Shellac Nails 2023: Top 13 Design Ideas For You To Try in 2023

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Our article will help you to make great trendy shellac nails 2023. Since birth, every woman has a desire to take care of her body, hair and nails.

The beautiful half of humanity should always look good, regardless of the situation and time.


An elegant, feminine image must be maintained not only with stylish clothes, high-quality hair styling and properly selected accessories, but also with well-groomed nails.

Most often, it is a neat manicure with a fashionable design that can say a lot about its owner.

Therefore, in order to stay in trend in 2023, you need to know the main nail trends 2023.

Among the most original and unexpected trends that will affect the fashionable shellac nails 2023, it is worth highlighting:

Gradient technology with several shades of the same polish color. The gradient will be relevant both vertically and horizontally. It is very important that the transitions are smooth and soft.

Metallic shellac nails 2023 covered with nail foil for a mirror effect. This decision is suitable for very bold and assertive natures who are not afraid to look defiantly bold.

Shellac Nails 2023: Trends

Negative space – the rejection of total painting of nails. The idea of this design is to leave a clear area on the nails, which would reveal its natural color and texture.

Glass nails and broken glass. Probably the most original and stylish trend of the season. This type of manicure involves sticking “sliders” on the surface of the nails, pre-cut into many different shapes and sizes.

How to Apply Shellac Manicure?

Before considering the most suitable design options on shellac nails 2023, you need to figure out how to properly apply this coating at home: you need to apply a primer on pre-cleaned nails, which will dry the work surface. Now let’s get to the base.

Unlike a primer, which evaporates after a few seconds, the base coat remains on the nail.

In addition, such a coating must be dried for 5 minutes; now you need to apply a color coating in a thin, even layer.

Due to the fact that shellacs contain a special gel, their consistency is somewhat different from ordinary polishes; polymerize the applied coating for several minutes; if the shade turned out to be dull, then it is necessary to repeat steps 3 and 4 in the same sequence; at the final stage, it is necessary to apply a high-quality top coat.

Thanks to this, shellac will be fixed in the most reliable way.

The top coat also needs to be cured in a lamp.

As a result, you are guaranteed to get a high-quality and durable manicure, which is no different from an expensive salon option.

Knowing the basic secrets of applying shellac, even a beginner will cope with this task.


Shellac 2023: Shape of Nails

Since naturalness and natural beauty have been the main fashion favorites for several seasons, it is quite logical to expect shellac nail designs 2023 to focus on conciseness and restraint.

Most fashion stylists prefer short, almond-shaped and round shellac nails 2023.

Therefore, fans of stilettos and square shapes will have to give up their “favorites” for some time and give them a little resignation.

Shellac 2023: Shape of Nails

Trendy Colors 2023

Taking into account the trendy shades for 2023-2024 proposed by the Pantone Color Institute, it is worth noting the fact that this time the recommended palette will affect not only wardrobe elements, but also makeup and even manicure.

To make the season of cold weather and bad weather more fun and warmer, stylists advise us to pay attention to the “spring” colors:

  • pale pink;
  • blue;
  • rich orange.

For fans of classic dark shades, wine color, eggplant and dark brown will be very appropriate.

Almost the entire pastel range will be relevant: from mint and lilac to peach, turquoise and lavender.

Today’s variety of shades is so great that sometimes even the most notorious beauty bloggers fail to keep track of all the new products and trends.

Trendy Colors 2023

Therefore, we decided to help you and decided to suggest with what shades on the nails you will fall into a fashionable stream.

So, among the most relevant tones of autumn-winter 2023-2024 will be:

  • deep dark blue, reminiscent of the color of the night sky;
  • warm and opaque beige (perfect for nude manicure );
  • grey-blue;
  • classic red-apple, scarlet;
  • silver metal;
  • sea wave, turquoise.

Brightness of Colors

Despite the main trend of the year – naturalness, girls always prefer to choose everything bright and original based on their mood.

You should not deny yourself such pleasure, besides, you can always experiment with manicure.

Sometimes it is the right manicure and the brightness of shades that can give a good mood for the whole day.

Restrained, dark shades are most suitable for winter, while the arrival of spring opens up new opportunities and a wide range of colors for fashionistas.


Shellac Nail Designs 2023: Artistic

Fashionable shellac nails 2023 deserve special attention, which has a decor in the form of artistic painting.

This design has long won the hearts of all the beauties who tirelessly look after themselves and strive to look luxurious in any situation.

Thanks to improved painting technologies, today you can decorate your nails with a wide variety of bold patterns, bringing any fantasy to life.

In the coming season, you can safely choose whatever your heart desires – floristry, geometry, animalistic print.

Shellac Nail Designs 2023: Artistic

Louboutin Nails 2023

All girls know that black stilettos with bright red soles in the fashion world are considered a true embodiment of style.

Louboutin manicure skillfully combines the classic combination of two shades of polish, which do not leave their leading positions, but are only improved and supplemented with new design ideas every year.

The main secret of such a manicure is the gradual coating of the nail plate, where the inside is covered with red polish and the top with black.

Louboutin manicure is an integral part of the image of a real fashionista who appreciates classics and style.

In the coming year, there will be several main varieties of Louboutin manicure at the peak of popularity:

  1. The top coat can be made in beige tones, which are the most suitable for skin color, but the lower part of the nail is covered with pink;
  2. Do not forget about the classic version – red top and black bottom;
  3. Trendy combination of matte and glossy varieties of black polish on the outside of the nail;
  4. To show your originality, you can choose a blue gel polish and cover the inside of the nail with it, the top part should be covered with classic black.

Louboutin Nails 2023

Shellac Nails 2023 with Stickers

In the coming year, shellac nails 2023 with original stickers will be at the peak of popularity.

Such a manicure is within the power of any fashionista, since to create it you absolutely do not need to be able to draw.

If you prefer to take care of your nails yourself, then you need to be extremely careful when applying shellac 2023.

The original shellac nails 2023 with stickers are a great opportunity to show your creativity and individuality.

Initially, the nails should be degreased with a special tool and only then you can apply a thin layer of polish.

Each new layer of shellac must be thoroughly dried.

Shellac Nails 2023 with Stickers

As for the color palette, the following shades will be at the peak of popularity in 2023:

The choice of this or that color depends solely on your taste and season.

To create multi-faceted, beautiful designs, you can use varnish liners, stamping, or even pigments of various colors.

In order to get a beautiful pattern with clear lines, it is advisable to use water-based colored polishes.

For several years in a row, the most win-win option is considered to be a manicure with original patterns, which can be selected depending on the main image and mood.

They are well applied, and all patterns are refined and light.

Depending on the desired result, the consistency of polishes can be adjusted with plain water.

At the end, you need to apply a top coat.

Shellac Nail Ideas 2023: Rhinestones

Those who regularly follow the fashion world have already noticed that original rhinestones have been at the peak of popularity for several years in a row.

Despite the fact that in 2023 designers paid special attention to naturalness, rhinestones still do not lose their relevance.

Rhinestones in combination with shellac nails 2023 for a festive event will look especially relevant.

Indeed, in addition to aesthetics, such a manicure is distinguished by its durability. The most important thing is to attach rhinestones to just applied polish.

Rhinestones of different sizes and shades will help to give your nails an elegant, and even a festive look. The most important thing is not to overdo it with their quantity.

In order for the manicure to look professional, it is best to purchase special tools, glue and topcoat.

Thanks to this, the original design will be able to hold out in its original form for as long as possible.

Shellac Nail Ideas 2023: Rhinestones

Half-Moon Design 2023

Apparently, it is the half-moon manicure that will become one of the brightest trends of the coming cold season.

Along with the crescent shape familiar to us, shellac nail designs 2023 also broke into the trim of the lower part of the nail in the form of a triangle and a strip concave inward.

Among the fans of this manicure option were designers such as Zang Toi, Noon Noor and Charlotte Ronson.

Stylists give us complete freedom of choice, and therefore we will be able to independently decide how exactly this design will look.

Not only classic and discreet design will be acceptable, but also bold solutions with contrasting colors.

In addition to the classic shapes in the form of a crescent, it is worth noting also the options for finishing nails in the form of triangles and concave stripes.

Without a doubt, the upcoming season will be remembered by fashionistas with a wide variety of colors of half-moon manicure.

Depending on your imagination, you can use absolutely any color.

All women, regardless of their field of activity and age, love this nail design.

Recreating such a manicure is quite simple, especially if the strip does not have to be even.

In other words, a half-moon manicure combined with shellac 2023 is a great opportunity to show your imagination and originality.

Half-Moon Design 2023

Design for Short Shellac Nails 2023

For short nails, shellac nail designs 2023, made in nude style, will be fashionable.

Choose to create one of the trendiest colors of the season – warm and opaque beige, you will forever fall in love with this delicate creamy-cream sexuality of the shade.

Forget about those translucent pinks, they have no place in the autumn-winter manicure.

Saturated pastel is the best way to emphasize the attractiveness of the hands, especially if the shellac nails 2023 have a natural almond shape.

For fans of brighter and catchier tones, we would recommend a manicure made in a rich and juicy apple red color.

Having become a real classic, such a manicure looks amazing on short round or square nails.

In the case of scarlet flowers, length plays a decisive role, delimiting good taste and sense of style from vulgarity.

Design for Short Shellac Nails 2023

French Nails 2023

The traditional design of the French manicure seemed a little boring to designers and stylists. And therefore for the fall-winter 2023-2024 it is better to look at more colorful interpretations.

Veronica Beard shows couldn’t help but notice that the models sported orange, yellow, red, blue, purple and green smiles on their nails over a traditional beige top.

This solution looks quite bold and original. It was quite unexpected to see the pastel version of the manicure and the burgundy finish, which were presented by Tibi and Cushnie et Ochs, respectively.

The classic is eternal, and therefore in the autumn-winter season 2023-2024, French manicure is sure to be!

Not only the traditional design with white nail tips, but also alternative solutions would be appropriate:

  • with brilliant smiles;
  • contrasting combination of colors of smiles and the body of the nail;
  • a combination of traditional French with all kinds of beads, rhinestones, sliders and broths.

French Nails 2023

New Year’s Shellac 2023 Design

Today, the seasonal and holiday factors are slowly fading away.

Of course, we can still distinguish winter New Year’s manicure with the help of images of Christmas trees and snowflakes, however, nail technicians are more and more inclined to create universal designs.

We advise you to create a festive manicure using shimmery nail polish.

A little bit of metallic highlights will not hurt your look.

This design will look especially interesting and stylish in addition to the half-moon manicure technique.

New Year's Shellac 2023 Design

When it comes to fashion shows, it is simply impossible not to mention the models participating in this event.

Surely each of us paid attention to how everything is thought out in their images: from shoes with clothes to carefully selected make up and manicure.

In conclusion, we can summarize that it was shellac that has proven itself on the good side in the beauty industry, where quality and durability are valued.

Due to the fact that modern fashionistas are constantly on the move, a regular coating can last only a few days, while shellac lasts for two weeks.

In addition, he is not afraid of aggressive detergents, warm water and adverse weather conditions.

In order for the manicure you created to last as long as possible, you should follow a few simple tips – do not wash your hands in hot water and take care of the tips of your nails with an exceptionally soft nail file.

Thanks to this, your image will always be complete and elegant.

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