2018 makeup trends: main topical makeup looks 2018

Taking as basis fashion shows, it’s possible to single out several 2018 makeup trends, topical in coming season. Here are the most interesting fashion trends of makeup looks 2018, interesting techniques and directions.

2018-makeup-trends-makeup-looks-2018-current-makeup-trends-2018 makeup trends

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2018-makeup-trends-makeup-looks-2018-current-makeup-trends-2018 makeup trends

2018 makeup trends: Cat’s Eye, Shining skin

Glossy and matte lipsticks with saturated dark colors, wine, plum shades are in 2018 makeup trends. Hit of season is two-color makeup of lips when top is painted in scarlet color, bottom is in burgundy red. Applying lipstick with fingers, without using contour pencil is also in fashion.

2018-makeup-trends-makeup-looks-2018-current-makeup-trends-two-colored-lipstick--2018 makeup trends

2018-makeup-trends-makeup-looks-2018-current-makeup-trends-glossy-lipstick--2018 makeup trends

One of current makeup trends is shining skin. Shine on face was considered unacceptable and was eliminated in various ways, for example with help of matting powder. Today skin, as if highlighted from inside, is bright trend of season. Shining moist skin emphasizes natural beauty, naturalness, which is achieved with help of hailer.


Fashionable makeup “Cat’s Eye” is still source of inspiration for makeup artists, which in current makeup trends will be more bold, brighter and even more aggressive. In coming season, single or double lines are relevant, lack of blush, bright lips, mainly brown, wine, plum are in trend.


Makeup looks 2018: Graphic makeup, Twiggy style

Smoky eyes aren’t going to give up confident positions in makeup looks 2018. Trend is changing its direction methodology. Shadows are applied not only horizontally, but also vertically. The most popular shade in smoky eyes is gray.


At the peak of current makeup trends is monochrome graphic makeup, for which both laconism and provocation are equally characteristic. It’s enough to apply dark strokes above eyebrows or under them. To do this you will need liquid black eyeliner, set of brushes (necessarily thin), black shadows and pencil. Don’t forget that boundaries should be clear. Graphic makeup 2018 allows experiments with color palette.

2018-makeup-trends-makeup-looks-2018-current-makeup-trends-graphic-makeup-current makeup trends

2018-makeup-trends-makeup-looks-2018-current-makeup-trends-graphic-makeup-current makeup trends-makeup looks 2018

Makeup artists remembered icon of Twiggy’s style and expressive eyelashes of incredible length return to catwalks. Mascara (optional black) is superimposed in several layers, deliberately gluing cilia. For exaggerated effect, several bundles of false eyelashes can be used. Puppet look makes black eyeliner.

2018-makeup-trends-makeup-looks-2018-current-makeup-trends-twiggy-style-current makeup trends-makeup looks 2018


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