Matte Nails 2023: Top 22 Amazing Matte Nail Ideas 2023 For You To Try

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Elegant matte nails 2023 suit girls of any age and status. For the first time, matte manicure began to be done in 1993, but it entered fashion trends only after 2010.


It impressed the girls with its versatility and incredibly beautiful look.

In 2023, this design is presented in abundance of colors and techniques.

Photos of the best matte nail ideas 2023 can be found below.

Matte Nails 2023: Gradient

Fashion trends 2023 include a tandem with a gradient.

This effect gives the female image charm, emphasizing sophistication and a sense of style.

Matte Nails 2023: Gradient

Incredible transitions of shades always look elegant and concise. You can attend any event with such matte nails 2023 – it is always appropriate.

Matte Nail Designs 2023: French

In 2023, matte French will also be relevant.

Do not choose the classic design. Try modifying the “smile” line – it can be angular or V-shaped.

You can also decorate it with silver or golden gel polish.

Such a design will look newfangled and very unusual.

Matte French nails 2023 look especially aesthetically pleasing and seductive in alliance with a pastel and nude background.

It will also be relevant to add pebbles, beads and polka dots.

Matte Nail Designs 2023: French

Nails Design 2023 with Rhinestones

Matte nails 2023 embellished with precious stones are a great choice for both everyday looks and evening outings.

Add these amazing decor elements to look bright and stylish.

Nails Design 2023 with Rhinestones

Floral Patterns on Matte Nails 2023

A matte design with floral patterns always cause a special admiration.

Flowers look great on matte nails 2023 of any length; such a manicure can make any look amazing.

As a basis, we recommend to choose gentle tones.

As for the pattern, violets, cornflowers, roses, peonies and daisies are in fashion.

Floral Patterns on Matte Nails 2023

Matte Nail Ideas 2023: Web

If you want something more elegant, you can try adding a cobweb.

It will look concise and modern on a matte surface.

This creative design is perfect for going to the movies, going on a date, or even a business meeting.

You can diversify it with the help of foil, pixie crystals, rubbing and liquid glitter.

Matte Nail Ideas 2023: Web

Matt Nails Design 2023 with Abstraction

The novelty also included abstraction.

The patterns on the nails are inexplicable. Sometimes they seem crazy.

This technique is relevant to combine with geometry. Creative figures of different shapes and sizes will be an incredible addition to the intricate nail art.

Matt Nails Design 2023 with Abstraction

Matte Nails 2023: Lace

With a delicate matte finish, a black mesh voile or openwork lace is perfectly combined.

Nail masters recommend giving preference to light powdery tones: beige, milky, pink.

To create an exclusive pattern, you can use pieces of lace fabric, ready-made stencils or stickers for beginners.

Matte Nails 2023: Lace

Deep Design of Matte Nails 2023

Newfangled trend – “deep design”.

This is a non-trivial version of the matte nail designs 2023, where masters use stencils to create a transparent silhouette.

But there is a second option – the silhouette is painted with a contrasting shade or made voluminous.

This type of nail design is rare, so your hands will always attract the eyes of passersby.

Deep Design of Matte Nails 2023

Cartoon Nails 2023

It has become very important to combine matte nail designs 2023 with cartoon characters.

They give the image of girls a playful and funny look. Here you can use both bright shades and delicate ones.

Try applying yellow chicks on a gray background or Mickey Mouse on a pink one – it will look gentle.

Drawings with Winnie the Pooh, Tom and Jerry, SpongeBob and Patrick look interesting.

Matte nails 2023 with minions and emojis will seem fun. Such a design of matte nails 2023 will always delight their owner.

Cartoon Nails 2023

Droplets on Nails 2023

Matte nails 2023 in tandem with droplets look gentle and charming.

A transparent gel polish is applied on top of the matte top, which creates an imitation of dew or raindrops.

Here it will be relevant to add patterns of flowers, grass or leaf fall.

This is a newfangled trend that looks incredibly beautiful. It has already won the hearts of many ladies.

Droplets on Nails 2023

Matte Nails 2023: Sequins

Matte glitter design never goes out of style.

This manicure is perfect for festive occasions, but also looks good with casual clothes.

You can use glitter, acrylic sand, or sequins. You can cover one nail with them or all at once. The effect will be unsurpassed.

Matte Nails 2023: Sequins

Geometry on Nails 2023

The most stylish girls choose a design with geometry.

On long matte nails 2023, unusual shapes look impressive and modern.

It can be squares, triangles or circles. Diamonds are in particular demand among fashionistas.

Also, this design can be combined with abstraction. Here the patterns defy explanation and logic. It is this design of matte nails 2023 that instantly wins hearts.

Geometry on Nails 2023

Matte Nail Ideas 2023 With Powder

Matte nails 2023 with powder has entered the fashion trends.

This novelty allows you to turn an ordinary design into a masterpiece of nail art.

It is very feminine and light at the same time. This matte manicure is pleasing to the eye and lasts quite a long time.

You do not need to decorate it, because it is beautiful without it.

Matte Nail Ideas 2023 With Powder

Half-Moon Design 2023

Half-moon design entered the main nail trends 2023.

It is light and simple, but looks especially impressive on long matte nails 2023.

The hole below can be covered with small rhinestones or sparkles. It will look great and add a touch of style to any look.

With this design, you can go to work in the office, on a date and for a simple walk in the park.

Half-Moon Design 2023

Summer Matte Nails 2023: Multicolored Nails

If you want to create a vibrant manicure, try covering your nails with different colors.

You can even try a rainbow design.

This design is more suitable for the spring-summer season. Colorful shades on the nails will look fresh and youthful.

You can also add stickers with cartoon characters or face silhouettes on top. You will get an incredible manicure that all the girls around will envy.

Summer Matte Nails 2023: Multicolored Nails

Plain Matte Nails 2023

Strict and business women can leave the matte design plain.

Manicure will not lose its beauty without additional decor. Here it is only important to choose the right shade.

In the cold season, blue, coffee, black and green are relevant.

In warmer months, turquoise, crimson, yellow and fuchsia should be preferred.

Red, pink, beige and white are considered timeless.

Plain Matte Nails 2023

Matte Nails 2023: Cat Eye

The cat eye technique looks incredible.

The usual matte design will sparkle with new colors and delight all fashionistas of the world with its aesthetic appearance.

With this technique, usually several nails are covered. It is better to give preference to the middle and ring fingers. Such a tandem will look impressive and charming.

Matte Nails 2023: Cat Eye

Matte Nail Ideas 2023: Stamping

Hit of 2023 – stamping technique.

Patterns on the matte nails 2023 are applied using special stencils. Girls love this manicure for its uniqueness and speed of execution.

In just a few seconds, the desired pattern appears on the nails. It can be catchy, gentle or neutral. Any option gives the image a mysterious highlight.

Matte Nail Ideas 2023: Stamping

Sweater Nails 2023

The knitted design perfectly harmonizes with the matte top.

It reminds of cozy warm evenings by the fireplace. Best suited for the cold season.

Some girls combine it with ombre and sequins. The effect is awesome. Trendy colors are purple, beige, white, coffee and gray.

Sweater Nails 2023

Negative Space Design 2023

Matte top with a “negative space” design looks very youthful and new-fashioned.

Such a manicure will appeal to any girl who wants to keep up with fashion. In this case, part of the nail remains unpainted or covered with a transparent varnish.

Patterns can be any – clear, chaotic or symmetrically drawn. Each design looks interesting and unusual.

Negative Space Design 2023

Best Shades for Matte Nails 2023

Matte nails 2023 are beautiful in any shades. The color palette here has no limits.

You can choose a monochromatic option, or you can turn on your imagination and experiment with different tones. Any design will look aesthetically pleasing and chic.


It is a favorite of fashionistas of all ages.

It is passionate, hot, but in a matte finish it looks elegant and concise. Minimalism will look good on long matte nails 2023. It will make the image stylish and the nails attractive.

Rhinestones will also look good here, but they should not be added in large quantities.

It is better to focus on one or two nails.

Another cool option is the design with hearts. It will suit cute and gentle girls. It looks quite romantic and non-trivial.

Red tones combined with white, beige, black, gold and silver make matte nails 2023 even more spectacular.

Best Shades for Matte Nails 2023: Red


This color is gorgeous even in monochrome.

The most popular shades for 2023 are harlequin, Crayola green, emerald and maple.

This design is relevant in both summer and winter.

On long matte nails 2023, this is the epitome of aesthetics, especially if it is an almond nail shape.

The shade goes well with blue, pink, black and lemon. The tandem with half-moon design and volumetric 3D modeling looks unusual.

Best Shades for Matte Nails 2023: Green


This color looks amazing on its own.

Daring fashionistas will love the solid color version or the negative space design.

Especially beautiful and elegant is the alternation of top coats with varying degrees of gloss.

Other good suggestions are matte nails 2023 decorated with acrylic powder, rhinestones, glitter, art ornaments, inscriptions, prints and pearls.

On long nails, this color looks strict and serious. Outrageous ladies prefer to choose such a manicure.

Previously, many associated it with something gloomy and seemed vulgar, but today it does not leave the lists of fashion trends. It is chosen every season.

Checkered patterns, polka dots, daisies, openwork patterns and illustrations with feathers are relevant here.

It is also common to see matte nail designs 2023 with playing cards, notes and animal print.

Best Shades for Matte Nails 2023: Black


Matte nails 2023 painted in white are very chic and go with all styles of clothing, from casual and ethnic to work and evening.

Also, white gel polish will be the perfect background for nail art with stickers, patterns, abstraction, ombre, swirls and sparkles.

Best Shades for Matte Nails 2023: White


Many women love calm nude tones.

The matte beige finish is perfect for nails of any length. To add some contrast, you can add playful geometry, delicate patterns or sparkles.

The alternation of glossy and matte finishes combined with bright colors and glittery details add elegance to the design. In any execution, this option will look charming.

This color gives the hands a well-groomed look. Matte nails 2023 in this color look natural.

It will be in harmony with any image and is appropriate for any event.

This design will look chic with rhinestones, simple patterns, in the technique of sweater manicure and with cobwebs.

Best Shades for Matte Nails 2023: Beige


The magnificence of shades of pink lies in their versatility and inimitable tenderness.

This is the most versatile color; it is beautiful in combination with any technique and decor.

Here you can let your imagination run wild and turn your best matte nail ideas 2023 into reality.

Looking for holiday design?

Add sequins and rhinestones. If you need a laconic manicure, leave the monophonic option. Patterns, stickers and patterns will look stylish and modern.

Cute patterns and inscriptions give originality to the manicure, and unusual nail techniques reflect the saturation and depth of the chosen color.

Fuchsia, amaranth, apricot, lavender and purple are in fashion.

Best Shades for Matte Nails 2023: Pink


It looks original and stylish. With it your image will acquire a touch of magic and charm.

In winter, it is better to give preference to pastel shades, and in summer you can choose something brighter.

In 2023, monotech is in trend.

The cat-eye design will help to give it a spectacular look, it will add mystery and charm to the image.

Also at the peak of popularity are marble water design, “space” manicure and “broken glass”.

All of these options in blue are incredibly beautiful.

Best Shades for Matte Nails 2023: Blue


This shade is associated with exoticism and freshness. It is included in the nail trends 2023 of the spring-summer period.

On the beach, it will be impossible to take your eyes off your fingers. Matte nails 2023 in this design look great on any shape of nails.

You can choose a square and add sea waves, or you can opt for an oval and apply cute polka dots.

Best Shades for Matte Nails 2023: Turquoise


The freshest and most inspiring color, pairs well with grey, black, pink and yellow.

This is one of the most popular color of summer matte nails 2023. In a matte finish, this design impresses with its originality and stylish look.

Try pairing this polish with gold, black lines and a gradient. Stickers with inscriptions or patterns made using stamping will also look incredible.

Best Shades for Matte Nails 2023: Mint


This is the personification of femininity, tenderness and delicacy.

This color has conquered the fashion trends 2023 of the nail industry.

It is especially beautiful in tandem with a rub – the nails immediately take on a chic look.

This design is increasingly seen in the photo of many Hollywood stars. A touch of romance can make patterns with cornflowers and curlicues. French also looks very gentle in this shade.

Best Shades for Matte Nails 2023: Lavender


This is a real fall hit.

Brown has long left the list of fashion trends. It was replaced by a more interesting shade – coffee.

It is discreet, feminine and beautiful.

With such a manicure, you can go both to a business meeting and to the gym.

The best addition to it is golden stripes, animal print , raindrops or an unusual pattern with a cup of coffee.

Best Shades for Matte Nails 2023: Coffee

Trendy Shapes For Matte Nails 2023

Nail world trends change every season.

Techniques, color palette, patterns that were relevant yesterday may already seem ugly today.

But not always fashion trends suit every person. In manicure, the right shape of the nails plays an important role.


Favorite version of celebrities and influencers.

The nails in this version have a slightly pointed and rounded appearance at the tips.

They have several advantages – they look very feminine and sexy, make the fingers visually thinner. But not all women can afford to wear this shape.

It goes well with long matte nails 2023. Therefore, ladies who are engaged in physical activity or constant household chores should give preference to a different shape.

Almond in a matte finish looks amazing with a deep shade of manicure. It can be blue, chocolate or dark purple.

Trendy Shapes For Matte Nails 2023: Almond


This form is considered the most natural.

The oval visually makes the fingers slimmer and gives them a gentle look. A short nail length is preferred here.

Maintaining this shape is almost hassle-free, and you can choose any color – every shade of the matte top will be beautiful, including neon, coffee and glitter .

Trendy Shapes For Matte Nails 2023: Oval


This shape looks great even on a short or medium length.

It will look fashionable and modern, without complicating household chores.

There is only one small problem: the square visually makes the fingers wider and shorter. Therefore, it is better to choose this form for those who naturally have graceful hands.

A softer alternative to this shape is a rounded square. It looks no less attractive.

Trendy Shapes For Matte Nails 2023: Square


This Instagram trend is relevant at festive events, but not so common for everyday look.

This is a more pointed and determined version of the almond shape. Nail masters recommend choosing it for ladies with thin fingers and long nails.

In this design, matte nails 2023 in bright colors and with the addition of catchy decor elements will look phenomenal.

Trendy Shapes For Matte Nails 2023: Pointed


Modification of the previous shape, it is chosen by women of fashion with long nails.

Trendy Shapes For Matte Nails 2023: Coffin

It is suitable exclusively for owners of strong nail plates. In tandem with a matte top, it looks chic and outrageous.

Nail masters advise to choose blue, olive, peach and apricot as the base.

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