Top 23 Long Nails 2023 Ideas And Trends That You’ll Want to Try

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Graceful long nails 2023 with a delicate manicure are a natural decoration of the hands and an attractive addition to the whole image.

This type of nail design is universal. Since it does not need to be changed when changing the image, it goes well with office or casual outfits, as well as with a festive dress.


Beautiful new long nail designs 2023 are presented in our review.

Some of the ideas of gentle manicure have already become classics, as women have liked it for a long time.

However, there are new long nail trends 2023 that are just coming into fashion. The gentle design is characterized by natural colors.


Of these, in the spring-summer of 2023, at the peak of popularity will be:

  • light blue;
  • soft pink;
  • light lilac;
  • warm peach;
  • beige shades;
  • sand palette;
  • milky white;
  • cream;
  • grey.

The winning option is a gradient made of pastel shades on long nails 2023.

The demand for easy and natural nail design is gradually growing from year to year. This can be explained by the versatility of the coating, suitable for any image.

To pastel shades in the design of long nails 2023, stylists recommend to look especially carefully. They became the basis for many original and stylish ideas.

Neon gel polishes, shiny decor (foil, glitter, rhinestones, etc.), various patterns and prints will be in fashion.

long nails 2023


As a decor, you can take sequins or small rhinestones. A pattern of lace or solid colors looks no less harmonious.

Bold and extravagant ladies can opt for a regular French nails 2023. But the “smile” on the nail should be in a bright contrasting color.

Decor elements in spring and summer in a delicate nail design 2023 will be concise and elegant.

Monochrome sequins, matte foil, attractive glitter and pearl rubbing are ideal as decorations.

Actual manicure in a gentle version looks great on nails of any length, which is why it has become so popular among fashionistas.

In addition, nails designed in a neutral style are suitable for any event: be it a holiday party, a business meeting or a meeting of friends.

In the photo gallery you can see the top ideas and novelties for gentle manicure for long nails 2023, which will be at the height of fashion in autumn-winter and spring-summer season 2023.

Also in the trend in the summer of 2023 will be a combination of different techniques in nail design 2023.

So, neon and matte finishes will look great together. An unusual solution will be offered by masters to fashionistas – nail design in different colors, even incongruous colors will be appropriate.

In addition, the following design ideas will occupy the top positions in the upcoming summer season:

  • color block;
  • classic minimalism;
  • geometry combined with shiny decor elements;
  • floral prints.

For brave girls who prefer extraordinary solutions, the masters offer a leopard pattern made on a nude or red coating.

In the summer of 2023, patterns of fruits, berries and flowers will be in fashion.

No less popular will be the spectacular modeling that women love so much.

Long Nails 2023 Trends


Long nails 2023 provide an opportunity to embody almost any ideas in manicure design.

In the next season, different forms of nails will be in fashion:

  • pointed;
  • soft;
  • oval;
  • almond-shaped;
  • square,
  • long coffin nails 2023.

Which shape to choose depends on personal preference. For each of them, you can create an original and interesting image, using both minimalism and a brighter art design.

Long Nails 2023 Shapes

Floral Nail Design 2023

Floral motifs on the nails have not surprised anyone for a long time, because it adds femininity to the image. However, stylists are constantly offering new manicure ideas with floral accents.

For example, a colorless coating on several fingers with the design of the rest in pastel colors and decorated with a floral pattern looks incredibly fresh and romantic.

This discreet elegant manicure nevertheless attracts everyone’s attention.

Any vegetation can be depicted on the nails. For long nails 2023, you can choose juicy palm trees, beautiful small and graceful twigs, green cacti, tropical patterns or small flowers.

These and other floral long nail designs 2023 are all the rage.

Floral Nail Design 2023

Lace Nail Design 2023

Delicate lace on the long nails 2023 creates an atmosphere of purity and femininity.

This design is perfect for creating a romantic look that is relevant in the coming year.

Openwork patterns, made in pastel shades, can be safely depicted both on long nails 2023 and on short ones.

Various experiments with design and colors are welcome.

Lace Nail Design 2023

Long Nail Designs 2023: Pearl Motifs

In spring and summer, associations with the warm sea especially warm the soul. Therefore, pearl coating on the nails has become so popular.

It looks especially impressive in combination with tanned skin.

Light with mirror highlights, the design will become an unconditional trend. A small rub applied over cream gel polish will help create the effect of pearl shine. Nails with it will begin to shimmer like a delicate mother of pearl.

The most suitable colors for pearl manicure: soft pink, beige, blue, lilac and shades of white.

Long Nail Designs 2023: Pearl Motifs

Stones And Rhinestones

Trendy, fresh and natural coverage will be very popular in 2023.

A great combination for it is sparkling rhinestones and small stones. Shiny elements are important to place correctly on the nail plates. So that they do not overload the image with excessive shine.

You can decorate 1-2 accent fingers with bright elements, and leave the rest in a more restrained version.

The original solution would be to place rhinestones on all fingers, forming a common pattern. The main thing is that sparkling patterns do not overshadow the tenderness of the manicure.

Glitter will not stand aside in 2023, adding gloss and shine to the appearance of nails both in spring-summer and autumn-winter. Restrained pastel shades harmoniously look in combination with glitter, seqins or liquid small sparkles.

Gorgeous shiny pebbles of different sizes will be a wonderful decoration for a manicure made in any technique. With the help of rhinestones, you can make accents on individual nails, as well as perform different patterns with them.

With the help of rhinestones, you can create such compositions:

  • turtle;
  • starfish;
  • stripes – horizontal and vertical;
  • butterflies;
  • flowers;
  • fruits and more.

Decoration with rhinestones on almond-shaped long nails 2023 looks especially original and creative.


Long Nails 2023 With Inscriptions

A simple and concise manicure decorated with text will be the peak of fashion in 2023.

True fashionistas place declarations of love, funny phrases or interesting slogans on long nails 2023.

Romantic girls quote phrases from their favorite books or movies.

You can create a beautiful and delicate nail design yourself with a thin brush. Alternatively, you can use the slider. Both options, executed carefully, will not go unnoticed by others.

An interesting inscription is easy to place on nails of any length. They are perfect for their delicate design.

Long Nails 2023 With Inscriptions

French Nails 2023

Traditional French manicure has many interesting and varied options for both the warm season and autumn-winter.

Thanks to various variations, it has been a leader for several seasons, not leaving the lists of trendy manicure art.

In the upcoming season, gentle French manicure takes a special place.

Fashionistas will be able to use not only the usual methods of nail design 2023, but also new products. It is allowed to use mother-of-pearl, beige, peach or pink shades on the surface of the plate.

Subtle lace motifs, color compositions, non-standard cheerful shapes, ribbons with reflections and a scattering of shining stones favorably emphasize the fragility and grace of the female hands.

In the next summer season, the trend will be French manicure, made using bright coatings. As the main color, the masters recommend taking neutral light shades – white, colorless, pale pink and others.

Any bright colors can be used for the tips of the nails.

As a supplement, you can use:

  • floral patterns;
  • stripes;
  • abstract patterns;
  • polka dots.

Studying photos with different design options will help you choose the most current long nail trends 2023.

In summer French manicure, it is allowed to use more than two bright shades of the coating. An important condition is that the colors must be perfectly combined with each other.

French Nails 2023

Half-Moon Design 2023

Half-moon long nails 2023 continue to improve, acquiring actual tenderness.

Smiling emoticons can be bright, colored or transparent, with rhinestones, sparkles, regardless of size and shape.

The advantage of the half-moon design is that the plate looks neat even after it has grown back.

Half-Moon Design 2023

Marble Effect on Long Nails 2023

The greatest demand is manifested in the natural textured details of the traditional design.

Concerning a delicate coating that needs a delicate frame, a marbled pattern is ideal.

Marble Effect on Long Nails 2023

Sequins And Cobweb

Matte beauty in manicure will become especially expressive in autumn-winter if you decorate one nail with neutral rainbow sequins with the addition of patterned techniques in the form of a cobweb.

This decoration is distinguished by elegance and exquisite taste and is considered a novelty for 2023.

This element of decor will make manicure playful and festive at the same time. To decorate nails, you can use plain and multi-colored sequins. They will look most appropriate as an accent on one nail.


The variety of top manicure with easy application includes gradient, standing out with impeccable modesty and tact.

You can get a guarantee of a perfect manicure if you choose an eye-catching pastel tone of colors, creating with it the most delicate opaque gradient.

This technique is used in summer manicure using bright color coatings. Masters recommend using different combinations:

  • yellow and orange;
  • purple and blue;
  • blue and pink;
  • crimson and orange.

Smooth transitions made using the gradient technique will make the manicure original and fashionable.

This design is suitable for both everyday and festive looks.

Long Nail Trends 2023: Gradient

Matte Nail Design 2023

The lack of sheen in the nude finish is the perfect complement to embellishing the nail plate.

The most popular shades for long acrylic nails 2023 are peach, beige, gray, pink and coffee with milk.

They are wonderfully combined and complemented by deep, eye-catching overflows.

The matte surface is in harmony with the brilliant decor and miniature patterns. Beautiful and delicate long nail designs 2023 and novelties can be viewed in the collection on our website.

A muted matte finish will be in trend in the summer 2023. You can use this type of design with and without decorative elements.

This technique will make even a bright manicure more elegant and stylish.

Matte Nail Design 2023

Geometric Style 2023

Pastel and nude shades are the perfect base for geometric manicure.

Geometry will highlight individuality, drawing the attention of others to the nails, which are distinguished by an unusual pattern.

Various points and lines, geometric shapes can complement the image. You can get acquainted with the design of geometric manicure in the photo selection novelties.

Geometric Style 2023

Foil Nails Design 2023

Decorating with foil in 2023 will be relevant on pastel-colored coatings.

Fashion experts predict that the top will feature gold foil over light pink polish.

Quite a bold decision – the implementation of a mixed nail design with a combination of stripes and neat compositions.

Such a delicate technology in manicure is obtained using foil prints, small fragments of foil or ribbons.

Foil Nails Design 2023

Long Nail Designs 2023: Abstraction

A stylish idea of decoration – abstraction – has found its expression in a trendy lightweight manicure.

This technique allows you to use touches, natural attributes and motifs. To be always in trend, you should familiarize yourself with the latest.

Intricate abstract-style patterns, made on a coating of any color, are ideal for a summer manicure. This design is appropriate for both everyday and festive look.

Long Nail Designs 2023: Abstraction

Nude Long Nails 2023

Non-binding body tone, rich in an abundance of shades, contributes to the creation of wonderful options for various stylistic trends.

Light milky or close to skin tone color can be independent or become a detail of mixed nail art.

It will be possible to achieve a solemn bodily manicure if you add lace blotches and sparkles to the design. Stripes or abstract prints are used for everyday designer nudes.

The world’s leading nail masters are to be commended for turning chic fantasies into reality. Long nails 2023 will acquire exquisite softness and feminine sophistication.

Beautiful and delicate design ideas will become fashionable. Such a design on long nail plates is amazingly attractive and adds harmony to the image.

Nude Long Nails 2023

Trendy Shades 2023

Each girl can choose the color of the coating based on her taste. But for those who follow fashion, it will be interesting to know which shades will occupy top positions in the next summer season.

These include:

  • all chocolate shades – from the lightest to the darkest;
  • plum;
  • Bordeaux;
  • Marsala;
  • wine;
  • crimson;
  • black – glossy and matte;
  • colorless.

Manicure for long nails 2023 will allow you to use both ready-made design ideas and those invented on your own.

Trendy Shades 2023

Classic White

White color looks great on both short and long nails 2023. Any decor elements look perfect on this color:

  • foil;
  • rhinestones;
  • various patterns;
  • sequins and more.

You can apply decorations both on all nails, and only on the ring fingers of each hand.


Riot of Colors

Bright, juicy colors are in demand among fashionistas for several seasons.

Masters believe that they will be popular in the summer of 2023. Neon shades look especially interesting in summer manicure.

It is allowed to use in the design of both multi-colored coatings and plain ones.

A fresh idea from fashion experts – a colored French, decorated with silver stars.

long nail trends 2023

Nail Designs 2023 With Fruits

Painted, made with transfer stickers or lined with rhinestones, fruits, according to stylists, will be the perfect decoration for nails 2023.

Masters advise using “fruit” patterns as an accent, putting it on one finger of each hand.

It would be appropriate to cover the rest of the nails with polish in the color of the depicted fruit.

Nail Designs 2023 With Fruits

Bright Neon Long Nails 2023

Neon, “flashy” coatings will help create an unusual manicure that attracts everyone’s attention.

For manicure for long nails 2023, the following shades are ideal:

  • blue;
  • green;
  • citric;
  • coral.

The following decorative elements will give special originality to neon manicure:

  • sequins;
  • glitter;
  • foil.

It is important to remember that neon shades themselves are very bright. So you need to be very careful with decorations so as not to overload the image.

Bright Neon Long Nails 2023

Ombre Nails 2023

In the ombre, you can embody absolutely any of your fantasies. You can combine this technique with beach and city motifs.

Manicure for long acrylic nails 2023, made in this technique, will look great with such decorations:

  • plain sequins;
  • negative space;
  • sequins;
  • various patterns;
  • gradient.

The ombre style allows you to create a bright, charming and unusual manicure that is suitable for both everyday and festive looks.

Ombre Nails 2023

Evening Summer Manicure 2023

To add elegance and style to a summer evening look, it is advisable to use pastel-colored coatings, and take beads and rhinestones as decorating elements.

Evening Summer Manicure 2023

You can arrange them both randomly and in the form of any geometric figure.

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