Wedding Nails 2023: Top 20 Amazing Nail Trends And Ideas For 2023

Nail Designs

Every bride wants to look irresistible on her wedding day.

So she thinks through her image to the smallest detail. Particular attention is paid to the wedding nails 2023, as the hands must be flawless on this day.


You can decide on a wedding manicure by looking at photos of nail trends 2023. But you can also come up with a design yourself or listen to the advice of a master.

Wedding Nails 2023: Unusual Designs

Traditionally, for wedding nails designs 2023, it is customary to use light shades.

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And this is not surprising, because the image of the bride, first of all, should be associated with tenderness and innocence.

However, modern fashion trends 2023 are not afraid to destroy long-rooted stereotypes. Now, among the majority of brides, it has become very relevant to use not only a non-standard nail design, but also a wedding look in general.

Wedding Nails 2023: Unusual Designs

In this regard, the nail trends 2023 are rather ambiguous and unusual for the usual lovers of the classics. However, there are also girls who try not to stray too far from the generally accepted rules of wedding fashion.

Therefore, gentle, concise and calm nails for the bride is still relevant.

Mixture of Styles

The main trend of fashionable wedding nails 2023 will remain unchanged.

As in previous seasons, a mixture of styles and techniques will be popular.

Usually, for a wedding manicure, light coatings in delicate, pastel colors are used.

But modern nail trends 2023 allow you to apply not quite standard wedding nails ideas 2023. It all depends on the image of the bride, which she chose for herself.

Along with the classic techniques of best wedding nails 2023, a mixture of different, sometimes incompatible shades and decor elements will come into fashion. But at the same time, the main idea will be preserved – to make the image charming and gentle, with an emphasis on femininity.


The color of the coating and decorations will definitely echo the main decorating elements that brides often use as a bright accent in their outfit.

A plain, discreet manicure and a simple wedding nails 2023 with rhinestones are now unlikely to surprise or impress anyone. Today, in one design, it is customary to combine several shades at once, various decorative elements and techniques for applying patterns.

Based on this, we can safely say that the burning trend of best wedding nails 2023 will be a combined manicure in light or pastel colors with a non-trivial design, which in the best way can emphasize the individuality and femininity of the image as a whole.

To create an incredibly fabulous and bewitching effect, the most relevant pearl rubs for several seasons in a row will help.

Their popularity is explained by the fact that thanks to special micro-particles in its composition, light is refracted, due to which magical beautiful overflows appear on the nails.

This nail design 2023 is most often complemented by small flowers made of acrylic powder, which can be decorated with small rhinestones or broths, a tandem with small pearls looks very good.


Simple Wedding Nails 2023: Classic French

Classics will always be in fashion. French wedding nails 2023, made in delicate shades, with snow-white tips in the shape of a half-moon, look perfect on nails of any shape.

This style allows you to complement the image with various decorative elements:

  • modeling;
  • pearls;
  • rhinestones;
  • lace and many others.

A fresh trend in the French technique will be the use of lay-out aquarium and crystal design.

Simple Wedding Nails 2023: Classic French

“Mono” French Manicure And Design Ideas

French manicure is the most common type of wedding nails designs 2023.

Usually, it is complemented with lace patterns, floral motifs, and is also additionally decorated with stones or rhinestones of various sizes.

This option has already become a classic wedding manicure, thanks to its modesty and grace. In addition, French manicure is ideal for both long and medium nails, and short ones.

Calm neutral tones, such as translucent pink, beige, milky, nude, are considered classic shades of a wedding French.

A real hit of the 2023 season will be a red and white French with a pattern that will suit all brides who are not afraid to experiment and want to add a touch of originality and extravagance to their look.

The combination of classic French and ombre will be no less relevant. Such a manicure will look especially harmonious in tandem with a long, flowing dress. It is made from similar shades, but slightly different in tone.

"Mono" French Manicure And Design Ideas 2023

Nail Patterns 2023

According to popular belief, doves are a symbol of family well-being, prosperity and peace. Therefore, they will remain in demand for applying to wedding nails 2023.

You can beautifully decorate such a nail design 2023 with the help of gel polishes of soothing shades of a pink palette, white shiny powder, or acrylic sand. Also, small silver rhinestones can be used as additional decor.

Nail patterns with hearts will look great on nails with a rounded or oval shape. Hearts will become a special accent that will successfully emphasize the loving mood of its owner. The heart can be simply drawn on, left as negative space on the nail, printed with foil, or lined with rhinestones or broths.

The imitation of the surface of the shell looks very unusual and noble. Perfect for wedding nails 2023 of any length. The shell texture is preferably done in the most natural shades, such as white or milky. But you can also use pink or marshmallow shades.

Nail Patterns 2023

Fashionable Shades 2023

Experts in the fashion world say that classic light coatings will remain in first place in popularity. For their application, it is allowed to use different techniques at the same time and use a variety of decorating elements.

The main shades that will be at the peak of popularity include:

  • mint;
  • cream;
  • pale blue;
  • white;
  • pale pink;
  • dairy;
  • lilac;
  • beige;
  • nude;
  • Opal.

For wedding nails 2023, you can use brighter colors:

  • natural red;
  • purple;
  • chocolate;
  • lilac and many others.


Wedding Nails Ideas 2023: Colored Motives

The original design will be obtained when using a color coating as a base or as an additional shade. For combination, you can use the following techniques:

  • flower pattern;
  • negative space;
  • crystal French.

Matting will look elegant and gentle on a colored coating. As an accent, it is allowed to complement the image with rhinestones, sparkles and pearls.

Wedding Nails Ideas 2023: Colored Motives

Wedding Nails Art 2023: “Sculpting” Technique

Wedding nails 2023 made using the “sculpting” technique will be perfect for a bride.

Often it is used as an addition to the main type of design and combined with various decorative elements:

  • crystals;
  • pearls;
  • rhinestones;
  • gradient;
  • inlay;
  • french.

Wedding Nails Art 2023: Sculpting Technique

Moon Nails 2023

Another classic type of wedding nails art 2023, which has long been one of the favorites of brides.

In 2023, it will also be among the most popular.

The combination of the main and additional shade in this style of manicure is necessarily selected taking into account the shape of the nails.

So, on almond-shaped nails, the combination of French and a “moon” manicure will look great. For an accent, you can use decoration with rhinestones.

On square-shaped wedding nails 2023, it is ideal to use white as the main coating and heart-shaped holes.

Moon Nails 2023

Decoration With Rhinestones

You can use rhinestones for wedding nails 2023 both as the main decorating element and in combination with others. Large Swarovski crystals look especially original on nails.

Opal Manicure

The technique of opal coating will give a special “zest” to the bride’s manicure.

The soft shimmer of milky, white and cream will look delightful and stylish. This nail design 2023 can be slightly supplemented with thin strips of foil or small pebbles.

Opal Manicure 2023

Best Wedding Nails 2023: Nude Design

The elegant design of the manicure, made in the most natural style, will suit girls who prefer naturalness. The following shades will help emphasize the beauty of the bride’s hands:

  • beige;
  • powdery;
  • peach;
  • light pink.

As a decor, you can use a variety of elements:

  • lacy patterns;
  • floral motifs;
  • pearls;
  • beads;
  • foil and much more.

You can appreciate the fashion trends of 2023 wedding manicure in the nude style by looking at photos of different design options.

Best Wedding Nails 2023: Nude Design


A smooth transition from one shade to another will give the wedding nails 2023 a special elegance and originality. Decorating elements in the form of pebbles and rhinestones will be an ideal addition to this style.

In this technique, the decor will most appropriately look on only one finger of each hand.


Acrylic Modeling

Owners of fairly wide nail plates can take advantage of such a current design trend as acrylic modeling, which will help visually narrow and lengthen the nails.

Acrylic modeling is a kind of three-dimensional pattern, which is done with a special dense powder. It has been a burning trend for several seasons in a row.

As for the acrylic patterns themselves on the wedding manicure, floral motifs are still the favorite.

Acrylic Modeling 2023

Rubbed Wedding Nails

Pearl-mirror overflows, which are created on the coating with the help of rubbing, will give the manicure a special sophistication and elegance.

Perfectly complement this type of design with crystals, lace or a gradient.


Foil Decoration

Applying a decorative silver or golden foil to a light-colored coating will add a special chic to wedding nails 2023.

Foil decoration looks great in combination with a matte design, French nails or with an additional decor of rhinestones.


Lace Motifs

Lace is one of the ideal decor elements for a wedding manicure.

The painting can be done in any color, but it will look most chic in black or white. As an accent, you can decorate lace patterns with small pearls.

Matte Design

The velvet effect of the matte finish gives the nails a special chic and elegance. Refinement and originality will bring additional

  • decorations:
  • transfer foil;
  • pearls;
  • beads;
  • rhinestones;
  • pebbles.

Due to the amazing effect, the matte design is preferred by a large number of brides.


Wedding Manicure For Short Nails

For girls who prefer to wear short nails, the masters offer a large number of wedding nails ideas 2023 that will look gentle and stylish at the same time.

A classic option that will make the short wedding nails 2023 festive and well-groomed is a French manicure.

Wedding Manicure For Short Nails 2023

In addition, it goes incredibly well not only with various modern wedding nails art 2023 techniques, but also with a gold wedding ring.

Girls who consider the classic French boring and want to experiment can safely replace it with a moon design or add a pattern of small rhinestones on several nails.

The ideal design solution for short nails 2023, as before, will be the use of classic techniques – French or “moon” manicure. The use of light shades will give the bride’s hands tenderness and emphasize femininity.

With the decor on short nails, the masters recommend not to overdo it, so as not to make the design heavy. It is advisable to use small elements as an accent on one finger of each hand.


Bride Manicure Ideas For Long Nails

Wedding manicure on long nails should look sophisticated and aristocratic, regardless of the image chosen by the bride.

It is aristocratic restraint, romantic motifs, as well as symmetrical geometry that can harmoniously decorate the long nails of the bride and become the burning nail trends 2023.

As for the color scheme that can be best combined with fashionable nail design 2023 and ivory color will enter the top three. In addition, it is this color that looks especially advantageous with pearl, mother-of-pearl and other rubs.

For a winter version of wedding nails 2023 for long nails, you should pay attention to such shades as the color of ripe cherries or heady wine, called marsala, as they will be the most trendy this year.

Bride Manicure Ideas For Long Nails 2023

Such a bright and seemingly defiant accent, on the contrary, will further emphasize the purity and innocence of the image of the bride and her magnificent outfit.

In order to diversify it and make it more interesting and festive, you can use a technique such as a reverse gradient or a classic ombre.

Wedding manicure for long nails leaves more space for imagination than for short ones.

The color of the coating can be absolutely any: from delicate pastel to bright.

But the top positions will be occupied by shades such as ivory and marsala.

In fashion there will be a pattern depicting hearts or birds symbolizing the family (swans, doves). It can be done using different techniques:

  • negative space;
  • foil;
  • broths;
  • rhinestones;
  • realistic print;
  • acrylic sand;
  • glitter powder;
  • white gel polish.

Masters recommend applying such patterns to one finger of each hand or 2 on one.


On long nails, a manicure made in different techniques using different decorating elements will look great:

  • rubbing (mirror, pearl, etc.);
  • rhinestones;
  • sequins;
  • pebbles;
  • gradient;
  • modeling;
  • patterns on various topics;
  • foil;
  • matte finish, etc.

On long nails for a wedding manicure, it is allowed to use different techniques at the same time. Photos with nail trends 2023 will help you choose the most suitable wedding manicure for your look.

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