Nail design 2019: Fashionable and attractive nail design ideas for 2019

Nail Design trends and tendencies change season by season. Every month is a start of new Nail Design fashion. In this article you will find the needed information about nail design, new styles that will be popular in 2019. So, let’s figure out what nail design 2019 offers its followers and grab some ideas to grace your hands with catchy nail effects.

NAIL DESIGN 2019: Red Nail Design with ornaments

First of all, nails endow women with self-confidence, they somehow outline your taste, color and style preferences.

People have always paid special attention to their nails. It refers to ancient times as well, when they used to color their nails to denote their social status. But today’s nail design industry gives you more opportunities to fulfill your extra-ordinary ideas that will attract everybody’s attention.

NAIL DESIGN 2019: Nail Design with dark colors

Trendy Nail Design 2019: Nail shapes

Neat and well-groomed nails will always be in fashion. The same refers to Nail Design 2019. Before choosing nail design, that will please you, first of all you should choose the preferable nail length. As fashion bloggers state, lomg nails will be the basic trend of nail design 2019. Besides, long nails have some advantages.

First,  they give your nails more elegant look. Second, the drawings, nail design effects look more beautiful and attractive on long nails. Third, the length of your nails gives more space to get unique nail effects that you wish to have.

NAIL DESIGN 2019: Nail Design in different colors: Glitter Nail Design

Note! If your nails crack easily, but you wish to have long nails, then don’t be sad. Advanced technologies of nail design will help you.

In recent years artificial nails helped many women to get desirable nail length. But if you don’t want to have artificial nails, then try to find out the reason why your nails crack so easily. First reason may be the shortage of vitamins.

Mainly low levels of Vitamin C and certain proteins are the reason of nail splitting.

Short Nails

Those who are fond of short nails, never mind! You can get nail design effects that will satisfy you. As short nails never leave the runways of fashion weeks.

The advantage of short nails is that they are very practical. Short nails are another facet that are overlooked and never lack artful conceptions.

NAIL DESIGN 2019: Short Nails: Minimalist Nail Design

So, if you hesitate and are in two minds «long or short nails?», then choose nails in medium length. As there are women who can’t get along with long nails. Secondly, long nails are impractical and uncomfortable for them. Consequently, nails in medium length are classic shape with a good and neat look, which is easy to get.

Therefore, whether you choose short or long nails, the first point  of nail design 2019 is that they should look natural.

Nail Design 2019: Palette of Nail Colors

It is natural that with the change of season, colors of nail design change as well. For instance, with the arrival of colder months colors get gloomier and nude.

NAIL DESIGN 2019: Minimalist Nail Design with ornaments

Chocolate cherry colored nails, dark olive and dark red will be on the peak of nail design 2019. What refers to red, then it never leaves the pedestal of the most fashionable colors of the year. The same refers to black and white. Purple and its shades will also be one of the trendiest colors of the year.

NAIL DESIGN 2019: Nail Design with Ornaments

Nugget shade is considered to be the trend of Fall – Winter 2018-2019 Nail Design. According to Vogue magazine the mist fashionable color trends of nail design 2019 include the following shades:

  • Fuchsia pink
  • Digital blue
  • Lavender (also called “lilac”)
  • Cherry red
  • Orange
  • Sapphire yellow
  • Olive green
  • Whiskey brown
  • Silver
  • Marble grey

This shades, joyful hues take us down the path of creative and unexpected nail designs.

Tips to get Splendid nail design 2019

Basic trends of nail design 2019 include Ombre, French, Lunar French, Futuristic Metallic nail effects.

After applying nail polish, you may add rhinestones, beads, stickers, glitters and draw various pictures and ornaments on your nails. They will accentuate your taste.

Outline nail design will also be popular. At Jeremy Scott’s fashion show, the models appeared on runway with outlined ballerina shaped nails in pink color.

What about futuristic metallic nail design, it has become modish since 2018. The Nail Style became trendy due to fashion shows. As many fashion designers started to use metallic accessories to create their models’ looks. Since then, many girls are obsessed with this nail design.

NAIL DESIGN 2019: Futuristic Metallic Nail Design

By the way, you can mix metallic and glitter nail effects. And you may also apply matte nail polish, too. This mixture is really magnificent. Gold metallic nail design will be the trend of Fall-Winter looks of 2018-2019.

Nail design with drawings

Drawings on nails will also change the total look. You may draw pictures on one nail (mainly on ring finger) or on all your nails. It depends on your taste. The theme of drawings should match up with not only with your look, but also with the season. For example, in summer you can draw exotic pictures on your nails, such as palms, sun, ice-cream, etc.

NAIL DESIGN 2019: Drawings on nails

If you are fond if minimalist nail design, then you may apply just one basic color. What refers to ornaments, drawings and stickers, the choice is up to you. You can draw lines, add some rhinestones or apply only glitter.

NAIL DESIGN 2019: Soft Nail Colors

For those, who like bright-colored, glossy high-shine nails, there are different options. In this case, if you apply bright colors, you accentuate your nails, as well. For example, if you want to highlight your lipstick and shoes in your look, in situations like this, you should apply nude, pastel nail colors and choose minimalist nail design.

Nail Design 2019: Richer Reds

As we have already mentioned above, red is the queen of colors and never leaves the fashion industry. Moreover, at the Temperley London fall 2019 show, vampy red nails were back in spotlight. So, nail masters offer variety of Nail Design techniques with red that will give classy and perfect look your nails. Ombre Nails in red will really look luxurious and modish. They will look perfect both with casual and evening looks. You may add rhinestones and glitters as well.

NAIL DESIGN 2019: Ombre Nail Design in red

So, this highlighted shades and nail design ideas will illustrate your desire and continued need for creativity and accessible nail design.

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