, you can create an interesting pattern.


Dark Blue Nails 2023: Space

The design in the style of space will look incredibly impressive.

Dark blue nails 2023 are covered with patterns of the planets. Almost imperceptible sparkles can be added.

Illustrations are best placed on three fingers: index, middle and ring. This nail design option will be the envy of everyone around.

Dark Blue Nails 2023: Space


A delicate design can be created using patterns with flowers.


Floral motifs are always in high demand among ladies. Cornflowers, forget-me-nots and dandelions are the best combinations with blue gel polish.

This design is suitable for cute and romantic natures – it is the embodiment of femininity and elegance.

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