Short Nails 2023: Top 23 Trends For Short Nails Design 2023

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Fashionable manicure trends for short nails 2023 are primarily natural.

Therefore, many girls already now prefer their natural length to extended nails.


Short nails trend 2023 will be various fashion design techniques. Among the current trends are a square shape, a manicure in the style of negative space, foil experiments.

Original and interesting short nails design 2023 ideas can be brought to life in all sorts of variations, including the photos presented in our review.

In 2023, fashion designers are betting on comfort and naturalness.

This applies to clothes, trendy styles, shoes, accessories. The fashion trend will also affect nail art.

The trend is short nail length (no longer than 2-5 mm).

Preference will be given to a convenient square, round or oval shape.

Sharp nails will gradually go out of fashion. Relevant richness of color, youth style and all sorts of techniques that allow you to give metallic shine to nails.

The following designs will be in fashion:

  • French manicure;
  • foil;
  • various prints (floristry, geometry, abstraction);
  • inscriptions;
  • half-moon manicure;
  • water nail art;
  • decoration with rhinestones, stones;
  • glitter.

Hot Trends for Short Nails 2023

Conciseness is at the peak of popularity.

Girls will prefer a minimalist style to a large amount of decor and various large patterns.

The following types of manicure will be popular this season:

  • in delicate pastel shades;
  • in contrasting colors;
  • with rich colors for special occasions;
  • impressive bright manicure.

Do not forget that all these types of manicure can be supplemented with non-standard patterns, sequins and rhinestones, stamping, stones and other elements for decoration.

Trendy Nails Shape 2023

In 2023, the most fashionable shapes for short nails 2023 will be:

  • square;
  • soft square;
  • oval;
  • almond-shaped.

Trendy Nails Shape 2023

Minimalistic Nails 2023

One of the key nail trends 2023 of the coming season will be minimalism. A laconic dotted pattern, strict geometric patterns can be present on one or two nails. However, it should mainly be a manicure of one tone with extremely simple accompanying patterns.

It is rigor that can bring a certain charm to a manicure. The minimalist style in the fashionable shades of the season will be especially advantageous.

A sought-after novelty in 2023 will be a design with an unpainted lower part of the nail at the hole. This effect is called “overgrown”.

In addition to its originality, this type of manicure is also incredibly practical. Because the untimely trip of fashionistas to the master will be less noticeable.

Minimalistic Nails 2023

Foil Nails Design 2023

Foil is not a novelty of the coming season. However, it involves going beyond the usual framework and using not only silver and gold material, but also multi-colored material.

Red, green, blue and even black shades will look incredibly impressive in combination with stylish matte.

Foil Nails Design 2023

French Short Nails 2023

Fashion makes adjustments to our looks every year. But among the coating options there are those that have become classics.

One of these types of manicure are French nails 2023.

Sensually pinkish nude short nails 2023 framed with a delicate white stripe along the edge is a trend that has not gone out of fashion for many years.

Stylish French on short nails 2023 can be done in different shades. An equally interesting option would be a combination of matte and glossy nail colors.

French Short Nails 2023

Geometric Design 2023

Considering fashion trends, novelties and manicure trends for short nails 2023, it is difficult to pass by nail art using geometric patterns.

Designs with thin lines, rhombuses, triangles decorating some or all nails will complement the stylish looks in 2023.

Nail art with geometric patterns can be complemented with glitter or sequins.

Patterns in the form of figures look especially attractive over rich dark or powder shades.

A spectacular manicure is obtained by creating white lines on dark blue, burgundy or green colors.

Black patterns can be placed on beige, coffee or pink shades. Geometric patterns in combination with a matte finish look unusual.

The geometric pattern on short nails 2023 can be absolutely anything:

  • in the form of a square;
  • triangle;
  • straight or broken lines.

Geometric Design 2023

Quail Eggs Design 2023

Small blotches on the nails, reminiscent of the colors of quail eggs, will be a hit for the upcoming 2023 season.

This original pattern can be combined with a neutral pastel palette of colors: beige, white, pale pink.

Quail Eggs Design 2023

Short Nails Designs 2023: Stamping

A non-standard pattern with various details will look spectacular on short nails 2023. Only if it is reproduced absolutely identically on each of the nails.

A similar result can be achieved through stamping – a technique that uses stamps to apply patterns to nails.

Thanks to this, you can achieve the most complex patterns and short nails designs 2023, which will be in high demand in 2023.

Short Nails Designs 2023: Stamping

Leopard Nails 2023

Daring fashionistas will love the leopard print in manicure.

It is best to perform an animal pattern on one or two nails, and in the most non-standard version:

  • in the form of leopard stripes;
  • cheetah spots;
  • zebra stripes.

Leopard Nails 2023

Short Nails Trend 2023: Rubbing

The hit of the coming season is yellow-orange rubbing, which can be combined with all kinds of other techniques, matte or marbled shades.

An impressive option for a special occasion is a print imitating tiger fur, but in black and white with glitter.

The rub itself can be of various shades: pearl, golden, red, purple and even holographic.

Short Nails Trend 2023: Rubbing

Short Nails 2023 with Rhinestones and Stones

Stones for the design of short nails 2023 can be of different colors, shapes.

They may consist of the following types of material:

  • plastics;
  • crystal;
  • glass;
  • zirconium.

Based on the fashion trends for short nails 2023, it is worth using small pebbles, focusing on one or two nails.

Such short nails 2023 are ideally complemented by a narrow strip, consisting of small stones up to the cuticle line, or vertical, in the form of some kind of geometric figure.

Stones are an ideal material for creating patterns, elegant manicure.

It is recommended to use it next year in minimal quantities to create a concise evening nail art.

The stones are suitable for half-moon short nails design 2023, glossy neon shades of the coating. It pairs well with French.

Since minimalism is in fashion, the masters recommend not laying out rhinestones on each finger and not completely painting the pattern with stones, but using them only for emphasis.

Short Nails 2023 with Rhinestones and Stones

Half-Moon Design for Short Nails 2023

One of the current trends in stylish manicure for short nails 2023, according to fashion trends and photos, is half-moon design.

This option looks very interesting when the so-called hole is made in a bright, saturated color. And the main part of the nail remains matte.

A more diverse similar manicure can be done thanks to:

  • rhinestones;
  • metal polish;
  • foil;
  • sequins.

A very fashionable short nails trend 2023 in the nail art industry is manicure whit sequins. These are thin, weightless particles of foil polymers that are easily attached to the nails.

Thanks to them, you can bring to life patterns of incredible beauty, different shapes, colors and sizes. Sequins are in perfect harmony with the dark and light colors of gel polishes.

One of the fashionable novelties in the nail industry of the coming year was various inscriptions – all kinds of mottos, names, slogans, declarations of love, individual letters. You can execute the desired inscription on one nail in combination with a monochrome manicure.

Half-Moon Design for Short Nails 2023

Short Nails 2023 Summer: Twigs

Trendy and stylish manicure on short nails 2023 with twigs is no less relevant in the upcoming season.

This short nails design 2023 looks especially interesting in combination with delicate pastel colors.

Top twigs can be decorated with sparkles, stones and rhinestones.

Short Nails 2023 Summer: Twigs

Short Nails 2023 with Broken Glass Effect

One of the fashionable manicure trends for short nails 2023 will be the interesting “broken glass” technique, which brings to life the effect of glass fragments on nails.

It looks incredibly stylish and gives fashionistas a chance to recreate a memorable unusual design.

“Broken glass” is such a self-sufficient type of manicure design that it is very rarely combined with any other. Experts do not recommend doing this so as not to “overload” the nails.

Short Nails 2023 with Broken Glass Effect

Short Nails 2023 with Paired Pattern

Any coating of one shade will look much more interesting if large nails are decorated with a bright paired pattern.

The meaning of the design is that together they should embody a single thematic nail art. In this case, the patterns can be completely different, but make up a single picture.

Short Nails 2023 with Paired Pattern

Ombre and gradient manicures have been holding their own in the nail industry for several seasons in a row. However, each of them has innovations and adjustments.

Ombre on matte short nails 2023 and a linear gradient are welcome.

Designers recommend taking shades of different color palettes at the same time. Experiments with contrasting colors are in trend, as well as an additional gradient design using small stones.

Unusual solutions are obtained on short nails 2023 when creating an ombre effect . Gradient manicure can be supplemented with other techniques or used as an independent effect.

Velvet crumbs, glitter, unpainted parts in the style of negative space, traced lines or thin foil stripes go well with ombre.

Nail Trends 2023: Gradient

Trendy Colors 2023

When choosing a short nails design 2023, it is important to opt for trendy shades.

Next year, rich luxury and gentle style will be in fashion. For evening looks, you can choose burgundy, black, gold or silver.

From the color palette will be popular:

  • gentle pastel;
  • scarlet;
  • marsala;
  • purple and lilac;
  • turquoise;
  • orange;
  • sapphire shades.

Today, a manicure in dark colors on short nails 2023 can become not only an integral part of a memorable evening, but also an everyday look. A dark manicure always looks stylish and luxurious, regardless of whether the finish is glossy or matte.

Trendy Colors 2023

It will look especially chic in combination with the following decor:

  • sequins;
  • stones;
  • foil;
  • animal prints ;
  • droplets of liquid metal;
  • geometric patterns.

So, modern women of fashion will be able to make a choice in favor of light and saturated colors, depending on the mood, special occasion or outfit.

One of the fashionable short nails 2023 trends is the cobweb nail art. In the upcoming season, its thin threads will come in handy in a rich combined manicure, complemented by inscriptions and patterns with fruits.

No less popular will be abstractions in manicure. A similar effect can be achieved thanks to watercolor strokes.

A special place will be occupied by a manicure with a white coating. This color will be used as a base, decorative inclusion.

Of the bright shades that will be actively used for nail art, deep blue, green, orange, yellow should be noted. Lovers of feminine style and delicate images can pay attention to nude shades.

Manicure with nude flowers looks great on short nails 2023.

Nude tones will be used as a base coat. They are combined with glitter on one finger, rhinestones, rich tones on one or two fingers. Looks good as a base for patterns.

It is perfectly combined with a black matte finish.

  • On trend:
  • beige;
  • powdery pink;
  • sand;
  • milky;
  • light coffee;
  • caramel.

Short Nails 2023 with Patterns on Thumbs

A paired pattern on thumbs helps create themed nail art.

This artistic manicure looks especially good on a short length. Masters paint with acrylic paints. In the absence of skills or time, you can use techniques such as stamping, slide design.

The following patterns will be relevant:

  • characters (book, animation);
  • landscape;
  • floristics;
  • animals;
  • festive (fireworks, cocktail, balloons);
  • fruits (cut orange, pineapple, kiwi);
  • pastries and other food;
  • insects.

A manicure with patterns on other nails is also relevant. But it is the nails on the thumbs, decorated with an image, stylish or funny, that will be the trend of the season.

Short Nails 2023 with Patterns on Thumbs

Inscriptions on Short Nails 2023

The trend for inscriptions in nail art remains relevant.

No need to complicate the design. One or a few words are enough (name, motto, congratulations) and a compact thematic pattern – contour or drawn.

You don’t have to add a picture. The inscription is made on the thumb, third or fourth. Can be combined with sequins, foil, glitter.

Lettering on short nails 2023 goes well with cobwebs and fruit designs.

Inscriptions on Short Nails 2023

Marble Patterns 2023

Patterns in marble style stone looks amazing not only on long nails, but also on short ones.

Patterns of natural minerals, such as marble, quartz and others, have been popular with nail masters for several seasons in a row.

For short lengths, you can additionally accentuate with thin strips of foil. Marble pattern can be alternated with a contrasting color on the nails of other fingers.

Marble patterns go well with glitter, gold threads.

Marble Patterns 2023

Negative Space Design 2023

Transparency will be one of the trends in 2023.

Transparent inserts will be inserted into the clothes, transparent fabric will be actively used. Shoes with plastic elements will be fashionable.

In nail art, this trend is embodied using the negative space technique.

In 2023, the plate will remain transparent, and only some part of it will be painted or covered with patterns.

Fashionable colors for this manicure are burgundy, gold, metallic, emerald.

With unpainted parts, geometric patterns, floristry, abstraction, gradient patterns look great.

Negative Space Design 2023

Nail Design 2023: Shine

Among the interesting ideas of nail art, there is always a place for glitter.

Make all nails shiny or highlight one. To do this, you can use the following techniques:

Foil. Foil prints are actively used to create a unique design. You can also create a broken glass effect using small pieces of foil.

Rubbing. The material allows you to achieve a pearly sheen, while creating a concise manicure. You can choose a mirror gloss rub.

Glitter. This effect looks good on one nail. It is combined with a laconic manicure with a dark rich or nude finish.

Nail Design 2023: Shine

Short Nails Autumn 2023: Matte

Speaking of trendy nail art techniques, it is impossible not to mention the matte finish.

This nail design has not gone out of fashion for several seasons in a row. Matte finish helps to create a stylish expressive look.

You can choose a nude shade, dark saturated or bright juicy – the manicure will look concise and spectacular.

Short Nails Autumn 2023: Matte

Manicure for short nails 2023 will be presented in a large number of fashionable variations.

When choosing the right short nails designs 2023, consider the overall style of the look and your own preferences and the relevance of the chosen technique.

You can study fashion trends, season’s novelties and tendencies. Nail art should not distract attention from the image, but should be its integral part.

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